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  • Paperback
  • 288
  • The Definition of Wind
  • Ellen Block
  • English
  • 06 February 2019
  • 9780440245766

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The Definition of Wind Characters ☆ 102 Ellen Block î 2 Read Into pandemonium The world Abigail fled after tragedy struck is descending upon her doorstep and she isn’t sure she can stand the heat  Tourists and natives alike are buzzing about a sunken treasure in the treacherous shoals off the coast and clues to its location are supposedly hidden in the caretaker’s cottage Soon Abigail is the focus of everybody’s atten. I won a free copy of The Definition of Wind by Ellen Block from the Goodreads First Reads ProgramI really enjoyed this book First of all it is set in the Outerbanks of North Carolina Growing up I spent time there every summer so it is wonderful to read a book set in this area This book is about Abigail a woman who lost her husband and child in a fire She moves to Chapel Isle and rents the lighthouse keepers cottage There are a lot of local characters and also the summer tourists have descended upon the town It is very hot with no air conditioner in the cottage There is talk of a sunken treasure off the shore in the treacherous waters Abigail thinks she may find clues to the whereabouts of the treasure in her home because it had not been inhabited in years and all the furniture and journals of the lighthouse keepers are in her cottage A fun book to read I have not read The Language of Sand but The Defination of Wind Stands on it s own

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The Definition of Wind

The Definition of Wind Characters ☆ 102 Ellen Block î 2 Read Independence the freedom to be yourself or a day for fireworks depending on your point of view   Summer has come to Chapel Isle the uaintly uirky island that Abigail Harker has called home since she moved into the caretaker’s cottage at the local lighthouse The season ushers in sweltering temperatures along with throngs of tourists who are turning the sleepy town. The seuel of The Language of Sand will not disappoint you This series will touch every woman s soul The continuation of Abgail s personal growth and process of becoming accustomed to life on Chapel Isle is enlightening yet with enough suspense you cannot pick the book down until the end The language in which Block writes intertwines beautifully with Abby s career as a lexicographer Block s novels are uick easy and very enjoyable reads Great for lying on a beach and reading I read in April but I can wish The only negative aspect for me was that Block weaved throughout a lot of background information from the first novel which is great unless you recently read it as I have It was very repetitive for me Although you could read this novel as a stand alone I would highly recommend reading The Language of Sand first These are her only two novels although she wrote The Lightning Rule under the Brett Ellen Block

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The Definition of Wind Characters ☆ 102 Ellen Block î 2 Read Tion including that of a handsome seductive bachelor Amid the swarm of vacationers it’s hard to tell harmless visitors from those harboring dark intentions  As Independence Day nears Abigail must decide Should she stay on Chapel Isle risking another heartbreak and even her own safety or allow the ghosts of her past and the dangers of the present to chase her away. This book but was a bit frustrating I did read and enjoy the previous book The Language of Sand but I don t have it memorized The author seems to think I do howeveras she keeps referring to things that happened in the previous book as if I know what she s talking aboutI don t think the author needed to write this book The first book was wonderful I think she should have just left it as that