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[Leverage Free] epub By Joshua C. Cohen – TXT & Kindle

Summary Ó PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ Joshua C. Cohen

Leverage Free download Ï 0 The football field is a battlefieldThere's an extraordinary price for victory at Oregrove High It is paid on and off the football field And it claims its victims without mercy including the most inn. Leverage We all search for it at work home and life whether we realize it or not And we all possess leverage whether we realize it or not It is how we choose to use that power influence and leverage that matters How we act respond and move through life that counts Leverage by Joshua Cohen is told in two heartbreaking voices Kurt Brodsky and Danny Meehan Two young strong athletes trying to carve out a spot in high school and the future with football and gymnastics With patience and a whole hell of a lot of heart Cohen allows the reader to get to know both voices and their worlds in school and home using humor and pain I liked both boys right away Their stories personalities and growing trust and friendship made my heart ache smile and hopeThe first part of this book had me laughing and shaking my head muttering boys while getting to know each boy and their teammates By the middle though I had my hand over my mouth shaking my head trying to hold back tears and sobs This story could go from heartbreaking innocence and gentleness to such evil and ugliness with one shocking turn of the page And the last hundred pages had my stomach in knots my hands in fists and my voice swearing and cheering for Kurt and Danny out loud at times The chain of events that kept twisting and escalating in this story left me breathless and devastated at times It will truly kick you in the gut and get your heart pumping with such brutal honesty suspense and powerLeverage is not my typical book From the cover to the sports story it just would not have found a place in my to read pile before joining goodreads Finding new types of stories and voices is just one of many reasons why I love this place D After reading two wonderful reviews by Lora and Cara Thank you Ladies my curiosity was piued I have never been so happy to be proven wrong about my type of book If you think this book is not for you I plead with you to give it a try It will find a place in your heart All the characters in this book but especially Danny and Kurt were pushed and tested to stand up through unbelievable pain and suffering to stand up for each other and themselves This book will push readers to ask themselves What would I have doneKurt Brodsky and Danny Meehan made such an impact on my heart Their stories will haunt me I cannot wait to see what Joshua Cohen does next I highly recommend this book

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Leverage Free download Ï 0 Ocent bystanders When a violent steroid infused ever escalating prank war has devastating conseuences an unlikely friendship between a talented but emotionally damaged fullback and a promising gymna. It is hard to know where to exactly begin Joshua C Cohen s debut novel is anything and everything BUT disappointing I honestly cannot come up with a negative thing to say about this amazing outstanding one of kind uniue novel There is so much to say about this book that I am going to have to break it down into partsTo start a basic overviewKurt is the new football star at Oregrove High School Danny is on the Oregrove gymnastics team Both boys have a past full of sorrow and pain An unlikely friendship between these two boys is formed when pranks made between the football team and the gymnastics team get out of hand way out of hand Prank war is an understatement things go beyond war creating conseuences severe than one could think possible My ReviewAs the book s synopsis implies steroids becomes a factor in this war I am always drawn to books that focus on social issues and taboo subjects that most authors dare not touch If Joshua C Cohen was afraid to write about steroid use in high school athletics he does not show it Kurt and Danny are both given the opportunity to have their say from their own personal point of view As a reader you learn about Kurt s and Danny s past and how it in turn it is affecting their present day decisions Cohen s use of first person narrative makes you feel sympathy understanding and sometimes anger at each character but you walk away with a better understanding of who they are Breaking down the CharactersCohen does not shy away from giving real and raw characters Danny is a hard worker with one goal in mind to get a full ride to college through his gymnastic skills His uiet demeanour in the school halls is far from his loud actions as a gymnast While he is terrified of the steroid infused jocks that rule the school he proves he is anything but scared while doing dare devil moves in the air Kurt comes from a very sad and brutal past one that you cannot put into words Having experienced things that many are lucky to not know about Kurt hides behind his shaggy hair while out in the real world and a football helmet while on the field The only place he feels at home is in the gym exercising or helping his teammates score touchdowns Both boys sense of security and safety are shattered when the pranks between the two teams get way out of hand invading the few places they feel safe The ripple affect is greater than you could imagine even as the reader That brings us to the many supporting characters While Kurt and Danny are clearly the starts each supporting character plays a very important role in this novel You have the steroid infused football players who literally blow your mind in terms of How can anyone act that way and think its normal Then you have the tiny small gymnastics team who work hard to show their place in high school by trying to stand up to the jocks Without these supporting characters the novel would not be completeMy Final ThoughtsAs I said no matter how hard I try to come up with something negative to say about this book I just can t I first thought that because I couldn t read this book in a few short sittings that this was not going to be as amazing as it was on the contrary I found taking this novel in small bits at least for me was perfect I was able to absorb every aspect in their entirety This book is RAW GRITTY and REAL in such a severe and affecting way Because of that my mind had to grasp the severity of the topics and themes There were times I cringed and cried and had to take a step back Other times I couldn t wait to find out what was going to happen next on the edge of my seat I believe that a novel of any kind should affect you on some level in some way You should walk away from that novel with a new perspective or insight into something especially from a novel that dares to tackle a social issue or taboo topic Joshua C Cohen provides this in the most perfect way I am forever changed by this novel If you are not afraid to confront such a raw reality that most people ignore you MUST MUST MUST read this book

