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Hannu Rajaniemi ( epub ) The uantum Thief – DOC or Kindle eBook

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Hannu Rajaniemi È 1 FREE READ FREE READ ☆ The uantum Thief Jean le Flambeur gets up in the morning and has to kill himself before his other self can kill him first Just another day in the Dilemma Prison Rescued by the mysterious Mieli and her flirtatious spacecraft Jean is taken to the Oubliette the Moving City of Mars where time is a currency memories are treasures and a moon turned singularity lights the night Meanwhile investigator Isidore Beautrelet called in to investigate the murder of a chocolatier finds himself on the trail of an arch criminal a. There are authors who don t cotton to hand holding and then there are authors who drop you off in the middle of Times Suare on New Year s Eve distract you with a party favor and then run the other way as fast as they can Maybe you ll eventually find your way in the throng even if you are tear streaked and sniffling by the time you do did I mention you are 5 Maybe at the end of it you ve learned something most likely that there are a bunch of people in Times Suare who desperately want you to attend a comedy show and are a little stronger for it Or your mind has snapped and you have been reduced to a blubbering shell shocked simpleton Fifty fiftyHannu Rajaniemi is clearly the latter type and I m still not uite sure what my trek through this book has done to me Not since Neuromancer has a sci fi book left me uestioning how a bunch of words could be strung together in logical well crafted sentences and still not make any sense Both books made me feel dumb and slow and a bad reader I don t think this is my fault but I also doubt it was the writers intentionSee they both create richly imagined new worlds out of reassembled bits and pieces of what we recognize as reality mixing things up with new gadgets and technology and the repercussions of fictional disasters And they just plop us down into these worlds and never ever tell us what is going on I totally get avoiding exposition dumps and telling versus showing but seriously this book hurt my brain There are concepts key plot concepts that the characters take as rote parts of their everyday lives that are introduced on page 1 and not clearly explained until maybe 75 percent of the way through the book The primary antagonists are roughly sketched at best and even though all the characters know who they are and what they re about we don t get anything but hints up until the epilogue But it s not just that technology is referenced again and again before we get an idea of what it does For about half the book I wasn t sure if it was happening inside of a computer or not See what I mean about feeling dumbBut it s ok for a few reasons One Hannu Rajaniemi lays down some of the sharpest prose I ve encountered in genre writing dense without feeling mannered spare and yet evocative This is a short novel by space opera standards and he shows those bloated uasi epics how it s done Of course snipping out all that exposition is a good way to start Two the plot is a fairly straightforward Whodunnit mixed with elements of One Last Job with a thief and a detective suaring off sprinkled with a Mysterious Backstory and some small r romance When books make me work this hard I don t mind if I can see some of the structure poking through It s nice to have a clue if it s going to be able to support my weightThree the SFnal ideas here are pretty great Novel twists on familiar concepts including a nifty take on the uploading consciousness into the cloud trope are just the start there s also this wonderful riff on our growing concern for privacy through the invention of a system that allows you to control what you share with people all the time You can walk down the street cloaked in privacy so anyone passing won t recognize you unless you want them to You can even edit what parts of a conversation someone will be able to remember which removes a lot of the potential awkwardness from one night stands Lots of sci fi has explored they way memory shapes reality but Rajaniemi manages to find a fresh angleSo should you read this I d say it depends on A your comfort level with having no idea what the hell is happening for hundreds of pages and B your familiarity with the genre Because while not the trickiest book I ve ever read this is hardly elementary school SF That s what you get when you let Finnish mathematical physicists write books

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The uantum Thief

Hannu Rajaniemi È 1 FREE READ FREE READ ☆ The uantum Thief Man named le FlambeurIndeed in his many lives the entity called Jean le Flambeur has been a thief a confidence artist a posthuman mind burgler and His origins are shrouded in mystery but his deeds are known throughout the Heterarchy from breaking into the vast Zeusbrains of the Inner System to stealing rare Earth antiues from the aristocrats of Mars In his last exploit he managed the supreme feat of hiding the truth about himself from the one person in the solar system hardest to hide from himsel. I am very surprised and delighted by this novel I half expected an idea or a theme from Stephen Baxter s Flux but was thoroughly captivated by such a deeply thought out world and a complex plot I didn t find many issues with plot discontinuity as such There were uick scene changes that might have benefited by a overt transition or two but that is a minor issue compared to the tapestry of worlds within worlds that this author has written Very enjoyable characters and the twists are fully supported by the main premises I found myself thinking of new twists that could be supported by his frame and was surprised by that I hadn t thought deeply enough about I think I ll enjoy reading this novel again and not too far in the future First I shall read his second novel and see how much craft he s crammed into his writing with such giddy fractal twirls I understand that this novel isn t for the general audience but I ll tell you straight IT SHOULD BEIf you like this then I recommend Charles Stross s Singularity Sky and Saturn s Children and especially Accellerando Neal Stephenson s Snowcrash and Diamond Age and Cryptonomicon and Anathem I would be remiss to leave out other cyberpunk masters but let s face it the good stuff is in the post cyberpunk worlds dealing with all of the complicated ideas and deeper developmentsThe deeper exploration is where this novel really shines From a strictly craft point of view I loved the poetry in the techno babble that verges on a simple techno babel and almost teeters into complete cognizance Actually I lie The uantum foam and dots made me giggle I loved every second of itGreat book Second read was even better than the first especially after getting to know all of the terms and players I loved the poetry in the text the visual imagery the reuirement for every reader to throw themselves and their souls into the story only to come up gasping for air not uite realizing that the water was highly oxygenated and we could have been breathing it all alongI laughed times this second read I am almost to the opinion that everyone ought to read this book or better yet this trilogy at least two times through before making a serious opinion of it Only after thoughtful consideration have I finally come to the conclusion that this meta tale this monolith of story this dire light this cutting of an epic gordian knot has got to be one of the classics of literature It is dense No doubt about it But it is ever so much rewarding than I had ever expected it to be

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Hannu Rajaniemi È 1 FREE READ FREE READ ☆ The uantum Thief F Now he has the chance to regain himself in all his power in exchange for finishing the one heist he never uite managed The uantum Thief is a breathtaking joyride through the solar system several centuries hence a world of marching cities ubiuitous public key encryption people who communicate via shared memory and a race of hyper advanced humans who originated as an MMORPG guild But for all its wonders The uantum Thief is also a story powered by very human motives of betrayal jealousy and reveng. uantum begins with a thief in prison endlessly reliving The Prisoner s Dilemma Ah but this one is different mainly because he doesn t learn An enhanced woman and her sentient ship break him out for reasons unknown but before they can get far the chase is on In payment for freeing him the woman and her hidden benefactor have something they want him to steal Next stop Mars where he has to discover his prior identity in an idealistic privacy focused society Meanwhile a young man working for a version of the secret order keepers is driven to solve crime puzzlesHm interesting my summary makes the book sound far coherent than it was The world building and total immersion style reminds me of Zelazny but without the lovely poetic imagery Maybe a little like Mieville in playing with concepts of societal structure privacy and identity but Mieville has coherent plotting The character of Jean reminded me a great deal of Locke Lamora I suppose it s an archetype a construct of the clever urbane thief Overall a decent read that feels like the author was working a bit too hard to prove how clever he is I can t say that I d recommend it to most readers

  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 370
  • The uantum Thief
  • Hannu Rajaniemi
  • English
  • 10 October 2018
  • 9780765367662