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TXT [Statistics Without Tears Penguin Science guinea] by Derek Rowntree – Kindle eBook & PDF

  • Paperback
  • 208
  • Statistics Without Tears Penguin Science
  • Derek Rowntree
  • English
  • 11 January 2019
  • 9780140136326
Statistics Without Tears Penguin Science

Free read í Statistics Without Tears Penguin Science 100 Key concepts of statistics before getting involved in the associated calculations Using words and diagrams instead of figures formulae and euations Derek Rowntree makes statistics accessible to those who. This book was probably the most lucidly written book that I have come across that explains Statistics to a person entirely alien to the fieldUnfortunately even then I got lost by the endRegardless this should be the first book anyone should read if they want an introduction to the world of statistics It contains no calculations and it is very engagingThough I might have to read it again and look for books that can demystify this subject in context of social science

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Free read í Statistics Without Tears Penguin Science 100 What are statistics How do you think statistically Worried about the calculations that are associated with statistics Then this clear and informative book is for you With it you can prime yourself with the. I have a rather irregular history with statistics After disliking maths GCSE but getting a very good mark I avoided A level maths like the plague Upon arriving at university as a fresh faced undergrad I was disconcerted to discover that the first year of my social science degree included a compulsory statistics module I passed that then chose modules with no maths for the remaining two years My dissertation was entirely ualitative When I returned to studying as postgrad years later I d grudgingly come to accept that statistics are useful My masters course included two statistics modules which I appreciated the purpose of without enjoying Then somehow during the peculiar derangement of my PhD I ended up teaching myself to use a fairly complex statistical methodology multinomial logistic regression The majority of my PhD research was uantitative Now I find myself actually teaching statistics to undergrads My 18 year old self would be amazed and horrified It s uite possible that I m still outgrowing an ingrained dislike of maths that has much to do with uninspired school teaching than the subject itself In any case I have a decent grasp of what stats are and why they re useful by social science standardsSo why read this book Because the undergrads I taught this term and probably the postgrads I ll teach next term appear petrified and confused by uantitative methods It s so difficult to tell whether students are really grasping the concepts you explain in lectures particularly when there s no exam to test comprehension These are social science students and their prior exposure to stats seems to have been minimal When I spotted this book in library I wondered if it could help me to explain the basics clearly And I think it just might I found it very easy to follow and a helpful reminder Rowntree s explanation of the difference between parametric and non parametric tests is especially lucid and useful That said I doubt I ll have time to include such careful and painstaking explanations in my lectures I ll definitely recommend the book to students though It s not at all fashionable to suggest students read entire books but honestly I think this one is much better than an explanatory video the trendy teaching mediumWhat this book cannot do of course is show you how to perform t tests correlation analysis and regression in Excel or a proper stats programme I like R and tolerate SPSS While use of R or similar enables speedy and convenient uantitative analysis to a degree that was impossible in the era of graphing calculators it also encourages an air of mystery around statistical techniues generally The actual theory behind the techniue is concealed This book is brilliant for demystification it narrates without euations to make clear that stats aren t some arcane form of computer science In the absence of basic understanding it s pointless to feed your data into a stats programme as you won t understand the results you get even if you happen upon a suitable techniue for analysis In a research methods lecture there is sadly little time to cover explanatory fundamentals as the focus is on applied techniues Somehow over than 15 years my refusal to take A level maths has evolved into a wish that my students had taken it Truly academia is fraught with ironyBe that as it may if you teach statistics to reluctant students this book will give you helpful suggestions and food for thought If you re a reluctant student or just wary of statistics I highly recommend reading it as a short and gentle introduction If nothing else statistics are an extraordinary powerful force in the data saturated world we live in A basic understanding of their underpinnings and limitations will really help you to make sense of life As I argued to my students they can also make you seem like a magician to people who fear statistics In academia a clear understanding of stats is essential to enable you criticise other people s work Which is surely the whole point of research

Summary Statistics Without Tears Penguin Science

Free read í Statistics Without Tears Penguin Science 100 Are non mathematicians And just to get you into the spirit of things Rowntree has included uestions in his argument; answer them as you go and you will be able to tell how far you have mastered the subject. This book was pretty good and cleared up alot of statistical principles for me It was definitely not a fun read for me but I like how Rowntree used examples with all sorts of things like gnomes to try and lighten the tone