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DOC Among the Russians Read online

  • Paperback
  • 224
  • Among the Russians
  • Colin Thubron
  • English
  • 10 November 2018
  • 9780060959296
Among the Russians

Free read Among the Russians Free read ó Among the Russians ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Colin Thubron ↠ 7 Free download Ple and its culture Colin Thubron is the perfect guide to a country most of us will never get to know firsthand Here we can walk down western Russia's country roads rest in its villages and explore some of the most engaging cities in the world Beauti. A fascinating account of a meandering trip through the European part of the then Soviet Union from the Baltics to the Black Sea and down the Caucasus in the days when the USSR was a power to reckon with Mr Thubron draws some memorable characterisations of various people he encountered and compelling descriptions of this enormous swathe of territory including beaches mountains forests and extensive plains A most nostalgic read

Characters ò eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ↠ Colin Thubron

Free read Among the Russians Free read ó Among the Russians ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Colin Thubron ↠ 7 Free download Here is a fresh perspective on the last tumultuous years of the Soviet Union and an exuisitely poetic travelogueWith a keen grasp of Russia's history a deep appreciation for its architecture and iconography and an inexhaustible enthusiasm for its peo. An OK travel book that in hindsight is less about the Russians and a set of postcards of life in the late Soviet UnionThubron managed to travel individually as a one man group He drove a fair part of his journey and was able to stay at camp sites occasionally he took internal flights What struck him was the size of the country alien to anyone from Western Europe and the sameness of material life that gave the country a strong feeling of blandness and an irrepressible desire on the part of locals to buy his jeans or admire the interior of his Morris MinorReally this is of historical interest now not so much because of changes in Russian life so much as the country is much open potentially to foreign visitors Thubron was much limited in the places that he was able to go and the routes that he was able to travel by than a contemporary traveller need be and perhaps that contributes to the melancholy tone of wandering around concrete tower blocks and dismal zoos full of masturbating monkeys I think he almost liked Estonia but maybe I am misremembering He meets a Russian woman blissfully happy under the spiritual guidance of a Hindu sage presumably via correspondence Thubron doesn t much care for that either as it smacks of pure escapism

Free read Among the Russians

Free read Among the Russians Free read ó Among the Russians ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Colin Thubron ↠ 7 Free download Fully written and infinitely insightful Among the Russians is vivid compelling travel writing that will also appeal to readers of history and current events and to anyone captivated by the shape and texture of one of the world's most enigmatic cultur. A perfect travel companion read when travelling in Russia This travelogue by Colin Thubron is dated in a way as it was written during his travels in the Soviet Union Russia ie includes the countries which have now become independent eg Estonia Lithuania and not just present day Russia in early 1980s when the Union was under the Communist regime Much has changed since then in Russia s place under the sun its politics its geographical boundaries existential uestions ideologies which its people search for but it is still perhaps the best travel book which goes to explain the ethos of the place and its people and helps us to understand the new Russia which followed that era better I loved the descriptive and evocative language that Thurbron uses and hence the book can be read as much as a piece of literature as a travelogue You feel the pain the shock the fear the freedom the warmth everything that Thubron feels during this trip across the massive country posing not as a writer but as a company director whatever that meansIn my opinion Thubron s book is unable to reach the great travelogue level rather than just a very good one due to one jarring note that is the inherent ingrained ideological bias that Thubron has on Russian system of that time before stepping into the country which colours his every interaction observation and conclusion Unfortunately the book seems to be an expression of ratifying his strongly held views rather than an exploration of what the country may mean the very essence of travelling The saving grace is that Thubron does give in and acknowledge that never will he confuse the state with its people after having witnessed time and time again the warmth and hospitality of Russian people Highly recommended