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{Pdf} Whisper of Darkness ↠ Anne Mather

  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 188
  • Whisper of Darkness
  • Anne Mather
  • English
  • 17 December 2019
  • 9780373103768

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Whisper of Darkness Read & Download Î 9 Tacts His daughter too had suffered She was a wild uncontrollable childEven though both of them seemed to hate her Joanna's heart went out to these two survivors of past traged. Joana is a determined strong welled woman who wanted to do the best she could for herself and her mother after the death of her father left both of them in dept Her godmother found her a job that suited her lack of ualifications as a governess to a little girl called Antonia Sheldon She was determined to be successful in her job until she met Jake Sheldon and his daughter in the flesh and examined their living place Antonia s emotional scars and Jake s facial scar were setbacks against her In order to get through to both of them she needed all her wits around her so her heart had to be in her chest and not flattering every time she saw JakeTo all honesty the story is typical and painfully predictable There is nothing of angst and I personally found it unbelievable that the main characters had actually fallen in love Its writing style if okay but leaves nothing to be intrigued

review Whisper of DarknessWhisper of Darkness

Whisper of Darkness Read & Download Î 9 Trict with a determination to make the best of what she foundWhat she found was a man whose scarred face reflected his battered life who had cut himself off from all social con. Nothing new about the plotline of this one really but the H was distinguished in the level of across the board self doubt he expressed and the h who was really straightforward about her desire to have sex with the H She ll be the strong one in the relationship but that s the best thing for this h really because she d be miserable with a traditional alpha H

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Whisper of Darkness Read & Download Î 9 Joanna didn't know what to expectNecessity forced Joanna Seton to accept a position as governess to Jake Sheldon's daughter She set out for Ravensgarth his farm in the Lake Dis. What a memorable hilarious book Best I have ever read from this author who normally drives me up the wall with doormat heroines villains who get no comeuppance and unworthy heroes Definitely NOT the case hereLest you think this story is all rainbows and unicorns and therefore boring let me just paint you the beginning our heroine clad in 70s glamour of navy suede boots and wine red suede overcoat is dragging her heavy suitcase through a muddy countryside lane when she is SHOT at by a rifle wielding eleven year old demon spawn from hell and her unapologetic broody scarred father These are the lovely people she has been engaged to work for as a live in governessAdd to that a hygiene challenged old dragon of a housekeeper a handyman who gets blackout drunk every lunar cycle hostile villagers deadbeat parents and a pretty boy next door neighbor who stands no chance and you ve got yourself a delicious formula100% of the reason this works is that the heroine has a backbone of steel a tongue like a ginsu knife and an itch that she needs the hero to scratch very badly without being a jelly spined brainless traitorous body For an author who always writes painful forced seduction scenes by rapey heroes shaking and bruising little bird brained dolls it was a hoot to see the virginal heroine take charge and jump the hero s bonesI loved every bit of this It was such a welcome surprise my first decent read of 2020