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Till sista andetaget Summary Ö 104 Anne Swärd à 4 Summary Read Till sista andetaget Iendship despite the fierce injunctions of Lo’s family Meeting in secret at an abandoned lake house they whiled away their summers in the water and their winters curled up inside reenacting dialogue from their favorite film BreathlessHow a friendship so innocent and pure and so strictly forbidden could be destroyed is a mystery that unfolds across. Although some readers feel that the story was hard to follow I found it intriguing to have my mind challenged I pick up to many books that undermine my intelligence and celebrate when a writer has the courage to spin a story less linear and spiral I could not put the book down until I turned the last page Simply stunning story telling by this Swedish author The novel unfolds in a poetic sweetness seldom experienced Even after I was done I had to twist the puzzle pieces this way and that way to sort through all the layers of this intricate spider web It appealed to my Pippi Longstocking love for adventure and freedom even when it comes with a steep price

Read Till sista andetagetTill sista andetaget

Till sista andetaget Summary Ö 104 Anne Swärd à 4 Summary Read Till sista andetaget Lo’s travels from Berlin to Copenhagen to New York from tryst to tryst as she seems fated to roam the outside world she blames for tearing her and Lukas apart Haunting resonant full of humor and heartrending depth Breathless explores how childhood acts can stake an unimpeachable claim on our older selves and how atonement might be wrest from the pa. I received this book as part of the GoodReads FirstReads giveaway I won this book back in August and was really excited to read it because of the beautiful cover and the intriguing story line Life happened and I only stumbled across the book again in February I decided to read I am usually a fast reader but the book took me awhile to read I thought the beginning of the book was slow and this made me want to read it less I kept thinking I was missing something The book started to pick up pace for me when Lo and Lukas went to Copenhagen The plot seemed to move a lot rapidly and I could gain a better sense of the characters I was still confused during some parts of the story and had to reread it I read some reviews online and saw I wasn t the only one I think the plot was intriguing and the writing was beautiful but sometimes it was hard to follow I didn t particularly care about Lo as a character Trying to follow all of our family members and where she was going sometimes left me confused Overall the book was enjoyable but it took me awhile to get into it I see a lot of potential in the writing and was glad I was given the chance to read it

Download Î PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook à Anne Swärd

Till sista andetaget Summary Ö 104 Anne Swärd à 4 Summary Read Till sista andetaget In the tradition of Housekeeping and Tinkers award winning Swedish author Anne Swärd’s American debut blends the lyricism of youth with the darker desires of ageLo was just six when she met thirteen year old Lukas the night a brushfire threatened their community Both the children of immigrants both wild with love for the land theirs was an easy fr. Okay I gotta confess I entered this Goodreads giveaway purely because I LOVE THE COVER I didn t even read the description just pressed the Enter to Win button And boy oh boy did I ever pay the price for thatThis is the story of the special relationship between young Lo and Lukas a boy than twice her age There was a nice mystical fairy tale uality early on in the book Lo grows up in a house surrounded by a horde of relatives and spends seemingly endless summers in the company of her friendBUT as in real life the magic fades away when sex rears its horny head Maybe I ve read too many book lately featuring scenes of statutory rape Swamplandia The Dust of 100 Dogs but this innocent and pure friendship kind of creeped me out Let me tell you if I caught my 11 year old daughter swimming naked with an 18 year old boyman sound of pump action rifle I can guarantee he s not coming out of the water with all the parts he jumped in withEven if you can get past the icky innocent and pure naked kids sleeping together stuff the author constantly jumps around from Lo s childhood to her present day sexual escapades back to childhood again occasionally interrupted by stories from her mother s youth Just when you re starting to get interested in a particular storyline it s a sure bet that the next paragraph will be about something elseI DID read the entire book It DID NOT get any better Three days spent wishing I was reading something elseI learned my lesson READ THE DESCRIPTIONBut DAMN It IS a lovely cover isn t it

  • Hardcover
  • 288
  • Till sista andetaget
  • Anne Swärd
  • English
  • 03 December 2018
  • 9780670026548