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A Preface to Morals [Download Read] ↠ Walter Lippmann

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Read & download Æ A Preface to Morals Í PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Free download A Preface to Morals 1929 Lippman a Pulitzer Prize winning political columnist helped found the liberal New Republic magazine His writings there influenced Woodrow Wilson. Walter Lippmann was an influential journalist and political theorist of the twentieth century A Preface to Morals his most well known and influential book was first published in 1929 I was introduced to Lippmann in the late sixties when the Time Reading Program included this book in its offerings In it Lippmann argues that in modern society traditional religious faith has lost its power to function as a source of moral authority He asserts that ancient religious doctrine is no longer relevant to the conditions of modern life governments have become increasingly democratized populations have moved from rural to urban environments and tradition in general is not suited to the dictates of modernity Further the democratic policy of the separation of church and state has created an atmosphere of religious tolerance which suggests that religious faith is a matter of preference In addition the development of scientific method has created an atmosphere of doubt as to the claims made by religious doctrine That doubt has grown larger over the last fifty yearsLippmann offers humanism as the philosophy best suited to replace the role of religion in modern life He notes that the teachers of humanism are the wise men or sages such as Aristotle Buddha Confucius Plato Socrates and Spinoza and that it is up to the individual to determine the value of their wisdom He goes on to observe that one of the primary functions of religion is to teach the value of asceticism or voluntary self denial as essential to human happiness Lippmann describes an attitude of disinterestedness as essential to the development of a humanistic morality Disinterestedness for Lippmann is an approach to reality that puts objective thought before personal desire He claims that the role of the moralist in modern society is not as in traditional religions to chastise and punish but to teach others a humanistic morality that can fulfill the human needs traditionally filled by religion

Free download A Preface to Morals

A Preface to Morals

Read & download Æ A Preface to Morals Í PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Free download A Preface to Morals Ral democracy Partial Contents Part I The Dissolution of the Ancestral Order; Part II The Foundations of Humanism; and Part III The Genius of Moderni. A Preface To Morals by Walter Lippmann 1929The reader this book addresses is a skeptic of any theistic fundamentalist religion which prescribes morality In Part I Lippmann does comment occasionally on problems that a fundamentalist view of Christianity has for him but primarily he tries to show the skeptic the moral conseuences of a rejection of fundamentalist faith He is not satisfied with liberal theological solutions In Part II he advocates humanism based upon science Part III includes an interesting discussion of the impact of birth control on sexual and marital relations since birth control probably radical at the time and concern about the political ramifications of our mass societyHis arguments are thorough and careful at times long winded about 300 pages but I found them very thought provoking and helpful in clarifying consolidating and reinforcing my own views I highly recommend this book for those who have rejected a fundamentalist religion

Read & download ì PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Þ Walter Lippmann

Read & download Æ A Preface to Morals Í PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Free download A Preface to Morals Who selected Lippman to help formulate his famous Fourteen Points and develop the concept of the League of Nations A Preface to Morals endorses libe. I was led to read Walter Lippmann by another book From Liberty to Magnolia a memoir by Janice S Ellis A great admirer of Lippmann Dr Ellis had a lot to say about him and his writings in her memoir This particular book was the only one I could get at our county library but it certainly clarified for me the reason why someone who specializes in political communication would admire Lippmann This book contains some of the clearest and best constructed prose I have read in uite a while Whether or not you agree with the author s ideas and conclusions you will know exactly what they are and how he arrived at them Some of the topics are outdated of course since A Preface to Morals was published in 1929 But clear logical thinking and good writing never really go out of style

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