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[On the Tycoon's Terms Books ] Free read as Epub by Sandra Field – Kindle eBook & PDF

FREE READ ´ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ð Sandra Field

SUMMARY On the Tycoon's Terms 108 Sandra Field ð 8 SUMMARY L he met the beautiful and alluring Katrin SigurdsonHowever making Katrin his mistress soon forced him to co. On getting through a 14 of this book I realised i d read it before several years ago The H didn t really seem to want to take no for an answer at first as he really wanted our h but at the same time he certainly wasn t in the right mindset for a relationship because he was all messed up from a rubbish childhood Our h had backbone at first and I really liked her for that but by the end it had been removed and she just gave up on life literally grrrr hate it when that happensShe had been accused of bumping off her previous husband so she was also damaged but she took a chance on the H and he kinda fluffed it Sure he had a major work disaster but it also seemed like it was also an excuse to get away from her after the danger passed and he panicked H eventually wises up and chases the h down for their HEA

CHARACTERS On the Tycoon's Terms

On the Tycoon's Terms

SUMMARY On the Tycoon's Terms 108 Sandra Field ð 8 SUMMARY Nsider that he might need in his life than work But allowing Katrin in meant letting secrets of his past out. It wasn t the worst but started getting boring in the middle I did like that it was purely from the heroes perspective Np

FREE READ ´ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ð Sandra Field

SUMMARY On the Tycoon's Terms 108 Sandra Field ð 8 SUMMARY Luke McRae's dark good looks made him a magnet for women but no one had managed to break in to his heartunti. Yes Luke I still want you That s why all that roast beef went flying ROFL THIS is why I read Harleuins The sheer campiness of lines like these What a riot DThis time Sandra Field s Canadian travelogue takes us to a small Manitoban fishing village on the Manitoba Ontario border where the titular tycoon hero is staying at a resort hotel for a business conference There he meets the waitress heroine who works at the hotel restaurant At first he finds her deadly dull in her shapeless black uniform and giganto plastic eyeglasses Nevertheless he keeps following her around with googly eyesHe stalks her mercilessly all the while loudly proclaiming that he is only interested in a no commitment fling with her Eventually the heroine takes off her glasses and waitress garb to reveal a Hollywood wet dream bod and a face to launch a thousand shipsShe finally tells the hero that she is not a small time hick waitress ready to be seduced by every hotel guest looking for an easy lay She is a wealthy widow from San Francisco who came back to her Canadian birthtown because she wanted to live a simple incognito life after being wrongly accused and rightly acuitted of the murder of her wealthy husbandHero has secrets of his own Behind his suave San Francisco millionaire persona he is just a poor boy originally from the dilapidated Ontario mining town just across heroine s Manitoba villageIt takes a long time for the heroine to break through his barriers An evening dress made out of fishnet stockings adorned with dyed rooster feathers goes a long way to melt the hero LOL Where did she find that get up In a Bob Mackie clearance bin after EVEN Cher rejected it It s so 80s I can t evenFinally a bout of pneumonia makes hero realize he loves heroine and they reunite on a camping ground for the most Canadian HEA everRead it strictly for the laughs is my recommendation

  • Paperback
  • 192
  • On the Tycoon's Terms
  • Sandra Field
  • English
  • 09 March 2018
  • 9780373123483