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Free read ↠ Surrogates ´ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF An is it But Dan’s discovery of Ellen and Bel trysts strangely rekindles his passion for his wife As sex with Bel gets kinkier and better and sex between Francie and Simon gets ever sizzling Dan thinks he has the best of both worlds But secrets don’t stay secret Substitutes aren’t the real thing And in the end there are no surrogates for matters of the hea. Wonderful stuff The scenes are filthy and in ways than one Yes it s erotica so of course includes graphic sexual content and if that isn t your thing then perhaps this isn t the book for youI didn t relate to the plot as much as other books and that is why I ve chosen to give a rating of 4 It probably deserves and is due to a personal preference than a reflection of the authors writingThe occupations of two of the characters was unusual and I loved that Likewise the characters in this book were strong certainly strong enough for me to develop a sense of dislike towards one or two and a deep sense of loyalty towards another couple of the charactersI think the main issue I had with this book is down to the fact I felt the characters didn t communicate well It s probably because it s something that I personally reuire in a relationship so don t get when others don t Again this isn t the authors fault the characters will be truer and realistic for this It also allowed for a little switch around towards the end of the book where my dislike for a couple of characters softened and I felt like cheering them onWell worth a read by anyone but particularly those who enjoy steamy sensual hot naughty scenes in an erotica book

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Free read ↠ Surrogates ´ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Even though he’s in love with his beautiful gardener Francie Carter Daniel Alexander III takes his marriage vows very seriously Until he gets the balls to ask for a divorce watching each other play is all he can offer her Then Dan convinces Francie to allow his friend Simon Paris to be his surrogate – to have sex with her while Dan watches and supervises It?. Review originally published on Erotica Revealed Francie and Dan are desperately in love with one another but they aren t having an affair not technically During their private meetings in the lavish grounds of Dan s opulent estate they don t touch each other Instead they engage in simultaneous masturbation encouraging one another with dirty talk until each reaches an independent climax In Dan s view at least he s still being faithful to his wife IsabelDan assures Francie that he ll eventually divorce Bel but he isn t ready yet to take that step He believes that Bel is too emotionally fragile to handle the shock Meanwhile although Bel employs Francie as her kitchen gardener they re also close friends Torn apart by guilt and sexual frustration Francie decides to leave her job for one that plays less havoc with her feelings To persuade her to stay Dan enlists the help of his college chum Simon a handsome landscape architect who has a lot in common with Francie According to the plan Simon will become Dan s surrogate making love to Francie while Dan watches and directs Simon agrees primarily because he s strongly attracted to the earthy uninhibited young woman himself Unbeknownst to her husband Bel is engaged in some extracurricular sexual shenanigans of her own in the company of her masseuse Ellen When Dan finds out the kinky possibilities re ignite his lust for Bel even though he tells himself he loves Francie Secrets unravel motives are misunderstood and for a while it appears that nobody will end up satisfied That illusion is dispelled however as each character ends up matched with partner he or she deservesI loved The Initiation of Ms Holly the last book by KD Grace that I reviewed so I opened Surrogates with eager anticipation Unfortunately I found myself rather disappointed by this book The plot premise felt contrived an insubstantial ruse to justify the sex scenes The sex itself though copious and well written was pretty pedestrian compared to the wildly imaginative scenes in Ms Holly There are MFM and MFF m nage interludes and a whole lot of wanking as well as the obligatory corporal punishment scene but somehow all of this bonking lacked conviction There were no surprises no shocks or risks no breath stealing excitement or delicious shame This may be in part because so many of the sexual encounters were literally staged by Dan in his attempts to have his cake and eat it tooThe voluptuous Francie is an appealing character I keep finding myself wanting to write well rounded or fully fleshed out She s passionate unaffected and genuine with a powerful connection to nature a true goddess type It s no wonder she inspires such desire in the men around her She rings true the descriptions of her passion are among the best parts of the book and I would love to have met her in a deeper and engaging story The sensitive but virile Simon is her perfect match though it takes a surprisingly long time for her to realize this Dan on the other struck me as so selfish self centered and self deceiving that he s almost a caricature Toward the end of the book Ms Grace suggests that he may be punished for his dishonesty and sexual greed but one gets the impression he ll enjoy that chastisement far than he should He s so unsympathetic that I found it implausible that someone with Francie s virtues would ever be attracted to him The plot of Surrogates smacks a bit of a Shakespearean comedy with its deceptions misdirections and revelations I found myself thinking of Titania and Bottom Perhaps one should view Ms Grace s characters from that perspective as comic archetypes manipulated by the author for the pure fun of it Certainly with the possible exception of Francie they didn t strike me as at all realistic but maybe that was intentional Surrogates is not a bad book if you re looking for stroke fiction It races along smoothly from one orgasm to the next raunchy and playful amusing and pleasant as long as you can put aside the urge to kick Dan in the butt However I know from experience that KD Grace is capable giving the reader than a uick wank that she can produce erotica with a great deal depth insight and passion than is evident here I m sorry this book doesn t fulfill that promise

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Free read ↠ Surrogates ´ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ??s a win win Dan stays faithful to his wife and with Simon’s help he can keep Francie satisfied until he gets the nerve to ask for a divorce And with their yawner of a love life Dan’s wife Isabel is enjoying her own version of borderline fidelity with her massage therapist Ellen Bel can’t see the harm After all it's not proper sex if it's with another wom. I recieved this novel in return for an honest review My blog A Redheads Guilty Reads was apart of the KD Grace blog tour Here is the link to the review guest post and a book excerpt on my blog been a situation where you can or want to look but not touch Well that s exactly what s happened to Dan He s convinced himself he isn t exactly cheating on his wife while him and his Gardner masturbate together without performing the act on her himself Although when he convinces his best friend Simon and Francie to sleep together pretending it s him and her things heat up rather uickly Including Dan in the bedroom with his wife and her massage therapist Ellen KD Grace definaly knows how to make her readers blush Doesn t she Especially when a little SM is involved Even if one particular scene was hot hot hot the novel will surely get your temperature rising with what else is included Surrogates is the perfect novel for any erotica reader out there as KD Grace has gave us readers all we could have wished for The perfect love story filled with hot passionate sex a little SM some girl on girl action and some tender gardening thrown in Simon and Francie my two characters They were simply a match made in complete and utter blissness heaven along with Dan and Bel who very gladly worked things out in the end with needless to say a very good spanking By Bel of course Although I think I agree with Simon that Dan would enjoy himself a little to muchWow Just wow Surrogates is a hot sexy sensual novel It definitely defines erotica it in it s own right KD Grace is one amazing author whose novels simply should be devoured Who would ever have thought gardening could become sexy All I know is I need to sign up for some gardening lessons

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