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[Summary The Way of Chinese Herbs] epub By tailand2.ru

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 The Way of Chinese Herbs

summary The Way of Chinese Herbs 108 Tic remedies from the ancient world to our. For many years I have held an interest in TCM especially Chinese herbology With my desire to study and enter the profession as a Chinese herbologist I was so pleased to have found this book DR Tierra gives an excellent easy to understand explanation of the wonderful healing system of Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM from Yin Yang theory to the eight principles and diagnosis Many Chinese herbs are here which includes the organ mederians affected indications contraindications energy and flavor common name as well as the dosage Many Western herbs are also explained So if you have an interest in Chinese herbology TCM or interested in natural healing this book is the place to startI don t know if Dr Tierra reads these reviews but just in case I want to say THANK YOU for this excellent work It has really helped me as I begin my studies in Chinese herbology

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summary The Way of Chinese Herbs 108 Chinese herbs have soared in popularity No. this is the best book on herbs and the way the chinese use them the author michael tierra was one of the 1st americans to go to china to learn accupunture and how to use herbs to fix people of their alements i was skeptical at first reading this book but theTCM traditional chinese medicine in china people who perform TCM are considered doctors that me and my wife are seeing is a god send he has subdued her extreme pain of fibermyalga with accupunture and herbs in the west if they can t fix it with a pill or surgery they want nothing to do with you YOU JUST HAVE TO LIVE WITH IT they just mask the problem they don t get to the why it is happening but in TCM everything can be made right for TCM goes to why the problem started or what is causing the problem they get to the ROOT of the problem this book explains TCM and gives a list of all the herbs that is used over 400 if you have ANYTHING WRONG WITH YOU AND I MEAN ANYTHING GET THIS BOOK AND IT WILL OPEN YOUR YOU EYES UP TO TCM

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summary The Way of Chinese Herbs 108 W an expert brings the most powerful holis. I purchased this to be a gift for a friend I already have my own copy What I like most is that the author explains the Chinese idealogy behind the herbs and provides a list of Chinese herbal formulas that are available in the market place and their benefits He also explains under what conditions certain herbs shouldn t be used It an excellent reference book