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TXT Beauty and the Bachelor Bachelor Auction #1 Reading

Naima Simone ↠ 0 Read

Beauty and the Bachelor Bachelor Auction #1

Beauty and the Bachelor Bachelor Auction #1 characters Û 100 O acceptSydney has been controlled by her family her whole life When Lucas threatens to reveal her father's shady business she is once again forced to do her duty for her family But worse oh so much worse is the rush of lust that Lucas ignites in her blood Lucas is deter. Another hot and heady concoction by Naima Simone I swear I m not even a super fan of the millionaire trope but it makes no difference None She hooks her claws in me and draws me ineverysingleTIME Such compelling characters and alluring storytelling LoveRecommended to readers who want to laugh their ass off but also get a heavy dose of smexy and heart

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Beauty and the Bachelor Bachelor Auction #1 characters Û 100 Billionaire Lucas Oliver is hell bent on revenge And his plan begins when Sydney Blake the stunning daughter of his enemy is tricked into bidding on Lucas at a bachelor auction Then he serves up a little blackmailfollowed by a marriage proposal Sydney has no choice but t. The story alone has a lot of potential It could be dark mafia romance story I was expecting so much angst from the story alone A revenge romance story After finish listen to the audio book ot fell short The potential is still there but it does not execute properly The character develop well at the beginning then it lost its focus It becomes confusing The chemistry is stiff and cold toward the end I want More than just this short story More of everything in dark mafia romance I still think this book is OK read 3 stars

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Beauty and the Bachelor Bachelor Auction #1 characters Û 100 Mined to make Sydney suffer but itā€™s tough when he canā€™t keep from touching herā€“or thinking about touching herā€“all the time Sheā€™s not fairing much better since sheā€™s engaged to a darkly handsome beast intent on destroying her entire familyalong with her heart. A BEASTY Love JonesBeauty the Bachelor is by far an effortless refreshing Read by Namia SimeonA Lovely creative but extremely passionate piece Definitely an Writing work of Art A Superb creative Operatic piece casts n modern day of a timeless love storyThis reader became Alice n Wonderland going down the Rabbit s holenot 2mention taken back over joyed of having 2 meet that handsome Johnny Dep yayyy melustful filled tendencies channeled n2 fantasieshehee Ooh well a gal can dream NowBack 2matters at hand I felt I was there within the ReadI sawtouched felt the rhythmic heart beat of this addictive bitter sweet Dark TreatMost of all I totally dig the nostalgic feel the story tookOne of my favorites within the storyline was the setting n BostonU C Boston is my homeThanks 4keeping it Real MsSimeonfrom reality 2visions 2 dreams then back2 hopes so 2speakDid I mention Beauty the Beast theme is 1of my favorite I can t Than enough I had the privilege of purchasing this Read it goes on my keeper shelf for future reading n joymentU gifted joy 2my heart also a Goofy kool aide grin 2my faceI was totally n fan girl heaven so awed because I visited some of the places that were mention n the Readgiggle To the story s gain whilst feeding the fiery flames passions continued 2 spiral out of control truths reveals told Bigger bolder shown of the Me nobody else knowself discoveries madealso scars surfaceStill curiosities ask uestions is there happiness n the triumph of revenge Does Love truly carries redeeming remedies ofhealing powersIs It worth than a Billionaire Bachelor s riches gain I challenge U 2 read Beauty the Bachelor 4Ur self I guarantee U won t b sorry U didNow Iam off 2 read Happy Reading