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The Infinite Lawman I Speedrunner #1 (Pdf or Kindle ePUB) by Em Lockaby

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The Infinite Lawman I Speedrunner #1

SUMMARY Ã The Infinite Lawman I Speedrunner #1 Once upon a glitch in the West Deep inside the sim prison of the Westin Cog all hell is about to break loose It’s there that Will Fielding an erstwhile hunter of outlaws known as speedrunners finds himself once again on a journey for blood and justice and. Westworld The Video GameThat s what I thought from reading the description and having just finished it I am glad to see I was not disappointed Instead of a theme park filled with robots the Infinite Lawman takes place inside a virtual reality simulation of the American frontier complete with gunfighting outlaws and of course the dangers of the wilderness Because it is inside a simulation we get these interesting glitched beings that creep through the shadows But at the same time there is a world outside of the simulation which is this dystopian nightmare filled with oppression and rebellion You see the simulation is a prison for the real world s undesirables and our hero has been screwed into living there but now that he does he has learned the programming of the world and can use it to his advantage That s why I said Westworld the Videogame when Will Fielding glitches something you can imagine the New Ability Acuired message in a videogame I really liked that aspect of the novel and I think it sets it apart from your typical western I say give it a try it grabs you pretty fast

REVIEW The Infinite Lawman I Speedrunner #1

SUMMARY Ã The Infinite Lawman I Speedrunner #1 With none other than a young speedrunning woman as his unlikely partner Together he and this willful Catt Crawford must brave a frontier gone virtual where outlaws glitch as well they shoot the backcountry teems with software bugs and bloodthirsty construc. THIS BOOK WAS RECEIVED FROM A GOODREADS GIVEAWAYI do have to admit that the cross genre CyberpunkWestern novel The Infinite Lawman was an interesting idea I hadn t seen these two genres combined before so the combination certainly had an original feel to it at least initially There were certainly a few moments where some of its sources showed themselves but the strength and pace of the story helped to alleviate these concerns Although if this is the first book in a series I m not entirely sure where it can go from hereBefore I get any further into my review I did find it odd that the margins were so enormous on this book The page numbers were also all on the same side of each page in the gutter for the left hand pages and the font was uite small so as to fit in the small space provided by the enormous margins I can only assume that this was a proof copy of this book and the author fixed these issues before finally publishing this novelNow as for the plot up until the end of the second act I felt it closely resembled the plot of True Grit 19692010 And yet the end of the book had a distinctly Tron Legacy 2010 tone to it Bravo to the author who was able to deftly combine these two somewhat different plots together While the base concept felt much like The Matrix 1999 there were many uestions that the digital world of The Cog brought to my attention but were never satisfactorily answered by the conclusion of the book Maybe the follow on books in the series will go into details but I almost think this book would have been better covering the heyday of the speedrunners That sounded like an interesting bit of actionA well written piece of cross genre fiction I give The Infinite Lawman 40 stars out of 5 For reviews of books and movies like this please visit wwwbenjamin m weilertcom

REVIEW Ñ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ Em Lockaby

SUMMARY Ã The Infinite Lawman I Speedrunner #1 Ts known as “Engine” stalk the long night Just who is so important that a feller would face all that Why the leader of a thriving rebellion that’s who a man with his own journey of blood and justice in mind to bring down the simulation once and for al. Lyrical and hauntingThis my fellow readers is a very different take on the LitRPG genre Where most books featuring simulated worlds focus on protagonists entering those worlds leveling up and usually conuering this gem of a novel shows us something different LifeSuppose in a simulation there were no levels No magic What would those sent there do Most would live as best they can And those that could would find ways to exploit the codeThis book is the most immersive reading experience of the genre I ve come across due to the setting and particularly the language One can hear those Wild West accents drifting up from the pages Amazing

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