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Miracles A Preliminary Study (Kindle ePUB Pdf) author C.S. Lewis

  • Paperback
  • 190
  • Miracles A Preliminary Study
  • C.S. Lewis
  • English
  • 19 April 2019
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free download Miracles A Preliminary Study characters Miracles A Preliminary Study ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB C.S. Lewis è 7 free download Is's book He shows that a Christian must not only accept but rejoice in miracles as a testimony of the uniue personal involvement of God in his creation Professor Lewis employs his characteristic luci. Miracles is dense so than any Lewis book we ve read this term The entire book is a somewhat stealth exercise in Lewis presuppositional apologetic By that I mean not that Lewis argues with the non Christian from some imaginary set of shared presuppositions but that he deftly dismantles the non Christian s presuppositions leaving him standing there naked ashamed and in desperate need of the Gospel And he does it all before the non Christian knows what s happenedIt s kind of like one giant narratio in that way In each chapter Lewis with unimpeachable logic writes in such a way as to get non Christians to nod emphatically along with him until all of a sudden they are blindsided with a conseuent truth A truth that they d really rather not accept You ll find no straw manning here Lewis is a defector from the non Christian camp and knows all their movementsAll you will find are clearly presented truths that I m sure have left many readers confronted bewildered with the inescapable glory of God s greatest miracle the incarnation Here s hoping many a soul found it convincing enough to do something about it

free download Miracles A Preliminary Study

Miracles A Preliminary Study

free download Miracles A Preliminary Study characters Miracles A Preliminary Study ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB C.S. Lewis è 7 free download Dity and wit to develop his argument At the same time he challenges the rationalists agnostics and deists on their own grounds and makes out an impressive case for the irrationality of their assumptio. Miracle has become a dirty word in modern society People generally view miracles as being by their very definition things that cannot possibly occur therefore anyone who argues for their existence is demonstrably an idiot In this book though Lewis argues that miracles are only impossible so long as people consider Nature to encompass the entirety of all existence He then capably demonstrates that Nature actually doesn t thereby opening up an extensive range of fascinating possibility Lewis argues that miracles likely operate on a different set of natural laws than what we are able to experience with our five senses He also shows that not all miracles are eually absurd some such as the ones performed in the New Testament fit snuggly inside a greater narrative and provide a basis for certain historical events that otherwise might remain inexplicable

free download ì eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB è C.S. Lewis

free download Miracles A Preliminary Study characters Miracles A Preliminary Study ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB C.S. Lewis è 7 free download 'The central miracle asserted by Christians is the Incarnation They say that God became Man Every other miracle prepares the way for this or results from this'Tis is the key statement of Professor Lew. I must admit that I think I did not fully understand what this book was trying to tell me However I am happy to say that I gave this book a chance I read each word slowly and carefully even if I had engaging fiction books in my currently reading folder You see I earlier read and liked his two later works A Grief Observed 1961 and Mere Christianity 1957 before reading this earlier book that was first published in 1947 So I invited some members of our book club to read this with me They agreed and our discussions are in this thread Notice that we were all having a problem reading the book so either we Filipinos are not matched to Professor Lewis s intellectual level or we just did not have the academic training to understand all his philosophical argumentsIf I may compare Grief and Christianity are easier to understand because they delve into feelings and emotions rather than philosophy and reasons If the two books appeal to the reader s heart Miracles appeals to one s brain particularly the first two thirds of the book In these parts he talks about Naturalism and Supernaturalism The first one means that nothing exists apart from Nature but the later one means that there are other forces outside nature Then he associates Miracle by saying that there are two ideas where miracles are said to happen either by deviating from the natural flow of events naturalism or by other forces that affect Nature Ask me why are these important to Miracle and I will answer you that I do not knowThen he moves to differentiate Pantheism and Theism Pantheism is the view that the Universe Nature or God divinity are identical A pantheist does not believe in personal God Theism on the other hand believes in the existence of One God as it is a doctrine concerning the nature of monotheistic God and God s relationship to the universe Being an Christian apologist a person who makes a defense in speech or writing of a belief idea etc naturally Lewis says that miracles cannot co exist with Pantheism although untrained minds would easily fall prey that Universe Nature and God are one Ask me why this is important to Miracle and I will answer you that I do not knowThen in the last third of the book Lewis talks about Old and New Creations I think he coined these terms that mean those miracles that happened in the Old Testament Old Creations and New Testaments New Creations Being true to his credential as a Christian apologist he of course defends that all miracles mentioned in the Bible are indeed miracles He suggest for non believers to read the actual passages in the Bible starting with those in the New Testament before reading the works of the scholars that deal with those miracles Ask me why this is important to understand Miracle and I will answer you that I do not knowWhat I know really is what I believed since many years ago believing in Miracles is through the heart You don t need proofs to believe That s why even if I appreciate the intellectual arguments presented convincingly by the beloved Oxford professor in this book for me there is nothing new Miracles happen They are God s works and they are His signs for us that He hasn t forgotten us He wants us to feel His Divine Presence We don t need to be convinced that miracles happen Just look at the sun still shining every morning is enough proof for all of us The global warming is totally another story though and that is NOT a miracle