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(Read) Dealers of Light BY Lara Nance

Free read Dealers of Light

Free read Dealers of Light Characters ï E-book, or Kindle E-pub ↠ Lara Nance Lara Nance ↠ 9 Download Ves a special power from a patient making her the crucial weapon in stopping the Takers Unfortunately this puts her in a race to figure out how to use the gift before the Takers make her their next targetWhen a sexy mysterious man shows up in town with information that may help her she’s torn. Cara Collins has been a healer her whole life she knows no other way to be She s part of a group of Dealers who support and help each other and when possible save each otherWhen someone comes into her clinic sick or injured Cara locates their portal and gives part of her inner Light to strengthen and support the person in need A young woman Nicki comes into her clinic claiming to have seen some kind of vampiric suctioning of another and Cara doesn t know what to make of it But on her heads Emmie comes into her clinic claiming she s ready to meet her maker She only came to share her gift and Cara will need it if she s to survive what s coming Mystery engulfs her Emmie won t accept Cara s healing light and imparts what she has held within herself dying in front of Cara s eyesRolf Van Harding strolls into Cara s life searching for the Takers corrupted Dealer who have become addicted to the taking of Light It s everything that goes against what Cara has done with her life it sickens her to know that instead of helping others these Takers are stealing Light from their victims The individuals are mainlining the Light of others drinking them dry leaving a husk of a body behind no visible signs of injury But Rolf knows different He s spent his ancient existence killing the Takers and now he fears that his greatest enemy has found a home in AtlantaWhen Rolf meets Cara it s like rediscovering his heart Emotions that he thought to be long dead stir to life Together they discover a bond the ability to link together And it might be the Dealers only saving graceDealers of Light by Lara Nance is an sweet paranormal romance Rolf is a strong alpha male who lost his mate many centuries ago He s an immortal his existence has become finding and killing the Takers the ones responsible for his mate s death When he stumbles across Cara there s something about her that brings him to life makes him want to care again to live again What Cara sees in Rolf s eyes is a longing for something if only he ll let her be that something Until finding Cara Rolf has been looking for a way to leave life behind It almost takes her loss for him to discover the depths of his feelings Now together they must protect their small group because they re the only thing standing between the eventually conuering of humanity and the Takers who are determined to take it allDealers of Light is an uniue story combining ancient myths and modern times Dealers takes place in Atlanta though Rolf is from ancient Egypt But it is only with his help that Cara and her group can figure out what happening around them And Rolf needs Cara and her group help if he s going to thwart an ancient evil almost as old as he is a demon and his greatest enemy Dealers is a story of a love reborn through great time and distance Rolf learns to love again And isn t that the best kind of love story there is This feels like the beginning of a series and I hope we see of the wonderful cast of characters Lara Nance has created The love story between Cara and Rolf is just building and it s going to be great I d love to see of their life together and hope to in the future I highly recommend this sweet paranormal romance with one scorching love scene to all lovers of romance paranormal or not It s a love story that build across the centuries to find a home with Cara and with Rolf I very much enjoyed Dealers of Light the only thing I could have asked for of was the hot romance building between Cara and Rolf but maybe in the next book Five out of five fairy kisses for this reader

Characters ï E-book, or Kindle E-pub ↠ Lara NanceDealers of Light

Free read Dealers of Light Characters ï E-book, or Kindle E-pub ↠ Lara Nance Lara Nance ↠ 9 Download Between joining his uest and running for her life But when she discovers he’s a powerful ancient Light Dealer she fears their growing passion will be a weakness a weakness that could allow the Takers to murder the last remaining Light dealers capable of stopping them and complete their conuest. Got half way through and had to give up No story development no character development Things just seemed to have happened so uickly

Lara Nance ↠ 9 Download

Free read Dealers of Light Characters ï E-book, or Kindle E-pub ↠ Lara Nance Lara Nance ↠ 9 Download Cara who has the ability to send “Light” into others to augment healing discovers a malevolent group of Light dealers known as Takers has surfaced in Norfolk Virginia Led by an ancient Aztec demon they are torturing and murdering their way to world domination As the horror spreads Cara recei. Love the world Lara Nance created in this book

  • Paperback
  • 336
  • Dealers of Light
  • Lara Nance
  • English
  • 01 June 2017
  • 9780984180585