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T. Coraghessan Boyle ( Kindle ePUB or Pdf ) Stories by T. Coraghessan Boyle

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Stories by T. Coraghessan Boyle Summary ☆ 100 Summary Stories by T. Coraghessan Boyle Verbal pyrotechnics for their fascination with everything bizarre and ueasy and for the razor sharp way in which they dissect America's obsession with image and materialism Gathered together here are all of the stories that have appeared in his four previous collections as well as seven that have n. Bestfunniestmost humorous short story writer on the planet My friend Mark and I became obsessed with him last summer and read tons of TC Boyle stories aloud to each other all summer long Excellent for silent reading too My personal faves in this collection include 56 0 and the first story of the collection name which I can t recall which is about a body condom Hmph Some reviewer I am

Summary Stories by T. Coraghessan Boyle

Stories by T. Coraghessan Boyle

Stories by T. Coraghessan Boyle Summary ☆ 100 Summary Stories by T. Coraghessan Boyle Ever before appeared in book form Together they comprise a book of small treasures a definitive gift for Boyle fans and for every reader ready to discover the ferocious delicious imagination Los Angeles Times Book Review of a vibrant sensibility fully engaged with American society The New York Times. This 700 page volume is uite extensive but it s major flaw is also in some ways it s best asset and that is just that Boyle is sort of all over the place He ventures into the heads of people all over the US and beyond traveling into the head of a Russian and a Norseman in Ireland He takes you to Spain and to Mexico At the same time though the variety is nice and makes for a interesting read overall one can t help wondering why Boyle didn t stick with what he knew best In any case some of these stories are uite well written and definitively worthwhile reading whereas others are a mere shrug Boyle can be uite poetic and even prophetic but then at other times he s just making observations about everyday life and seemingly normal or average characters He touches on activism finding species and studying them like the blue whale and frogs as well as vegetarianism but he s even realistic about these stories and characters too right down to their fatal flaws A man can become positively turned inside out by a Women s Restaurant A woman in California can t live without her previous babies which are really suirrels she s taken in A man struggling to make ends meet makes a deal with The Devil A rain that is really blood an arctic mission and a hoarder who hires someone to clean up his house and put his wife into a special rehab These are not often profound but the metaphors and imagery can still be uite striking Favorite uotesPg 139 The sun here is mellow as an orange One day it will flare up and turn the solar system to cinders Then it will fall into itself suck in the ribbons of flame like a pale ember gather its last breath and explode driving particles eternally through the universe cosmic windpg 172 Outside it was snowing Big warm healing flakes It was the kind of snow my father used to hold his hands out to murmuring God must be up there plucking chickenspg 264 A single second big as a zeppelin floated bypg 385 The mime makes his George Washington crossing the Deleware facepg 529 The bird raven mounted high winging to the southeast until it became a black rune carved into the horizon We followed it into a night of full moon the stars like milk splatter in the cauldron of the skypg 530 We were shadows fears fragments of a bad dreampg 602 They birds come like apocalypse like all ten plagues rolled in one beating across the sky with an insidious drone their voices harsh and metallic cursing the land Ten million strong a flock that blots out the huge pale sinking sun they descend into the trees with a protracted explosion of wings black underfeathers swirling down like a corrupt snowpg 605 Outside in the trees the doomed birds whisper among themselves and the sound is like thunder in her earspg 623 But indomitable he presses on a navy fight tune frozen in his cerebrum Ard he bellows he had meant to yell On your Bastards but the wind had driven the words back at him right down his throat and into his shocked lungs Son his fingers will become brittle and the fluid in his eyes will turn to slushpg 685 Things are what we re disburdening you of Mr Laxner Things are crushing you stealing your space pulluting your soulpg 691 Julian doesn t know how long he standes there in the middle of that barren room in the silence of that big empty house holding Marsha holding hss wife but when he shuts his eyes he sees only the sterile deeps of space the remotest regions beyond even the reach of light And he knows this it is cold out there inhospitable alien There s nothing there nothing contained in nothing Nothing at all

