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Deon Meyer Download 7 dae Author Deon Meyer

7 dae Author Deon Meyer

7 dae Author Deon Meyer Read & download É 109 Deon Meyer ½ 9 Characters Download ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ½ Deon Meyer Ek sal elke dag 'n poliesman skiet tot julle die moordenaar van Hanneke Sloet aankla So lui die dreigbrief aan die SAPS En dan begin die jagtog Bennie Griessel is die een wat die dossier moet heropen Die saak is 40 dae oud die spoor is koud Daar's ge. Deon Meyer writes superb complex crime novels about life and death in the Cape Town area These books are originally written in Afrikaans and translated into English and other languages His powerful stories paint a seemingly authentic portrait of the location the post apartheid turmoil and his perception of crime and corruption within the political structure and the police force The author s website contains photos taken to illustrate the sites mentioned in his books This is the 4th mystery thriller featuring Detective Benny Griessel that I have read recently and I have a 5th one waiting These are intricately plotted fast paced police procedurals but with a human touch The characters and their emotions are vividly developed and they come alive on the page An unknown man is threatening to shoot a policeman every day until the police solve a cold case He refers to the killing of Hanneke Sloet an upcoming female lawyer with some very complicated business dealings Benny is dealing with a lot of pressure to solve the murder before police get injured or killed by the sniper The threats are emailed to police headuarters and contain a lot of Biblical passages rantings about Communists and coverups within the police force They also include much misdirection making the case difficult to solve Benny is called in to lead the cold case and is working within a newly restructured police force made up of Blacks Coloureds and with a disliked and ridiculed female playing a leading role in the investigation The case involves complex trails of financial fraud money laundering money trails and hidden bank accounts He is also fighting the demons of alcoholism and has remained sober for over 200 days but still struggles with the urge to drink He has a new love in his life a beautiful insecure alcoholic who was once a famous singer He is also involved in the problems of his two older teenaged children His personal life is a distraction and he is troubled by his lack of tech savvy in a case that relies heavily on cell phones and computer knowledge My low score compared with the other books in the series has nothing to do with the well written twisty plot and the great character development I have never been a fan of mysteries involving financial crime and I found the intricacies of this part of the book very difficult for my brain to entirely absorb In compensation Benny and his team were often coming up with wrong theories following wrong leads and struggling with the solution to the murder as well as the identity of the sniper and his motivation Like the other books in the series it moved at a frantic and thrilling pace

Download ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ½ Deon Meyer

7 dae Author Deon Meyer Read & download É 109 Deon Meyer ½ 9 Characters Download ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ½ Deon Meyer Rnard weghou van die bottel voor haar groot terugkeer konsert sy seun keer om nie skandes te maak nie sy kollegas weerhou daarvan om die ondersoek te kelder en sy eie verterende lus vir die helende kragte van drank in toom probeer hou Sewe dae van he. You cant go wrong with a Deon Meyer

Deon Meyer ½ 9 Characters

7 dae Author Deon Meyer Read & download É 109 Deon Meyer ½ 9 Characters Download ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ½ Deon Meyer En motief nie geen leidrade nie net 'n reeks naakfoto's 'n hoogs ingewikkelde saketransaksie en onmenslike druk van topbestuur die media en die meedoenlose onpeilbare sluipskutter En deur dit alles moet Griessel sy nuwe vriendin die sangeres Alexa Ba. This is so much than just a crime novel it also gives a glimpse of South African society in the present time I enjoyed the wide variety of interesting and realistic characters and all the interactions between them Meyer is very successful at showing the animosities between the different race groups who in spite of their prejudices and dislikes try so hard to cooperate and get along with each other I love the way he alternates between Afrikaans and English reflecting the way South Africans really speak to each other

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  • 7 dae Author Deon Meyer
  • Deon Meyer
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  • 14 July 2018
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