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[Deborah Woodworth] E-pub Deadly Shaker Spring Sister Rose Callahan Mystery Free

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Deadly Shaker Spring Sister Rose Callahan Mystery

Characters à Deadly Shaker Spring Sister Rose Callahan Mystery ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook We have frightening enemies living among us known by their strange dress These so called Shakers are shrewd and cannya scourge; a tumor that must be sliced from our side Sister Rose Callahan read the printed flyer and shivered Its message terrified her She was aware that Believers had sometimes been objects of resentment from the outside world but nothing like this Who could write s. Sister Rose eldress of a group of Shakers investigates some missing jam and eventually a possible murderThis is a pretty decent cozy mystery I like the progression of seriousness of the crimes stolen condiments rats in the schoolhouse stolen journals body don t you hate when that happens One problem I typically have with the non professional investigator set up is that it seems a bit ridiculous to have a travel writer or a food caterer looking into serious crimes In this case it made sense Rose was worried that exposing the fact that the Shakers were being harassed would escalate things and cause financial hardship I m fascinated with religious splinter groups such as the Shakers so this was an interesting peek into their lives and daily routineI read this with my 87 year old mom She thought it was ok a little boring but it got good in the middle I agree with her I wouldn t mind picking up another in the series but I wouldn t seek it out

Free read Deadly Shaker Spring Sister Rose Callahan Mystery

Characters à Deadly Shaker Spring Sister Rose Callahan Mystery ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook S in the journals of her aged predecessor She discovers a shocking similarity to outrages perpetrated years before as well as a scandalous secret about a present day sister Now Rose must look both outside and within the cloistered religious community to find clues that link an old murder a recent death and an unknown enemy whose thirst for revenge overrides the ultimate sinof murder. The trouble with reading so many series is the fact that some are bound to fall by the wayside Before I began my book blog I read the first Sister Rose Callahan mystery Death of a Winter Shaker and I really enjoyed it As a teenager I once visited the Shaker community of Pleasant Hill Kentucky and learned how fascinating the Shakers were Besides their gorgeous furniture they were uite innovative in architecture interior design agriculture and labor saving devices Since they were celibate their communities depended on converts and orphans to survive and thrive Woodworth s series is set when most Shaker villages had died out The first book took up the topic of winter Shakers those homeless people who would convert to Shakerism during the winter so they would have food clothing and shelter only to leave when spring came This second book focuses on intolerance a theme that is very pertinent todaySister Rose Callahan is a woman who was brought up as a Shaker but lived out in the world for a short period of time so she s than capable of dealing with non believers But with the shortage of members she s had to assume the role of eldress caring for the spiritual health of the female members of the community as well as trustee the person who takes care of the financial side of things This wouldn t be an easy task for anyone but it s particularly tough for Sister Rose since Elder Wilhelm is a thorn in her side constantly harping about the good old days and completely unwilling to deal with the problems of the present in any real meaningful wayAs in the first book A Deadly Shaker Spring has a marvelous sense of place and culture You really don t need to know a thing about the Shakers to understand what s going on If you do know about them like I do your knowledge will be enhanced Since readers will know the person or persons responsible this mystery isn t a whodunit but a whydunit and although I did find one character s conversion at the end to be too uick to be completely believable I still found this to be an excellent read Even after than ten years between reading the first book and the second I immediately fell back in with the characters and that to me is a sign of how good Deborah Woodworth s writing is I m glad I have all the books in the series waiting for me They are reading money in the bank

Read ò PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Í Deborah Woodworth

Characters à Deadly Shaker Spring Sister Rose Callahan Mystery ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Uch things And who could be responsible for recent acts of violence directed against the peaceful Shaker communityA sister had suffered a mysterious wound to the head; a sackful of rats were set loose in the schoolroom food had been stolen and now a hate filled message points to continued mischief Sister Rose recently honored with the position of Eldress despite her youth seeks clue. Great plot premise and setting and great potential characters Also a rich time period Depression years in Kentucky But it never uite takes all that and makes much of it It s not you It s meMaybeI just wanted it to be so much than it is

  • Paperback
  • 304
  • Deadly Shaker Spring Sister Rose Callahan Mystery
  • Deborah Woodworth
  • English
  • 18 March 2018
  • 9780380792030