Read ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Å T. Coraghessan Boyle

Stories by T. Coraghessan Boyle Summary ☆ 100 Summary Stories by T. Coraghessan Boyle T C Boyle is one of the most inventive and wickedly funny short story writers at work today Over the course of twenty five years Boyle has built up a body of short fiction that is remarkable in its range richness and exuberance His stories have won accolades for their irony and black humor for their. Thank you Penguin Books70 short stories collected here by literary hipster and natural born killer storyteller USA born and bred T Coraghessan Boyle What blast off verbal orgasms what sublime hallucinogenic hits of imagination what shadow theater and laser lights of Love Death And Everything in Between the three categories under which the stories in the collection are grouped The uestion hovers as a reviewer how to do justice to these T C totally cockeyed boiling Boyle tales A uick synopsis of a baker s dozen NO A elaborate detailed account of three stories Again NO NO OK I give up What should I do Wait a minute let me channel Coraghessan for a clue ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz Got it Thanks for the tip TC I ll simply include one of these tales in its entirety a piece of flash fiction that will take you no longer than five minutes to read Nothing like allowing T Coraghessan s uniue voice to speak for itself Revel in the dark pulse of this T C Boyle bebop smacker where the author catches the cool dude vibe of death dealing outsider rage sectioned off into slick mini chaptersTHE HIT MAN by T Coraghessan BoyleEarly YearsThe Hit Man s early years are complicated by the black bag that he wears over his head Teachers correct his pronunciation the coach criticizes his attitude the principal dresses him down for branding preschoolers with a lit cigarette He is a poor student At lunch he sits alone feeding bell peppers and salami into the dark slot of his mouth In the hallways wiry young athletes snatch at the black hood and slap the back of his head When he is thirteen he is approached by the captain of the football team who pins him down and attempts to remove the hood The Hit Man wastes him Five years says the judgeBack on the StreetThe Hit Man is back on the street in two monthsFirst DateThe girl s name is Cynthia The Hit Man pulls up in front of her apartment in his father s hearse The Hit Man s father whom he loathes and abominates is a mortician At breakfast the Hit Man s father had slapped the cornflakes from his son s bowl The son threatened to waste his father He did not restrained no doubt by considerations of filial loyalty and the deep seated taboos against patricide that permeate the universal unconsciousCynthia s father has silver sideburns and plays tennis He responds to the Hit Man s knock expresses surprise at the Hit Man s appearance The Hit Man takes Cynthia by the elbow presses a twenty into her father s palm and disappears into the nightFather s DeathAt breakfast the Hit Man slaps the cornflakes from his father s bowl Then wastes himMother s DeathThe Hit Man is in his early twenties He shoots pool lifts weights and drinks milk from the carton His mother is in the hospital dying of cancer or heart disease The priest wears black So does the Hit ManFirst JobPorfirio Bu oz a Cuban financier invites the Hit Man to lunch I hear you re looking for worksays Bu ozThat s right say the Hit ManPeasThe Hit Man does not like peas They are too difficult to balance on his forkTalk ShowThe Hit Man waits in the wings the white slash of a cigarette scarring the midnight black of his head and upper torso The makeup girl has done his mouth and eyes brushed the nap of his hood He has been briefed The guest who precedes him is a pediatrician A planetary glow washes the stage where the host and the pediatrician separated by a potted palm cross their legs and discuss the little disturbances of infants and toddlersAfter the station break the Hit Man finds himself sueezed into a director s chair white lights in his eyes The talk show host is a baby faced man in his early forties He smiles like God and all His Angels Well he says So you re a hit man Tell me I ve always wanted to know what does it feel like to hit someoneDeath of Mateo Mar a Bu ozThe body of Mateo Mar a Bu oz the cousin and business associate of a prominent financier is discovered down by the docks on a hot summer morning Mist rises from the water like steam there is the smell of fish A large black bird perches on the dead man s foreheadMarriageCynthia and the Hit Man stand at the altar side by side She is wearing a white satin gown and lace veil The Hit Man has rented a tuxedo extra large and a silk lined black velvet hood Till death do you part says the priestMoodsThe Hit Man is moody unpredictable Once in a luncheonette the waitress brought him the meatloaf special but forgot to eliminate the peas There was a pot of gravy on the Hit Man s hood about where his chin should be He looked up at the waitress his eyes like pins behind the triangular slots and wasted herAnother time he went to the track with 25 came back with 1800 He stopped at a cigar shop As he stepped out of the shop a wino tugged at his sleeve and solicited a uarter The Hit Man reached into his pocket extracted the 1800 and handed it to the wino Then wasted himFirst ChildA boy The Hit Man is delighted He leans over the edge of the playpen and molds the tiny fingers around the grip of a nickel plated derringer The gun is loaded with blanks the Hit Man wants the boy to get used to the noise By the time he is four the boy has mastered the rudiments of Tae Kwon Do can stick a knife in the wall from a distance of ten feet and shoot a moving target with either hand The Hit Man rests his broad palm on the boy s head You re going to make the Big Leagues Tiger he saysWorkHe flies to Cincinnati To LA To Boston To London the stewardesses get to know himHalf an Acre and a GarageThe Hit Man is raking leaves amassing great brittle piles of them He is wearing a black T shirt cut off at the shoulders and a cotton work hood also black Cynthia is edging the flower bed his son playing in the grass The Hit Man waves to his neighbors as they drive by The neighbors wave backWhen he has scoured the lawn to his satisfaction the Hit Man draws the smaller leaf hummocks together in a single mound the size of a pickup truck Then he bends to ignite it with his lighter Immediately flames leap back from the leaves cut channels through the pile engulf it in a ball of fire The Hit Man stands back hands folded beneath the great meaty biceps At his side is the three headed dog He bends to pat each of the heads smoke and sparks raging against the skyStalking the Streets of the CityHe is stalking the streets of the city collar up brim down It is late at night He stalks past department storessmall businesses parks and gas stations Past apartments picket fences picture windows Dogs growl in the shadows then slink away He could hit any of usRetirementA group of businessman types sixtyish seventyish portly diamond rings cigars liver spots throws him a party Porfirio Bu oz now in his eighties makes a speech and presents the Hit Man with a gilded scythe The Hit Man thanks him then retires to the lake where he can be seen in his skating out over the blue hood rippling in the breezeDeathHe is stricken shrunken half his former self He lies propped against the pillows at Mercy Hospital a bank of gentians drooping round his bed Tubes run into the hood at the nostril openings his eyes are clouded and red sunk deep behind the triangular slots The priest wears black So does the Hit ManOn the other side of town the Hit Man s son is standing before the mirror of a shop that specializes in Hit Man attire Trying on his first hood

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