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[Stephen King] Summary The Shining Epub

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Summary The Shining ´ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Jack Torrance vê se forçado a aceitar um trabalho como zelador de Inverno do Overlook um enorme hotel nas montanhas do Colorado um lugar ue ueda absolutamente isolado pela neve entre Novembro e Março Embora a vida nessas co. This was most excellent I can 100% see why this is many readers favorite Stephen King novel Heck it s my favorite novel of his to date although I have a good number of his books to catch up on I ve found myself overly critical of his work in the past possibly due to the fact that he s so well known but I feel it s been a fault on my end Previously I ve picked up one of his doorstops at a time I wasn t prepared to fully invest in the time and energy it takes to immerse oneself into his world building and lengthy details This time I was ready Also this was only like 600 pages which felt like a novella compared to IT I m finally able to understand why so many people hold the standard of traditional horror in comparison to this novel Sure it has all the creepy crawlies and spooky wookies to get your heart racing but it s so grounded in reality that I had a hard time rationalizing with myself that it s just a story The 150 page set up is well worth the reader s time as it lays the groundwork for much of the why behind the narrative and it also gave me a chance to bond with precious Danny before the shit hit the fan I may be the last person on the planet to have read this book but just in case I m not I wanted to share some of the things that really hit home with me Just like IT is at heart a disturbing coming of age story The Shining was an impeccable tale of extreme cabin fever with a hefty dose of the destructive nature of alcoholism When you break it down like that the supernatural elements actually seem to take a backseat to the very real horror of what it s like living with someone struggling through addiction I ve heard all the stories of how this book helped SK realize his own struggle with alcohol and I m inclined to believe it s true as the writing here was heavy laden with emotion and depth I apologize for ever calling Mr King over hyped I m grateful my previous experiences with his wordier novels didn t deter me from finally choosing to read this as it s a gem of a book and a classic in it s genre I still despise Sleeping Beauties though and refuse to change my opinion on the matter Highly recommended to any other below the rock dwellers who may not have happened across this one Now to watch the movie or not

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Summary The Shining ´ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF No Overlook Os terríveis acontecimentos ue sucederam no hotel no passado vão se assenhorando lentamente do presente dos seus novos ocupantes até os levar a uma situação aterradora da ual talvez nenhum deles possa escapar. About as perfect a haunted house story as can be King was at his best here It s as though he built a haunted house and then filled every nook and cranny with detail King is also at his best in regard to characterization all well rounded and complete we know family relationships group dynamics all the old hidden buried fears King touches base with psychological elements theological metaphysical spiritual and cryptic aspects of a ghost story to wrap the reader in a blanket of horror I watched the 1980 Stanley Kubrik film recently and this made me want to reread the book which I need to anyway Kubrik s film grasps the psychological elements of the book and delivers an extra large thin crust The Works pizza of haunted house horror Jack Nicholson s portrayal of Jack Torrance is still the defining image of this tortured man While some critics have derided the slow pace of the film atypical for jump out and yell BOO horror fliks of the time I felt that Kubrik was building the tone and mood of the story to the grisly final moments King himself has attributed mixed emotions to the film as an adaptation but has consistently agreed that the imagery of an internal struggle with the dark side of Jack s psyche is a contribution to the horror film genre King also disagreed with the casting of Nicholson who too closely identified with insanity due largely to his exceptional work in One Flew Over the Cuckoo s Nest Interestingly King himself was battling alcoholism while writing the classic and viewing his work and Kubrik s vision from this perspective adds greater depth to an understanding and appreciation of both

Read & Download ¶ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ý Stephen King

