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Grace Goodwin (Ebook) Destiny; Part 2 (Interstellar Brides; Ascension Saga, #2.2) – Book, eBook or Kindle ePUB free

FREE READ Destiny; Part 2 (Interstellar Brides; Ascension Saga, #2.2)

FREE READ Destiny; Part 2 (Interstellar Brides; Ascension Saga, #2.2) FREE READ ↠ Destiny; Part 2 (Interstellar Brides; Ascension Saga, #2.2) SUMMARY ô TAILAND2.RU ☆ Grace Goodwin Destiny has a problem a six foot three stubborn gorgeous deadly sex on a stick kind of problem While her brain might want to kick his ass across the galaxy the rest of her wants to jump him like a bouncy house Ardor or not she’s huntin. Let s start off by saying that this is one of my favorite paranormalsci fi author s and we love everything this author writesWhat an imagination this author has and always creates sexy and hot and steamy books for us to readWe are loving these off the planet romance readsOne of the things we are loving about this current series is that we are really loving its character sThis story is an ongoing one but Destiny and Nix s story has continued into this current taleThe ueen still missing but the Princesses TrinityFaithDestiny have taken things in their own hands and upped their game in trying to find their motherWe loved this current story it was funwitty super hot and funny as heOmg these men in this story are sexy as Sin Nix got a taste off just what his mate Destiny was capable ofI loved the romance between Nix and Destiny they were matched perfectly for one another both dominate and stubborn by nature but Nix has met his match in Destiny whats she is his mate Oh BoyTalk about one super hot read Destiny is in Ardor its what s called a mating heat and boy are her lady parts aching for one hot sexy male called Nix yet her mind says danger bewareI loved the tug of war Destiny had going on within herself she is on a mission to find the traitors that kidnapped her mom yet all that her lady bits want to do are to constantly jump the bones of that sexy as sin warrior named NixWhat does one do when their mate thinks that what they have between them is just sex and constantly denies the mating bond between them Poor Nix he has to up his own game in this current story and prove once and for all that Destiny belongs to him and him alone for forever and always and no other man will have what belongs to him This current tale things even became hotter if that s even possible lolDestiny is still in the Ardor and Nix has been awakened and no other with do to ease the pain of the mating frenzyNix is a favorite of mine OMG Dominate and can you say caveman Sexy as all get out and the story had me wanting a Nix of my own in my bed SwooningWhat happens when one likes the bossy sexy dominate man in bed but not out of it Let s just say there will be laughing involvedWithout giving anything away let s just say this couple are perfectly matched in and out of bed Holy hotness and highly erotic my kind of readFor a short read it was packed with tons of hotnesslaughsdramamystery and we loved it from cover to cover We loved that the stories and the series itself gave off the vibe of that no pampered princesses are allowed These princesses were warriors at heart able to protectfight defend themselves against their enemies in their own right and make perfect mates for those highly dangerous delectable warriors5 starsPersonal noteMy only complaint is that I dislike reading a series this wayI dislike that it takes 3 books to tell one princesses story and this is one of the things that turns me away from authors like theseI have no problem with a main plot story that continues through out the current series you are writing a lot of writers do that but I dislike reading a story that just ends almost like a cliffhangerI love this author s works I just wish she had written TrinityFaithDestiny books as a whole not in pieces for each princess

SUMMARY ô TAILAND2.RU ☆ Grace Goodwin

Destiny; Part 2 (Interstellar Brides; Ascension Saga, #2.2)

FREE READ Destiny; Part 2 (Interstellar Brides; Ascension Saga, #2.2) FREE READ ↠ Destiny; Part 2 (Interstellar Brides; Ascension Saga, #2.2) SUMMARY ô TAILAND2.RU ☆ Grace Goodwin Truth she’ll be dead But if she gives up now her mother will be lost forever And Nix is about to find out Destiny’s dirty little secretshe’s even stubborn than he is One Click Now as Destiny and Nix fall deeper into troubleand love. Annnnnd here is Destiny s story She is the warrior we were told she loved Marshall arts was the sister who knew how to kick ass LOL And now she is undercover as she infiltrated the Clerics a very powerful force in Alera Her sisters discover that she is in danger A fierce fighter assassin for Alera Nix has rushed to help her And he finds out that she is his MateUh Oh Destiny does not want anyone to protect her She would like a partner but she is drawn to Nix Two Alpha s yes the sparks fly and there is a battle of wills It gets very steamy suspenseful powerful emotions and mystery We know each of the sisters Trinity Faith and Destiny are strong women with distinct strengths and with the help of their Mates they slowly get closer to discovering the mastermind behind the plot to overthrow the Aleran ruling familyThis is an amazing collection of SciFi erotic romance stories at its best Grace Goodwin continues to keep us engaged worried loving the twists and turns in the story Don t forget that each book is a cliffhanger each book tells its own story but they are all intertwined and each story keeps you on edge and is a page turner The Princesses have found their mates but they are not safe their mother has not been found and we continue to worry and fret and try to wait patiently for the next story

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FREE READ Destiny; Part 2 (Interstellar Brides; Ascension Saga, #2.2) FREE READ ↠ Destiny; Part 2 (Interstellar Brides; Ascension Saga, #2.2) SUMMARY ô TAILAND2.RU ☆ Grace Goodwin G a killer Nix is going all protective alpha male claiming she’s his mate just because she had a few mind blowing moments in his bed And she’s trapped deep undercover in the most dangerous place on the planet If anyone discovers the. Wow these books just get better and better these three sisters are strong independent women but with there mates they are putting in there hands With Destiny Ador finally coming to an end and Nix s telling her he loves her and Destiny telling him she does too but in the back of her mind can she believe him and trust him only time will tell In recent news they find out that who ever is in charge of the kidnapping of there mother is cleaning house and people are turning up dead all over the place The sisters are worried about there mother and carn t wait till the meeting in two days to find out some answers but unknown to them Leo and his father have got word that the meeting is tonight so they head to see Nix Outside of the bedroom where Destiny is sleeping or he thinks she is they tell him the news about the meeting being tonight instead so they make plans to go and to keep it a secret from they mates Leo s father is trying to get them to change there minds but he is shut down and he laughs knowing it won t end well for them But with Destiny super hearing she has her own plans and is hurt that Nix doesn t trust her so she plays him and lets her sisters know what s going on now all there mates are left behind and the sisters are in charge With trinity s super powers she can see good and evil in a person and only one person going into the meeting is good so that helps Destiny know to kill the rest and with faith s kickass ninja moves she doesn t have to worry about her so Destiny needs to move closer to the building to hear what s being said inside while making her way up on to the roof she wonders where Nix is and just then he is beside her and she smiles to herself but needs to get inside to hear but Nix stops her she says to him are you in or out as she makes her way to the window and tells the guards to shoot him if he try s to stop her Nix says he s in and they are inside now and Destiny is listening but something is making a noise and she finds a box in the room with a bomb in it Destiny wants to save the only good guy for answers Nix wants them outside and away now so does her sisters Does it all work out we will see in the next bookI received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review

  • Kindle Edition
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  • Destiny; Part 2 (Interstellar Brides; Ascension Saga, #2.2)
  • Grace Goodwin
  • English
  • 05 June 2019
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