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Edward Gargan [Ebook epub] The River's Tale A Year on the Mekong – Kindle eBook or Book

REVIEW The River's Tale A Year on the Mekong

FREE READ Å The River's Tale A Year on the Mekong Along the Mekong from northern Tibet to Lijiang from Luang Prabang to Phnom Penh to Can Lo I moved from one world to another among cultural islands often ignorant of each other’s presence Yet each island as if built on shifting sands and eroded and reshaped by a universal sea was re forming itself or was being remolded was expanding its horizons or sinking und. This is a travel tale of the writer s experiences traveling from the headwaters of the Mekong River in the Himalayas to the Nine Dragon Delta in Vietnam Published in 2003 it naturally does not bring the reader up to date on all the rapid changes that have taken place in the region in the last 12 13 years but that is not a criticism The book describes the author s attempt to take stock of the varying cultures along the river and to learn about how they have been affected by and adapted to the pressures of the events that have engulfed them Thus the Chinese pressure to change or wipe out Tibetan culture the effect of American and French wars and influences and damage and the destructive and even catastrophic damage done by the Chinese government the Pathet Lao the Khmer Rouge and the Northern dominated Vietnam government The author has a strong journalistic and scholarly history to strengthen his writing and a willingness to rough it so as to get close to people along his way Perhaps not for every reader but for me it was a reminder of how little I have known about Tibet Cambodia and Laos partly I suppose because Thailand and Vietnam are so much larger and have been so much in our news Some of his experiences and descriptions of the damage done and conseuences for Laos and Cambodia were simply awful to read and important to read For me the book dragged in sections in part I suppose because the author seemed to want to spend time on history that wasn t necessary for the story he was developing Nevertheless a good read

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FREE READ Å The River's Tale A Year on the Mekong Er the rising waters of a cultural global warming It was a journey between worlds worlds fragiley conjoined by a river both ominous and luminescent muscular and bosomy harsh and sensuous From windswept plateaus to the South China Sea the Mekong flows for three thousand miles snaking its way through Southeast Asia Long fascinated with this part of the world forme. A perfect book to read while traveling in Southeast Asia thought provoking Also a reminder of how uickly things are changing in Vietnam and Cambodiamostly for the better

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FREE READ Å The River's Tale A Year on the Mekong R New York Times correspondent Edward Gargan embarked on an ambitious exploration of the Mekong and those living within its watershed The River’s Tale is a rare and profound book that delivers than a correspondent’s account of a place It is a seminal examination of the Mekong and its people a testament to the their struggles their defeats and their victories. A really enjoyable journey from the headwaters of the Mekong in Tibet to the delta nearly 2000 miles to the south the author spends the better part of a year slowing making his way through the diverse and troubled landscape of southeast Asia He speaks with people of various cultural and social backgrounds and revisits the areas horrible past largely unknown or forgotten in the West and its hopeful and optimism futureIf you want to visit Tibet Laos Vietnam or Cambodia this book is worth a read

  • Paperback
  • 352
  • The River's Tale A Year on the Mekong
  • Edward Gargan
  • English
  • 13 June 2017
  • 9780375705595