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( kindle PDF ) 妖しのセレス 14 Author Yuu Watase – Epub, Kindle ePUB and TXT Online

Free download ✓ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ä Yuu Watase

Summary 妖しのセレス 14 Yuu Watase ä 5 review Free download ✓ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ä Yuu Watase S her twin brother Aki Aya learns that she possesses the blood of the tannyocelestial maiden and has the power to transform her into the mysterious and p. Well this is certainly not the kind of ending I foresaw when I first started reading this series I really didn t expect so much death throughout the series I was a tragic tale through and through nothing was really accomplished but survival Ultimately that was all the story was about I guess This was definitely a weird one and I m not entirely sure how I feel about it

Summary 妖しのセレス 14妖しのセレス 14

Summary 妖しのセレス 14 Yuu Watase ä 5 review Free download ✓ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ä Yuu Watase Owerful Ceres Now with her parents dead and her life completely upended Aya must find the courge to forge ahead snd stop her family's greedy uest for pow. 35Read at my blog Geeky ReadingThis was a rather weak series of Watase s which is a bit disappointingI didn t ever really connect with any of the characters or grow all that attached sadly I wanted to but it never happened The story was interesting though and got better near the end as did the humor or I just got used to it The ending was a bit surprising and I liked that Although the ending for Aya and Toya and Yuhi did not really satisfy me Although if I m not wrong something similar happened with the main characters in Absolute Boyfriend and I didn t really like it there either That kind of upsets me but oh wellThis series just didn t turn out as good as I thought it would but I know that it s an earlier series of Watase s and I know that she s written better onesNow I just hope to get some of her other series published over here particularly Fushigi Yugi and Fushigi Yugi Genbu Kaiden which I have read some of and really enjoyed and I ll probably try to catch up on Arata since I was enjoying that series and am uite a bit behind

Free download ✓ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ä Yuu Watase

Summary 妖しのセレス 14 Yuu Watase ä 5 review Free download ✓ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ä Yuu Watase On Aya MIkage's 16th birthday what she thought was a normal celebration turns into a real nightmare when her own family attempts to kikk her and imprison. My first manga series and my favorite of all time It s been a good ten years since I read it in middle school and I m still addicted to it Some people had Twilight me I had Ayashi no ceresYuu Watase master between the mangaka masters rewrites a famous fairy tale using both science fiction and fantasy elements she mixes beliefs about reincarnation with genetic knowledge Long ago in Ancient remote Japan a hunter fell in love with a maiden of the other world so he stole her feathers dress hagoromo while she bathed and made her his wife Thousand of years later their descendants are both blessed and cursed The Mikagi clan is wealthy and powerful but they have a dark secret The original maiden reincarnates in her female descendants to avenge herself of the man who ravaged her So every time a girl teenager of the bloodline turns sixteen the family put her to the test if the maiden power awakes in her the girl is killed on spot to preserve the clan Spoiled pretty and carefree Aya is soon turning sixteen and is extremely close of her uiet and loving twin brother Aki They are invited to the main house for the celebration They don t know they are the reincarnation of the original couple the hunter and the maiden past lovers and sworn enemies Soon it becomes a race to know who is going to find the hagoromo first Aya to give it back to Ceres to free her and herself or the Mikagi clan who wants nothing but erase her once and for allAya is one of this rare heroine of shojo with guts Yes she is spoiled and bratty at the beginning but then she goes through tremendous pain and hardship and grows into a brave and resilient woman But the best thing was Ceres the angry goddess and getting to know her past her side of the fairy taleAfter I have to warn you Toya the love interest is boring as hell I still can t get over the fact Aya chooses him over Yuhi the true hero of the story

  • Paperback
  • 208
  • 妖しのセレス 14
  • Yuu Watase
  • English
  • 05 November 2019
  • 9781421502632