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[read online] Homegrown and Handmade by Deborah Niemann

Homegrown and Handmade

Homegrown and Handmade Summary ↠ 2 Cial ingredients from your diet reduce your carbon footprint and create a authentic life Whether your goal is increasing your self reliance or becoming a full fledged homesteader it's packed with answers and solutions to help youTake control of your food supply from seed to plate Raise small and medium livestock for fun food and fiber Rediscover traditional skills to meet of your family's needs than you ever thought possibleThis comprehensive guide to food and fiber from scratch proves that attitude and knowledge is important than. Look for the crazy tomato lady coming soon to a parking lot near you Sun Dried TomatoesLine a baking sheet with parchment paper slice tomatoes thinly and put the tray on the dashboard of a car sitting in the sun Check them daily and remove them when they are thoroughly dried out and hard They can be stored in a jar or plastic bag and used when recipes call for dried tomatoes

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Homegrown and Handmade Summary ↠ 2 Our food system is dominated by industrial agriculture and has become economically and environmentally unsustainable The incidence of diet related diseases including obesity diabetes hypertension cancer and heart disease has skyrocketed to unprecedented levels Whether you have forty acres and a mule or a condo with a balcony you can do than you think to safeguard your health your money and the planet Homegrown and Handmade shows how making things from scratch and growing at least some of your own food can help you eliminate artifi. I learned about this book from the Cold Antler Farm blog a week or so ago and was interested enough to pick it up for my Kindle I found this book to be a very good primer on how to add self reliance into your life whether that is growing vegetables making cheese from your own goat milk or raising rabbits for fiber The author is not trying to write an exhaustive or definitive work on any one subject but instead writes clearly and approachably about various topics that she has personal experience with on her own farmEach section is laid out with a bit about why you would want to do something what you will need to do it how to find what you need to do with it and how to finish up when you ve got it So for the section on dairy animals there is motivation fresh milk where you know exactly what went into the animal s diet and how the milk was handled guidance on what you need to get started a dairy animal a milking shed etc a bit on techniue and choices how to pick which dairy animal is right for you basic milking techniue and what to do with the milk when you re done yogurt cheese etc The author also provides various notes on important things to consider such as finding a vet for your animal before you bring it home or the importance of cleaning udders before milking that someone who hasn t had the experience might not knowThe book is sprinkled with anecdotes from various people and each of those is applicable and illustrative to the section where it is included The author s voice is clear calm and provides lots of interesting information in an easily digestible manner with a good dose of humor along for the ride While I am not personally planning to raise my own animals or food to any great extent I am very interested in learning about the different processes that go into such ventures and I really enjoyed this book for teaching me

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Homegrown and Handmade Summary ↠ 2 Acreage Written from the perspective of a successful self taught modern homesteader this well illustrated practical and accessible manual will appeal to anyone who dreams of a simpler lifeDeborah Niemann is a homesteader writer and self sufficiency expert who presents extensively on topics including soapmaking bread baking cheesemaking composting and homeschooling She and her family raise sheep pigs cattle goats chickens and turkeys for meat eggs and dairy products while an organic garden and orchard provides fruit and vegetables. If you ve ever considered participating in modern homesteading this is the book for you It would also be good for those who want to know about food gardening urban or rural raising chickens some cities now allow them and working with livestock which has to be rural for the most part I wanted to read it because my husband and I have always wished we could live in a cohousing community which is similar to a homestead except it is multiple families and generations living in a sustainable community We also talked about running a homestead when we retiredWhich brings me to my next point this book is also good at talking most people out of trying to run a homestead because unless you can afford to live off one income or can find a way to make money while homesteading I doubt many people could afford the time or care it would take to make this a realistic way to live Some of the book is a little too boring and dry although if you are only interested in one or two of the subjects you could skip the chapters that don t interest you And some of it is a little too alarmist for me yes I disagree with some of the agricultural practices these days but I don t feel the need to breed out antibiotics Regardless this is a decently good book on the subject and I recommend it for anyone interested in learning I will probably pass it on to a friend who is thinking about backyard chickens

  • Paperback
  • 288
  • Homegrown and Handmade
  • Deborah Niemann
  • English
  • 04 November 2019
  • 9780865717022