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[J. Matthew Saunders] Ebook Daughters of Shadow and Blood Book I Free – PDF, eBook & Kindle ePUB free

DOWNLOAD ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ↠ J. Matthew Saunders

SUMMARY Daughters of Shadow and Blood Book I DOWNLOAD ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ↠ J. Matthew Saunders J. Matthew Saunders ↠ 9 CHARACTERS Able to protect Yasamin is a soldier named Iskander who seems to appear whenever she needs him Charming and confident he is nothing like her new husband but trusting either of them could be a deadly mistake Berlin Germany 1999 Adam Mire an American professor of history discovers a worn marked up copy of Dracula The clues within its pages send him on a journey across the stark landscape of Eastern Europe searching for a. I read this one a lil early thx NetGalley etc etcInitially I was intrigued with the idea of dual stories taking place at the same time one of which was an arranged marriage 400 years agoReading the first few pages drew me in for the entirety I read holding my breath and gripping my device during commuting trips There are multiple story lines snippets from characters in history all being drawn towards YasaminThe way the story is written I wasn t lost or confused but I was often surprised It wasn t so much a mystery as a tracking down of clues and piecing them together in the order Adam uncovered them My interest mirrored Yasamin s and I couldn t help having a growing concern for Adam s safety Each step and word is measured but death is accepted as inevitable and the idea of Happily Ever After is tossed out the window early on as something that was lost before the story began So the likelihood of any of the characters I became invested in being found lying in a pool of blood was very highThe story is gripping and haunting and will linger a long time I m thrilled to see Book I in the title after reading the last page acknowledgements and author information you know when you can t believe it s over There is and I cannot wait to read itNote There are adult scenes romantic violent They are brief and matter of fact delivered as parts of the puzzle

SUMMARY Daughters of Shadow and Blood Book IDaughters of Shadow and Blood Book I

SUMMARY Daughters of Shadow and Blood Book I DOWNLOAD ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ↠ J. Matthew Saunders J. Matthew Saunders ↠ 9 CHARACTERS Medallion that once belonged to Dracula himself But a killer hounds Adam's footsteps and each new clue he uncovers brings him closer to a beguiling raven haired woman named Yasamin Ashrafi who might be the first of Dracula's legendary Brides Adam has an agenda of his own however a uest personal than anyone knows One misstep and his haunted past could lead to death from a blade in his back or from Yasamin's fatal embrac. Received through FirstReads giveawayThis was better than I was hoping for In the past decade there s been such an onslaught of vampire themed books that I was pleasantly surprised that this didn t feel like a stale rehash It had a bit of a romance but nothing gushy or sappy which always makes me cringe I also liked the fact that it didn t try to make its characters ultra hip and trendy I feel like a lot of books now spend a whole lot of space trying to convince me just how different and cool the main character is like I need a minute description of every outfithairstyle

DOWNLOAD ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ↠ J. Matthew Saunders

SUMMARY Daughters of Shadow and Blood Book I DOWNLOAD ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ↠ J. Matthew Saunders J. Matthew Saunders ↠ 9 CHARACTERS Buda Ottoman Hungary 1599 Yasamin the nave daughter of an Ottoman bureaucrat finds herself trapped in an arranged marriage to the son of the powerful governor of Buda She is unprepared for the gossip and scheming rampant in the palace but realizes she faces than petty jealousies when someone tries to drown her in the baths on the day before her wedding An unearthly menace lurks in the palace corridors and the one person. With Daughters of Shadow and Blood J Matthew Saunders has given us the most profound intelligent champion of a vampire thriller in contemporary literature I have just finished it and my head is still spinning This book and I do not exaggerate is an Islamic Da Vinci Code on fireWe start the search for a dragon medallion in the Berlin living room of Yasamin with Dr Adam Mire From there we go back almost a thousand years to Yasamin in Hungary under the Ottoman Empire These two stories alone create enough depth for a spectacular read Saunders takes us deeper transitioning between these two layers all the while giving us additional clues through books letters and newspaper interviews that chronicle Guess who Vlad the Impaler who carries a whole laundry list of recognized though not traditionally linked names over our thousand year tour All the while we have Dr Mire a week before he finds himself in Yasamin s living room on an exhilarating Eastern European journey with two fantastic sidekicks Anya and Kostya a priest in the Russian Orthadox Church Special ForcesIf you re reading this review and thinking you ll be confused think again Saunders is a master of layered storytelling and the transitions are effortless to the reader All is revealed in a blissfully synchronous fashion packaged up in one of the best thrill reads you could possibly get your hands onI was given an advance review copy of this book from NetGalley and Saint George s Press in exchange for an honest review

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  • 06 July 2018
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