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ePUB [Loot and Other Stories yaoi] BY Nadine Gordimer – Book, Kindle ePUB or DOC

  • Paperback
  • 256
  • Loot and Other Stories
  • Nadine Gordimer
  • English
  • 03 July 2019
  • 9780142004685

Nadine Gordimer ✓ 4 Summary

Loot and Other Stories Summary Ó 104 Avarice of the towns survivors Mission Statement is the story of a bureaucrats idealism the ghosts of colonial history and a love affair with a government minister that ends astoundingly And in Karma Gordimers inventiveness knows no bounds in five returns to earthly. Like all short story collections Nadine Gordimer s Loot and Other Stories has hits and misses In this short collection of 10 stories Gordimer shows an impressive range in these deeply thoughtful although sometimes flawed stories Maybe i m just not smart enough but I struggled to follow some of her contemplative stories here I got that she was trying to say something but because of the obtuse nature of the writing I didn t always connect with it However in her stories with the strongest narratives I came away with some intense emotions that I was not expecting Especially in her stories Misson Statement Generation Gap and Karma I found Gordimer s writing style and discussion of internal thought processes to be very interesting I have never read any literature by a South African author before that I can recall so her portrayal of apartheid and references to post colonial issues on the continent were refreshing to read about in a fiction context as opposed to the academicnon fiction way i m used to Diamond Mine especially made my heart hurt in a way I was not expecting and cannot really put a finger on why

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Loot and Other Stories Summary Ó 104 Life a disembodied narrator taking on different ages and genders testifies to unfinished business and uestions the nature of existence Revelatory and powerful these are stories that challenge our deepest convictions even as they dazzle us with their artful lyricism. This collection is innovative and inventive as well as emotionally affecting They vary widely in length tone structure and subject matter The title story imagines what would happen if the ocean suddenly receded leaving the sea bed bare It s a fantasy about the evils of human greed and it s only five pages long The next story is about a middle aged woman in an interracial relationship struggling with the personal politics of sex and race and it is 80 pages long The variety is stunning Nothing ends where you expect it to The language is beautiful sometimes difficult but always uniue

characters Loot and Other Stories

Loot and Other Stories Summary Ó 104 With her characteristic brilliance Nobel Prize winner Nadine Gordimer follows the inner lives of characters confronted by unforeseen circumstances An earthuake offers tragedy and opportunity in the title story exposing both an ocean bed strewn with treasure and the. Some of these stories were brilliant Others well I could not really get I therefore have no idea how to rate this book I would rate the stories I considered brilliant with a 5 but the others have no rating in my mind