Summary The Shining ´ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ndições de isolamento não pareça fácil para Jack é uma oportunidade perfeita para reconuistar a sua mulher Wendy e o seu filho Danny e para retomar o seu trabalho de escritor Mas a família não está exactamente sozinha. If you have not read The Shining already do not overlook the opportunity presented by the publication of Doctor Sleep the seuel to revisit one of the best ghost stories of our time The appearance of the follow up offers a perfect justification for stepping through those bat wing doors for the first time 1st Edition cover Published January 28 1977 447 pps It has been a lifetime since I read The Shining for the first time over thirty years ago I enjoyed it then for its effectiveness in telling a scary no a very scary story Reading it now is colored as is all of life by our accumulation or lack of accumulation of experience We see or appreciate colors textures shapes structures and feelings with experienced educated eyes We have seen or are at least aware of real world things that are scarier than any fictional spectres So what does it look like through old cloudy lensesIt remains a very scary story The things that stand out for me now are not so much the deader rising up out of a bathtub to pursue a curious child although that is still pretty creepy or the mobile topiary which still works pretty well at making the hair on one s neck and arms stand at attention But King was using the haunted house trope to look at personal demons And those shine through clearly now From Allyn Scura s blogHe had some drinking issues at the time he wrote the book when he was 30 and concern about that is major here Jack Torrance is an alcoholic no uestion He also has issues with anger management not that the little shit he clocks while teaching at a New England prep school didn t have it coming He did But one cannot do that to a student however deserving and expect to remain employed for long His little boy however most certainly did not deserve a broken arm Jack is very remorseful and wants to make things right He manages to get a gig taking care of the Overlook Hotel in Colorado over the winter It will offer him a chance to get something right after a string of getting things wrong offer a chance to save his marriage and offer an opportunity to work on his unfinished play Risky Sure But a gamble worth taking And his wife Wendy agrees despite having serious misgivings There are no attractive alternatives Of course we all know that the Overlook is not your typical residence Odd things happen sounds are heard thoughts from somewhere outside find their way into your mind Jack is targeted and boy is he vulnerableBut five year old Danny is the real key here He is the proud possessor of an unusual talent the shining of the book s title Danny can not only do a bit of mind reading he can also see things that other people cannot And for a little guy he has a huge talent He also has an invisible friend named Tony with whom only he can communicate It is difficult to think about the book without finding our mental screens flickering with the images of Jack Nicholson in full cartoonish psycho rage the very effective sound of a Big Wheel followed by a steadicam coursing through the long halls of the hotel and the best casting decision ever in choosing Scatman Crothers to play Dick Halloran By the way the hotel is based on a real world place the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park Colorado And the Overlook s spooky room 217 was inspired by the supposedly haunted room 217 at the Stanley This image is from the hotel s site they clearly embrace the spectral connectionThe room number was changed in the film to 237 at the reuest of the Timberline hotel which was used for exterior shots There is so much that differentiates Kubrick s film from the book that they are almost entirely different entities The differences do reuire a bit of attention here First and foremost the book of The Shining is about the disintegration of a family due to alcoholism and anger issues How a child survives in a troubled family is key The film is pretty much pure spook house well done spook house but solely spook house nonetheless IMHO There is considerable back story to Jack and Wendy that gets no screen time You have to read the book to get that Jack is a victim as much as Wendy and Danny You would never get that from the slobbering Jack of the film The maze in the book was pretty cool right I liked it too but it does not exist in the book I believe it was put in to replace the talented topiary which is the definition of a bad trade There is significant violence in the book that never made its way into Kubrick s film but which very much raises a specter of domestic violence that is terrorizing real people living in real horror stories There are a few lesser elements Jack wielded a roue mallet not an axe Danny is not interrupted in his travels through the corridors by Arbus like twin sisters And the sisters in uestion are not even twins There are plenty but you get the idea An interesting film for sure but not really the most faithful interpretation of the book King saw