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[PDF/EBOOK] Seeking Unseen Toch Island Chronicles #2 Author Kat Heckenbach

free read Seeking Unseen Toch Island Chronicles #2

free read Seeking Unseen Toch Island Chronicles #2 summary Seeking Unseen Toch Island Chronicles #2 ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Kat Heckenbach ☆ 8 download Gets complicated after she runs into her old friend Melinda who demands to go along for the return to Toch Islandbut it's Melinda's journeyMelinda doesn't fit in with the magical freaks any than she did with the losers back in Florida but she never wanted to belong. Angel is reunited with her family but prefers to be called Angel rather than the name her parents gave her She practices her new found Talent and other magic that the island gives She loves her island home but misses Gregor and Zach She missed Zach so much Angel used her FIND talent to see him but he was not in the home she had left behind And he obviously wasn t happyThen new kids arrive in town Sarah has a job at the University and her son Ayden has a secret of his own Doran Ashe is in town but who is he reallyI really enjoyed Finding Angel and Seeking Unseen was no disappointment The flora and fauna and creatures have a magical life all their own As each person discovers their Talent new and uniue to them they learn about the world around them Trees with metallic ualities music that can feel like a rollercoaster ride and dragons There were plot twists that left me gaspingA YA novel with a positive message and morals I highly recommend It truly is different than other books out there

summary · eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ☆ Kat Heckenbach

Seeking Unseen Toch Island Chronicles #2

free read Seeking Unseen Toch Island Chronicles #2 summary Seeking Unseen Toch Island Chronicles #2 ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Kat Heckenbach ☆ 8 download Before A secret world surrounds her where even the bugs have magic She's of an outsider than ever So when ex con Doran Ashe slinks out of the shadows and offers her an easy road to powers of her own Melinda follows him despite or maybe because of everyone's warnin. Seeking Unseen is the seuel to Finding Angel and it occurs 2 years after the first book In Finding Angel Angel discovers her magical heritage Seeking Unseen begins with Angel deciding to use the wish that she has through a wood chip in her bracelet Her wish involves rescuing Zack her little brother from his aunt and uncle who are making his life miserable But when she brings Zack back to Toch Island she also brings Melinda her old friendSeeking Unseen continues the story for many of the characters from Finding Angel but it also brings some new characters I loved the characters in Finding Angel and I was happy to see them growing in this story I liked that Kalek had a much larger role in this story And I loved Horatio the little beetle and how involved he was in this story I also thought that the new characters that Ms Heckenbach introduced in this story were wonderful Melinda is a perfect contrast to Angel Melinda is moody and rebellious she has a hard time feeling like she belongs and she learns a lot about her father and herself Zack is such a fun character His exuberance and love of every fantasy thing that he discovers is heartwarming Ayden is such a sweetie and the perfect match for Angel He s supportive and caring and cuteThe descriptions that Ms Heckenbach writes are so vivid especially the descriptions of the fantasy creatures and the natural environment of Toch Island As you are reading it is easy to picture the scene in your mind This story is a fantasy story but it also has a mystery and suspense element The plot flows smoothly and there were a few twists and turns along the wayI think that YA fantasy lovers will really enjoy this story although I do recommend that you read Finding Angel first so that you know the backstory and fully understand what is going on in this book

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free read Seeking Unseen Toch Island Chronicles #2 summary Seeking Unseen Toch Island Chronicles #2 ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Kat Heckenbach ☆ 8 download It may be Angel's wish It's been two years since Angel learned the magic chip of wood inside her locket would grant any wish What is taking her so long to choose An alarming discovery about her beloved foster brother Zack makes the decision easybut everything else. Re read it and wish for a seuel even I loved it when I read it a few years ago original review below and it s one of those rare gems in YA that really does grow with the reader There are things I got out of it that I understood way better now that I m in my 20s it s definitely a thought provoking book But also VERY entertaining I loved the characters especially Kalek swoons how you can see both sides of the conflict between two very different very cool heroines And I also loved the magic Seuel seuel seuel Seeking Unseen was a great seuel to Finding Angel One of the things I liked best about it was the dialogue and descriptionswell and the charactersand the magicandOk so I I really couldn t pinpoint what I liked best everything was so amazing First off the plot was well written and suspenseful Kat did a wonderful job of continuing Angel s story but also by starting the stories of new characters So many times the seuel to a book falls short of what I expected or else the characters head in a totally different direction than they seemed to be heading but the story and characters in Seeking Unseen expanded in such a way that I was excited to learn about them The descriptions are beautiful also I absolutely love spotting good descriptions particularly about nature In Seeking Unseen there was a perfect balance of description and dialogue I love getting print copies of books but the benefit of the Kindle version of this was that I could highlight and highlight I did The witty banter was amazingif only I could memorize it and use it in my own conversationsOne of my favorite scenes was a scene where the main characters go to a carnival and the things that were sold there magic things were absolutely drool worthy For all fantasy lovers out there here s a taste Dragon rides magic feathers that could come in any color and be placed on your skin like a tattoo but could be removed dresses that could become any size I definitely wish all of those existed Probably the other thing I loved about this was the addition of a new main character Melinda She was such a new and interesting voice especially when balanced with Angel s point of view It was very interesting to read Melinda is a goth and troubled teen when viewed from an outside perspective but she s really just afraid that she ll be rejected and unloved Angel is a goody two shoes who happens to be perfect when viewed from Melinda s perspective but she s really a protective caring friend The description and use of magical gifts was so cool as well as a certain character s discovery of her ownbut that s a spoiler Let me just say that the ending was sueal worthyOk so the last thing I ll say about this book is The love triangle Or rather the lack thereof Without giving too much away let me just say that it is wonderful to see a guy for each girl Not 1 girl and 2 guys I ve noticed a really annoying trend in YA fiction now where every single romance and now mostly fantasy involves a love triangle Not only is it not realistic it makes me honestly hate the heroine If there was 1 guy and 2 girls he d be considered an evil pig for toying with both So why is it now acceptable for the girl to do that By the way I am a girlso I am bashing my own gender here Anyway it was great to finally read a clean romantic fantasy adventure sci fi funny book and I cannot wait to read about Angel Melinda Ayden and Kalek as well as anything else Kat Heckenbach has to offer

  • Paperback
  • 282
  • Seeking Unseen Toch Island Chronicles #2
  • Kat Heckenbach
  • English
  • 11 October 2017
  • 9781927154298