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[Becoming Three Hawkins Brothersuinten Montana #6 download] Ebook By Cameron Dane

Becoming Three Hawkins Brothersuinten Montana #6

review Becoming Three Hawkins Brothersuinten Montana #6 Ö eBook or Kindle ePUB Ce had a crush on another man Jace suddenly kisses her in a shocking lapse of control and suddenly Sarah's fantasies are taking on a vivid realityWill sweet awkward Jasper be the key to two becoming threePublisher's Note This book contains explicit sexual content graphic language and situations that some readers may find objectionable Anal playintercourse malemale sexual practices ménage mmf with homoerotic conten. I always appreciate characters that come across authentically and Cameron Dane has pulled that off in this novel Set in contemporary times this novel is a continuation of a series involving people who are connected to the Hawkins Ranch and the community surrounding it The heroine is the receptionist for the local sheriff s office and is currently living with one of the deputies the best friend of her brother Hunter who has been deployed to the Middle East They are housemates although both have long secretly loved one another But it is the old thing about not getting involved with your best friend s sister etc So while Deputy Jace Maxwell stews in his unreuited love Sarah Tennison has now become involved with a ranch hand on the Hawkins Ranch Jasper Simmons Their relationship is built on a four year friendship during which Jasper has slowly come to realize that he is a good person and is truly good enough for Sarah Both Jace and Jasper struggle with their love for Sarah AND their attraction to each other While these three are trying to sort out their personal relationship the town is caught in the throes of the aftermath of a terrible murder one that became public when ranch hands on the Hawkins Ranch found a local woman nailed to a tree in a Christ like pose This is a story within a story and its tension is real and very emotional The core of the story is the journey of discovery that Jace Sarah and Jasper must travel but it is also a compelling murder mystery and just a really terrific read

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review Becoming Three Hawkins Brothersuinten Montana #6 Ö eBook or Kindle ePUB Deputy Jace Maxwell looks out for Sarah Tennison and wants her Although the fiery feisty woman is a friend he knows he can’t have her Because as much as he craves Sarah he also lives with a secret fierce attraction for men And Sarah just won't understandSarah has suppressed her love for Jace knowing he only sees her as a chore Enter cowboy Jasper Simmons Jasper is as sweet and gentle as Jace is hard Sarah tries t. 34 StarsSo after than a year of not reading much but MM books I was really looking forward to reading something different something I had missed a whole lot an MMF story And since I absolutely adored ReneCade I figured another book in that series would be the best place to start in on what I was cravingYeah that didn t really work out so wellI wanted to like the book but the characters felt very 2 dimensional the head hopping didn t really help with getting a clear picture of each MC as they were presented I remember Jasper from the other books but felt like I learned very little about him other than his confused attraction to Jace and Caleb initially which made him open to the possibilities of being with Jace I liked Sarah s adventurous spirit but for most of the story she felt like the glue holding them all together Jace was much interesting with his past experiences of being in a couple of menages and yet yearning for a true triad an eually physical AND emotional relationship instead his struggle with alcohol his friendship with Hunter forcing him to keep secrets from Hunter s sister SarahEven interesting was the murdered woman I almost wish she had her own book prior to being killed Which I guess is a bit of an indictment of the tale as whole that I d rather read about a dead woman than the one we re presented shrug The case was also pretty dull and I guessed the killer right off the bat I hate when it s that easy I do have to give props for how Jace had to face his fears demons and hurts in dealing with the guyopening up like that to get a confession felt pretty brutal I wish we d been given a little of the details of him doing that to solve the other cases with the FBI instead of the brush off I think being inside his head for that would have given his reunion with Jasper Sarah his breaking down emotionally for them a little impact I probably would have even rounded up giving it 35 starsBut the sex scenes were reasonably hot especially Jasper s first time with Jace and that last scene with Jace being comforted and loved by Jasper and Sarah at the same time I did find myself cringing at the repeated use of the female C wordguess it will take some time for my mind to slide back into expecting lots of female parts after so long with only the cocksStill having Hunter return sparked my interest and I m definitely gonna read that one Wounded Warriors have a special place in my heart and if CD can do half as well with his story as she did with Cade s then I ll be happy

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review Becoming Three Hawkins Brothersuinten Montana #6 Ö eBook or Kindle ePUB O keep both men separate in her mind but can’t stop fantasizing about being tangled and sweaty in bed with both of themWhen Jasper finds a dead woman nailed to a tree he is thrown into contact with Jace The proximity unearths an attraction neither of them had felt before Seeing Jace with Jasper in an emotion filled situation gets Sarah wondering if her roommate is keeping secrets Then Jasper admits to Sarah he on. This is my favorite book of the new year The romance was so sweet I love watching this trio let down walls to let the others in It had a very nice pace and kept me wanting The only complaint I have is that it ended to soon

  • ebook
  • 213
  • Becoming Three Hawkins Brothersuinten Montana #6
  • Cameron Dane
  • English
  • 05 December 2019
  • 9781607374671