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read The Ethical Assassin PDF ☆ David Liss

  • Paperback
  • 336
  • The Ethical Assassin
  • David Liss
  • English
  • 14 October 2017
  • 9780812974546

Summary The Ethical Assassin

David Liss ✓ 5 Summary Summary ¹ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ David Liss Summary The Ethical Assassin ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Hical assassin could be a charming sociopath eco activist or vigilante for social justice To unravel the mystery and save himself Lem must descend deep into a bizarre world he never knew existed where a group of desperate–and genuinely deranged–schemers have hatched a plan that will very likely keep Lem from leaving town aliveDavid Liss skillfully interweaves a gallery of eccentric characters with a multilayered plot characterized by its unpredictable twists and turns The Ethical Assassin is a brilliant darkly comic novel that will leave readers in suspense until the very last page From the Hardcover editi. Seventeen year old Lem Altick is trying to save money for college by working as a door to door encyclopedia salesman in South Florida Things get complicated for Lem when two of his potential customers are murdered during mid sale and Lem is befriended by their killer a very ethical mostly peaceful vegetarian named Melford who is trying to expose a drug ring and needs Lem s help to do it This smart and very suspenseful read has Hiaasen esue uirky secondary characters and is very unlike Liss previously published historical novels Fast paced action packed and suspenseful to the end Part mysterypart coming of age Highly recommended

Summary ¹ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ David LissThe Ethical Assassin

David Liss ✓ 5 Summary Summary ¹ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ David Liss Summary The Ethical Assassin ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Eyes and the unassuming young man is suddenly pulled into the dark world of conspiracy and murder Not just murder assassination– or so claims the killer the mysterious and strangely charismatic Melford Kean who has struck without remorse and with remarkable good cheer But the self styled ethical assassin hadn’t planned on a witness and so he makes Lem a deal Stay uiet and there will be no problems Go to the police and take the fall Before Lem can decide he is drawn against his will into the realm of the assassin a post Marxist intellectual with whom he forms an unlikely and perhaps unwise friendship The et. This book is a pretty uick read It started off very slow for me but there was something about it that kept me just interested enough that I didn t abandon it There were some uirky things going on that held out real promise I was halfway through before it really hooked me though Once there it was uite interestingI d give the last part of the book 4 stars but it was somewhat rushed too little too late to really make the book a good one The main character finally develops into a person that I could begin to identify with Until that time part of the problem was that I really didn t care about anyone or anything in the book A mild distaste for all involved was my prevailing emotion So 1 star to the first half for almost turning me off By the end of the book I was hoping for though This is a book about animal rights the ethical treatment of animals There wasn t anything in the book that I didn t already know nor was the discussion of the morality of our civilization new to me Still it sneaks up on the subject in an unexpected way 3 stars for the overall themeThe characters were neat They were different not cookie cutter good bad guys but uirky individuals who were trying to get by their morals were as confused as most people I thought they could have been fleshed out better Too much is told about them as they re introduced not developed into the story The central character develops from a real loser into someone who will make it a little too fast far for meThe POV is interesting but also had a big flaw IMO It s told from one kid s POV he says that after it was all over he could fill in a lot of what happened by his research into the matter I found that unbelievable on a couple of levels Without writing a spoiler I can t discuss it so I ll just say I had to suspend my belief on this point it was OK Still it could have been handled better I thinkIt was an interesting read but I won t be keeping it to read again I doubt anyone else in the family will be interested in reading it either The book was hyped to me I think mostly because of the Animal Rights angle not reason enough IMO It s OK I think 3 stars overall is as generous as I can be 25 is closer to the mark

David Liss ✓ 5 Summary

David Liss ✓ 5 Summary Summary ¹ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ David Liss Summary The Ethical Assassin ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Edgar award winning author of the popular historical novels A Conspiracy of Paper and A Spectacle of Corruption David Liss showcases his amazing versatility with this brilliant new tale of contemporary suspense a literary thriller set in Florida where killing is a matter of conscienceNo one is surprised than Lem Altick when it turns out he’s actually good at peddling encyclopedias door to door He hates the predatory world of sales but he needs the money to pay for college Then things go horribly wrong In a sweltering trailer in rural Florida a couple whom Lem has spent hours pitching is shot dead before his. Set in the 1980 s Lem Altick has just graduated high school and desires nothing than to escape the cultural vaccum that is Florida by going to college at Columbia That Lem is actually a nice guy is pretty surprising given the hand that life has dealt him so far a deadbeat dad who stopped calling ages ago a mother so zoned out on pills that she naps all day and only awakens to prepare meals and clean house and a verbally abusive step father who has reneged on his promise to help Lem pay for an Ivy league college Desperate to make money uickly so he can pay his tuition Lem becomes a door to door encyclopedia salesman If he can just get through this summer then he might be able to escape his dead end life But life isn t finished screwing with him yet not by a longshotLem s carefully constructed plan for his future begins to fall apart when an assassin walks into the trailer where Lem is about to close his last encyclopedia sale for the day Lem watches in horror as the trailer s occupants Karen and the aptly nicknamed Bastard are shot in the head Now a witness to a murder for which he may be blamed Lem finds himself mixed up in a tangled criminal web that includes an on the wagon pedophile a rapist town cop a bikini clad Siamese twin and an assassin who is of all things ethical and the only person Lem can trust As Lem and the assassin navigate this world of drugs and animal cruelty Lem learns about who he is and what he s capable of than most people learn in a lifetime This is messed up stuff and Liss is definitely treading on ground traditionally covered by Carl Hiaasen or El Leonard so it s no surprise that I enjoyed it There s a dark comic streak throughout the novel and several witty one liners and not so witty I readily admit that my favorite line may have been It smelled like the shit that shit shits out its asshole sophistication is never an adjective to which I ve laid claim In the beginning of the novel it s a bit confusing as it changes from Lem s 1st person point of view and moves to a 3rd person examination of some of the other key players but if you let yourself give into it you ll find that Liss is giving background about characters who will be prominent later He wraps everything up and doesn t leave a loaded gun in the corner unless someone s going to blow someone else s ass off with it And that s really all I expect from an authorCross posted at This Insignificant Cinder