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Daemon Author Daniel Suarez

Daemon Author Daniel Suarez Summary ☆ 2 Matthew Sobol is dead but his final creation survives It begins with a bizarre murder where the only possible perpetrator happens to be dead As killings follow the police are completely out of their depth It falls to t. Thrillers are like fluffy white bread or buttery popcorn and I ve come to expect certain things from them short clipped prose casual and sometimes overt misogyny one dimensional characters some sort of mystery element cheesy dialogue comic mustache twirling villains and militarypolicegovernmenttechnical jargon masuerading as complexity Daemon delivers on all of these fronts for better or worse but it also brings an absolutely huge entertaining story along with the tropes and it deals with mostly legitimate technology and science It touches on some interesting elements of evolutionary biology as well as social psychology It also mostly falls apart in the end opting for a cheap 50 page chase seuence instead of examining the interesting social themes in any sort of detail or resolving the overarcing story in any form whatsoeverIf you re looking for complex characters or beautiful language look elsewhere This is straight up Information Technology porn but it s very hard to put down

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Daemon Author Daniel Suarez Summary ☆ 2 He unlikely partnership of Sebeck a computer illiterate cop and Ross an enigmatic hacker to realise the scale of the imminent danger The Daemon is seemingly unstoppable and murder is the least of its capabilities As it. Very smart very coolDaniel Suarez 2006 novel Daemon was a pistol hot cup of rhyme a mix of Ready Player One Age of Ultron The Matrix and Left Behind without the overt theology But whereas Ernest Cline s 2012 book was charismatic and kooky with the 80s trivia Suarez work is dark and at times disturbing it hums and growls with a dark net underground magnetismMatthew Sobol was a billionaire genius who had invented wildly popular and stunningly realistic online games Poisoned by brain cancer and wasted by chemotherapy his final days were marred by reclusiveness and mental instability No one knew how mentally unstable until after his death when a series of bizarre events revealed his detailed and well planned machinations to change the world A dark net automated daemon he left behind is making dramatic and dangerous alterations to government business and society as a wholeSuarez has populated his narrative with an intriguing cast of well developed characters Eschewing any one dominant protagonist the writer moves deftly between perspectives even following his players into death This cacophony of omniscience serves his narrative structure well as we follow the malevolent creation of a man gone from this world physically but living on actively through his online creations Suarez also provides sufficient and cause and effect backstories to reveal Sobol s pre death planning Unlike Left Behind s Nicolai Carpathia this humanist villain bears a nihilistic philosophical rationalization for his world changing intrigues While this does at some times get bogged down with overly technical explanations Suarez does a better than average job of both stepping the science down for us knuckle draggers and keeping the pace moving alongFast moving slick Sci fi with horrific elements this is a very good read I ll read from Mr Suarez

Free download Õ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free è Daniel Suarez

Daemon Author Daniel Suarez Summary ☆ 2 Leaves a trail of death and destruction in its wake Sebeck and Ross must face up to a terrifying possibility Can they convince a disbelieving world to take drastic action and shut down the Daemon before it is too late. If you were someone with computer knowledge and money than Bill Gates and you found out you were dying would youA Give all your money to charity just in case you can buy your way into heavenB Indulge in an around the world drinking drug and sex spree until going out in a blaze of glory by crashing your private jet into an erupting volcano live on CNNC Pour all your money into a cryogenics program and freeze yourself like Walt Disney in the hope that they ll finally figure out a way to bring back the human popsiclesD Devise an intricate high tech web of infrastructure and computer programs that will carry out your will and launch an Internet scheme that will kill a whole lot of people when your obituary is publishedIf you chose A B or C then you obviously weren t cut out to be a crazy billionaire I loved the premise of this book and thought the first half of it was a fun and original thriller I was a little disappointed in the second half The climax was exciting but at that point I thought the technology being introduced began to border on science fiction Part of the hook of the book for me was the idea that this dead billionaire could rig existing computer programs to carry out a worldwide scheme and the author made that idea very believable because of the detail he had of current networks And even though the tech introduced in the final act is probably on somebody s drawing boards it took away from the realism built up in the first half Plus I didn t like that this is apparently the first book in a series I wasn t aware of that until I hit the last page and then there was an ad for the next book I ll probably read the next one but I thought I was getting a complete story when I read this one Despite my complaining I still thought it was a very original and interesting book One of the better thrillers I ve read in recent years

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