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[Missing Persons Kate Conway Mysteries #1 Free] E-pub By Clare ODonohue – PDF, DOC & Kindle eBook free

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FREE READ Missing Persons Kate Conway Mysteries #1 100 X husband Frank is found dead To make matters worse and weirder Frank's new girlfriend suddenly wants to be friends Happy for the distraction Kate throws herself into a new work assignment for the television program Missing Persons the story of T. 35 stars This is the first book in the Kate Conway series Kate is a freelance television producer with a skill to get the uote and the shot she needs She does a lot of true crime docudramas and is currently starting on a new series dealing with missing persons Kate works in a tight team with her sound man and her videographer She is in the midst of a divorce from her husband Frank who has been seeing another woman When Frank turns up dead from a suspicious heart attack Kate is initially a suspect but then forms an unlikely alliance with his girlfriend Vera to find the truth about his death She also becomes deeply curious about the missing woman at the center of her docudrama who may not have been as innocent as she initially appears Kate begins looking at those close to Theresa including her obsessive mother sullen brother two very different boyfriends and a helpful politician whose ties to Theresa make her wonder about his involvement Two mysteries for the price of one make this an interesting start to the series

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FREE READ Missing Persons Kate Conway Mysteries #1 100 Heresa Moretti a seemingly angelic young woman who disappeared a year earlier All Kate wants is a cliché story and twenty two minutes of footage but when the two cases appear to overlap Kate needs to work fast before another body turns up her ow. It took me until than half way through to realize why I was enjoying this book so much then it hit me that Kate s voice sounds like Ellie Stone s James Ziskin I love Ellie Stone and now her doppelganger Kate Conway I m convinced they would be friends Anyway I thought this was a great little introduction to the mess and awesomeness that is Kate Conway and her life and I m looking forward to getting to know her and her sidekicks better as the series continues I m a fan

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FREE READ Missing Persons Kate Conway Mysteries #1 100 The debut of an exciting new mystery series featuring a cynical crafty television producer turned amateur sleuth The cause of death is undetermined but the cops peg Chicago television producer Kate Conway as the main suspect when her soon to be e. This is a most unusual novel two parallel mysteries interwoven with some clues and conversations not only providing enlightening material for one but also the other mystery being followedKate Conway is a TV producer who s job is to gain the trust of her interviewees and present them to a jury in a pleasant but factual way She has produced one show called Caught and is now beginning to work on one called Missing Persons But this job becomes complex when her own ex husband is found dead his new girlfriend attempts to befriend Kate and investigators are uestioning everyone who knew him with the suggestion that his natural death was not so innocentTheresa Moretti is the missing young woman whose case reveals Kate Conway s very skilled performance not only as a producer but a crime solver It seems Kate had two boyfriends who may know of her whereabouts but a control freak mother suspicious best friend and suavely repulsive local politician all claim to know than they do Kate s cameramen also contribute to the theories behind this disappearance but these change every few minutes increasing the tension the reader is experiencing as he or she attempts to figure it all out even before Kate might do soMissing Persons is an excellent mystery that is totally unpredictable regarding both stories There s also an additional tender and endearing uality a deeply caring spark that threads throughout the whole story without diminishing the crime or mystery aspects of what should be a well deserved best seller Superbly done ClareO Donohue

  • Paperback
  • 288
  • Missing Persons Kate Conway Mysteries #1
  • Clare ODonohue
  • English
  • 09 November 2019
  • 9780452297067