that a film that closely reflected what he had written reached TV screens in 1997 with a six hour mini series versionIrrelevancies of a personal natureThe opening shot was filmed on the Going to the Sun Road in Montana s Glacier National Park in Montana I have had the pleasure 7 times in one visit and recommend the drive wholeheartedly It is a pretty narrow road though so you will have to drive carefully Bring along the appropriate musical media for the best effect Wendy Carlos s Rocky Mountain and dress warmly It was below freezing when I reached the top of the road in August Some exteriors for Kubrick s film were shot at the Timberline Lodge on Mount Hood in Oregon I visited but did not stay there back in 2008 Sadly I do not have any decent personal photos from the place I can report though on a bitThis shot was found on Wikimediaof kitsch There is a place in the hotel where an ax is lodged in a block of wood with HEEEEERE s JOHNNY on the ax a tourist photo op And yes I did Sadly or luckily the shot did not come out well so you will be sparedBack to the book Danny s talent is a two edged sword He is afflicted with seeing than anyone his age should have to see but on the other hand he has a tool he can use to try to save them all Whether he can or not is a core tension element here King is fond of placing his stories in literary context He peppers the text with references to various relevant books and authors I expect these are meant to let us know his influences Horace Walpole author of The Castle of Otranto a Gothic classic is mentioned as is Shirley Jackson of Hill House fame King had used a uote from this book in Salem s Lot A family saga rich with death and destruction Cashelmara is mentioned as are some contemporary items like The Walton Family the idealized antithesis to the Torrance Family Where the Wild Things Are and novelist Frank Norris The primary literary reference here is Poe s The Masue of the Red Death which is cited many times There had been a costume ball back in hotel s history and it is the impending climax of that party the unmasking that looms here And toss in nods to Treasure Island and Bluebeard for good measureKing often includes writers in his work avatars for himself I write about writers because I know the territory Also you know it s a great job for a protagonist in a book Without having to hold down a steady job writers can have all sorts of adventures Also if they disappear it s a long time before they are missed Heh heh heh from an AOL interview Jack Torrance is a writer as well as a teacher The play that Jack is writing undergoes a transformation that mirrors Jack s own In fact there is a fair bit or mirroring going on here Jack s affection for his father as a kid was as strong as Danny s is for him His father was an abusive alcoholic While Jack is not yet the monster his father was he is also an alcoholic with abusive tendencies I never had a father in the house My mother raised my brother and I alone I wasn t using my own history but I did tap into some of the anger you sometimes feel to the kids where you say to yourself I have really got to hold on to this because I m the big person here I m the adult One reason I wanted to use booze in the book is that booze has a tendency to fray that leash you have on your temperFor a lot of kids Dad is the scary guy It s that whole thing where your mother says You just wait until your father comes home In The Shining these people were snowbound in a hotel and Dad is always home And Dad is fighting this thing with the bottle and he s got a short temper anyway I was kind of feeling my own way in that because I was a father of small children And one of the things that shocked me about fatherhood was it was possible to get angry at your kids from the EW interview cited in Extra StuffHe s right I have had the pleasure and I know Wendy gets some attention as well as we learn a bit about her mother and see Wendy s fear that she has inherited elements of her mother s awfulness Not everything shines here There are times when five year old Danny seems much older than his tender years even given his extraordinary circumstances It struck me as surprising that there is no mention of anyone suggesting that maybe Jack might attend an AA meeting But these are like single dead pixels on a large screenIf you want to read horror tales that are straight up scare ems there are plenty in the world But if you appreciate horror that offers underlying emotional content and I know you do my special gift tells me that The Shining is a brilliant example of how a master illuminates the darkness This review with images intact has also been posted on my blogEXTRA STUFFDefinitely check out the Wiki for this book nifty info on the King Family s stay at the Stanley and yes there was a Grady at the StanleyI also recommend checking out SK s site if you want to learn about himAn interview with King in Entertainment WeeklyBTW here is a shot of the model snowmobile that Dick Halloran drives back to the Overlook A few other SK s we have reviewedUnder the DomeDuma Key Lisey s StoryDoctor SleepRevivalMr MercedesJust After Sunset

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