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[Caitlin Crews] epub Unwrapping the Castelli Secret Free

SUMMARY Unwrapping the Castelli Secret

DOWNLOAD Ã Unwrapping the Castelli Secret Rresistible Italian’s demanding worldNow when their paths cross again Lily is desperate to retain her freedom and claims amnesia has blocked her memories of him Yet all deception is uickly burnt away by the. Long and short she was his dirty little stepsister He took her v card and then fucked her up by keeping her hanging Then she finds him in bed with another and get this he is madWait a fucking minute here SHE FINDS HIM HAVING SEX WITH OTHER WOMAN AND HE IS MAD AT HER Because according to him he says don t even remember her name baby WOWHe is such an asshole and this is not romance The sex scene were in poor taste this is romance not fifty first hook ups here She was stupid to get married to him She should have been telling him that he can go fuck himself or better yet do it with all the other women Also I am sooooo mad she did not do at least one revenge fuck Cause hell why not Let s make this a complete anti romance book Come on He was always sleeping with others while she stayed faithful It killed me and the things he said to her was an all new low He was so mean a

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DOWNLOAD Ã Unwrapping the Castelli Secret An heir for Christmas Five years ago Lily Holloway walked away from a car crash turning her back on the forbidden passion she shared with her stepbrother Rafael Castelli Nothing could make Lily return to the i. 25 starsThis book is filled with uber drama deception betrayal and two of the most unsuited hhI couldn t get past with both Rafael and Lily had done to each other I disliked Rafael intensely His behavior towards Lily when she was a teenager was so despicable Sleeping with loads of women in between seducing Lily in coat cupboards and other sneaky places I totally got that she would want to get him right out of her life To love someone so selfish and self centered was just not healthy for herHowever the way Lily left her life and Rafael behind was something I could never understand She was being as selfish as himThe cruelty and disdain they had for each other was really not a good thing to see I actually didn t believe that the two could ever overcome their past and find happiness togetherI did think the plot was pretty good and different from the norm and the

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DOWNLOAD Ã Unwrapping the Castelli Secret Incredible attraction that still simmers between themBut he’s found her and she knows Rafael will soon discover her greatest secrettheir sonSecret Heirs of Billionaires There are some things money can’t bu. Wow I think I like this bookI need a light read after few suspense thriller I read lately but this book even thought is a good one not necessarily an easy readFull of angst and the hero is a first class bastard who made heroine lived in a miserable life and she absolutely right to run away from himThis is not your typical a billionaire met a poor girl HP story thoIn a way is a sad story actually and very intenseOur heroine by chance run away from the hero five years ago she had a reason for it and I feels like want to congratulate her to be able to do thatTheir relationship is a toxic one and believe me you want to smash yup Not smack the hero head for what he did to our heroineHe got a violence wake up call with her dead everyone thought she was dead because her car went off over the cliff and it burned leaving nothingOf course the bastard realised he loved her and un

  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 256
  • Unwrapping the Castelli Secret
  • Caitlin Crews
  • English
  • 15 March 2017
  • 9780373138623