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A Cursed Bloodline Weird Girls #4 Read & Download ☆ 7 Just when Celia thinks the supernatural world can’t turn deadlier a new rival emerges proving just how dangerous a power hungry were can beSince being cursed with uniue abilities Celia Wird and her three sisters have fought the most bloodthirsty preternaturals in the Lake Tahoe region But Celia’s greatest threat is someone she would have never suspected Anara a werewolf Elder who. 25 stars I am a little bit disappointed okay so than a little Anyway review to come closer to the release date

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A Cursed Bloodline Weird Girls #4 Read & Download ☆ 7 Has allowed his hatred for Celia to spiral out of control In a play for dominance Anara tortures Celia and gives her an ultimatum sever her mate bond with pureblood were Aric or Anara will kill everyone she lovesFrom the instant they met Celia and Aric have shared an attraction that cannot be tamed So keeping Aric away is impossible and Aric would sooner die than allow anyone to hur. Once again I am blown away by Robson s ability to bring out both the best in me and the worst She delivers in another spell binding addition to the Weird Girl series that had me constantly on the edge of my seat never knowing what to expect next I wanted to reach through the pages and comfort Celia one moment and reach through the pages and strangle Anara the next Never have I loved so much to hate someone in my life The only other villain I can possible compare him to would be Dolores Umbridge from my beloved HP Series I wanted to cry rage scream tear my hair out okay bad joke here stomp on my kindle and gather the Wird sisters and the pack and protect them all all at once I don t think I have read a book from Robson that has inspired me to feel so many different things all at once hence bringing out both the good and the bad in meMy heart wasn t just ripped out of my chest it was clawed out than once and then stomped on maybe even spit on for good measure because hey why notIt ached I ached for all the hardships that came between Celia and Aric Never have two people been doomed to be together and struggled so hard for their love than these two And if that wasn t heart wrenching enough Celia and her sister s relationship became strained as well as Celia had to kept secrets from them all in order to protect them and keep them safeI think I need a breather I think Robson may have ruined all other UF books for me Will anything ever compare to this read Gah This Read This Freaking ReadIt tore my heart out stomped on it and then stomped on it some I know I said that already but believe me it bares repeating At one point I even had to put this down just so I could get a hold of my self Too many stinking emotions all at once I cried so many times it isn t even funny If I didn t love Cecy so much I might actually hate her a little for the stomach heaving ride this book put me through But of course I don t hate Cecy I love her all the because those emotions Well they just testified to me all over again how good of a writer she is I care about this group of people a LOT I think about them long after the book has been put down and sometimes even randomly for no reason at all I love them I have time emotions and so much invested in all of their well being and when they hurt I hurt and let me tell you I hurt a lot reading this It was downright painful at times but it was okay because it made those rare happy moments those triumphs all the wonderful and worth celebrating I wanted to jump up and down when something godo happened and savor itI won t go into too much detail because really how much can I sing this series praises But truly this is a UF series that is so worth it to read So worth it to go on that roller coaster ride from hell and then back again because you will love it You will cherish the ride and when the book is done you will want to do it all over again and be counting down the days until the next one Trust me on this

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A Cursed Bloodline Weird Girls #4 Read & Download ☆ 7 T the woman he loves Misha master vampire and Celia’s sworn protector also finds his way into the chaos seeking blood from those who have harmed herNow Celia and her sisters are caught in the middle of a war driven by lust fueled by hatred and destined to end in tragedy For Anara is a force to be reckoned with and he will not succumb without robbing Celia of those who hold her heart. I m the biggest fan of this series I love the world I love the characters and I ve devoured every single book and novella the second I ve got my hands on them A Cursed Bloodline was one of my most anticipated reads of the autumn so I had incredibly high expectations but now that I ve finished reading it I think I m in shock and I m still not uite sure what to make of itA Cursed Bloodline had me completely gripped from the very beginning so much so that I stayed up all night reading and finished it just before 7am The book brought out so many intense emotions in me I was shocked angry horrified angry hurt angry devastated angry and heart broken There were a couple of moments where I giggled but they were few and far between which is unusual for this series If I had to pick one word to describe my mood reading this book it would have to be depressed Every single time Celia was given even a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel something even worse would come along and smash her hope to smithereens and I actually got to the point where I was finding it painful to carry on reading Never mind poor Celia I needed something good to happen to stop my own heart from breakingI do feel that the book deserves top ratings because it made me feel everything so intensely not every author has the ability to do that to me but on the other hand I read for fun and this book made me suffer I can deal with a certain amount of emotional upheaval in a story but there comes a point where you start thinking enough is enough and because everything is so bleak you start to wonder if you can bear to carry on reading I m still a huge fan of this series though and I m going to trust Cecy Robson to make things better in the next instalment She s taken us through rough patches before although never uite this bad and always brought the characters out the other side stronger than ever so I m going to trust that she ll manage it again I just hope to god that the next book will be a little lighter in tone though or I may need therapy afterwardsOne thing I really love about these books is seeing how far Celia has come Her bond with her sisters is really tested this time and I did find myself a little annoyed with the others particularly Shayna for not standing by her when she needed them They should have known her well enough to understand that she must have good reasons for her actions and they should have supported her even if they didn t agree with her decisions just like Danny and Bren did I was less annoyed with the way the wolves behaved because they were acting with Aric s best interests at heart and they don t know Celia as well as her sisters should but even they started to annoy me after a while It was Anara that brought my rage to unprecedented levels though and his actions made my blood boilThe story has plenty of action where we get to see Celia kicking ass but I was a little disappointed that a major part of the final battle was off screen and we only find out exactly what happened later on when Celia asks her sisters about it I know there is a reason for that Celia was unconscious during that scene and since she s the narrator it would have been impossible for her to witness events unfolding but I really would have preferred to see what happened first hand Perhaps we could have seen Celia struggling to stay conscious and been given hazy details about what was happening as she looked on I think that would have worked better for me anywayA Cursed Bloodline is one of those books that is going to shock fans It ll probably be a Marmite book one that you ll either end up loving or hating but no matter what you re bound to have an extreme reaction to it which uite frankly can only be a good thing It took me a long time to decide whether this is my favourite instalment in the series or the complete opposite but I ve come to the conclusion that any book that has me so invested that I feel like I m being kicked in the teeth every time something happens to the heroine has to get top marks This is definitely one of my favourite series and I m now even eager for the next book than ever

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