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CHARACTERS Behindlings ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Esley's newest followers Jo Bean turns out to be interested in confronting Catherine than sticking with the behindlings plots that have been twisted up come undoneWith Behindlings the inimitable Nicola Barker takes a character who is perhaps her most compelling creation to date and lets him run off with her reade. Move over Coe there s a new favourite author in town Barker s writing reminds me of why I fell in love with books in the first place You read on having no idea what s going to happen next or invariably what s happening now and frankly it doesn t matter because the here and now is such a pleasurable place to be thanks to her gleefully joyful descriptions similes and random tangents What it never is though is twee idyllic comedy she s sufficiently potty mouthed and downright nasty to avoid that pitfallAnd seeing as this book predates Twitter by a good few years there s probably a case to be made that Barker invented the whole concept Obsessively stalking a celeb via a website sound familiar

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CHARACTERS Behindlings ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Tentions irritating habits and weird manners But they bury all disagreement in the common pursuit of their prize their WesleyThen there are those who simply stay put Catherine Turpin lies defiantly in the bed she makes for herself while outside her failings are broadcast widely painted on walls even When one of W. This is the second book in Barker s Thames Gateway series although I m not entirely sure where the series part is as the characters are different the subject is different and the location is different Maybe it s a British thing I don t understand Anyway the premise of the story is uirky and interesting Like Wide Open the reader enters the story where the characters pretty much know everything and it is a process to reveal it to the reader I thought there were pieces of the story that we could have done without but perhaps that is just a reaction because I was feeling irritated with the book See while the action of the character and the story itself are being told the random thoughts crossing the mind of the character is interjected It is most irritating and for me detracted from the flow of the story Additionally many of the characters seemed to stutter uite a bit and have a problem completing their sentences Again distrupting the flow of the story and not really enhancing the story I don t remember this format being used in Wide Open and it does not appear that it is employed in the third book of the series Darkmans Because it is not I will continue to read the series

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CHARACTERS Behindlings ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Wesley spurting with kinetic energy nasty wit and kindness to animals ought to be a star Or so it seems to those who nip at his heels turn up everywhere he goes and lie in wait for him around every corner They are his followers he calls them Behindlings And they make uite an ensemble with their own uestionable in. Hmm Here is a messy review of what is a messy novel Pros Freuent but not so freuently to save the book delightfully clever descriptions Several of the characters were colourful and intriguing and held my interest others less so The central idea of a group of people following a mysterious bloke for various uncertain reasons was an interesting one and posed plenty of thought provoking uestions Readable enough to get through with a bit of a struggle Cons Confusing Strange for the sake of being strange Over long Too many unlikely and unlikeable characters The denouement and explanation though clever left me oh than wow because I d had to work hard and long to get there and didn t care all that much when I reached the end Barker clearly is a talented writer but this was a bit much overall Had I not had it on my bookshelf and TBR list for over a decade I would ve given up Had it been half the length andor half the complexity I would probably have enjoyed it

  • Hardcover
  • 544
  • Behindlings
  • Nicola Barker
  • English
  • 14 October 2019
  • 9780060185695