Summary Ó PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ Joshua C. Cohen

Leverage Free download Ï 0 St might hold the key to a school's salvationTold in alternating voices and with unapologetic truth Leverage illuminates the fierce loyalty flawed justice and hard won optimism of two young athletes. THE REVIEW Visit wordcontessacom for reviewsOne of the biggest misconceptions of anabolic steroid usage is that it is solely used by athletes as a performance enhancing drugBut in fact half of the users of steroids aren t even athletes These mirror athletes use steroids in order to achieve an ideal body This practice roots from prevalent adolescent body image issues that are often perpetuated by misguided internalized messages in pop culture Often boys are obsessed with bulking up in order to fit in with what they see as societal idealsAn astounding 57% of teenagers admit that they felt compelled to take the drugs what with leading health magazines constantly featuring ripped guysThe percentage of teen athletes who do not receive any education about what the side effects of steroids 85%The percentage of high school boys who admit to having tried steroids at least once 11%Joshua C Cohen s Leverage is a mature Young Adult novel that focuses on an issue that is often ignored Steroid usage among adolescents But Leverage goes above and beyond your average sports fiction novelSocial hierarchies in school dismissal of male victims of rape bullying substance abuse abuse of the power and authority speech disorder No stone is left unturned It s an incredibly hard book to read but also hopeful in its own way Narrated in distinctive dual POVs of a gymnast and a football player Leverage is a homage to beautiful friendships found in unlikely placesDanny the gymnast who is working his ass off towards a scholarship Kurtis the football player with a speech disorder who is unstoppable on the field On the outside it looks like the two boys have absolutely nothing in common but as the story unfolds you see that perhaps they aren t so different from each other However the gymnastic and football teams are embroiled in a rivalry of sorts with each side trying to take down the other What begins as a series of prank soon escalates to a horrific and twisted eventCohen s writing is best described as a a series of unrelenting no holds barred punches that leave you gasping for air A chilling yet undeniably realistic high school atmosphere sets the background for the atrocities that happened within those walls Leverage was at times intensely graphic so much so that I had to put down the book a couple of time and take a breather Perhaps Cohen s brutal honesty and raw dialogue are the very things that set this novel apart from the rest An unconventional novel with an unlikely hero Leverage is a celebration of ambition and hard work It s a story of two boys who fight against all the odds to make something of themselves Danny and Kurt find unlikely friends in each other but their worlds are soon turned upside down by a sick and depraved attack An attack that is witnessed by both of them Bound together by guilt this incident becomes a defining point in their lives As the story progresses Danny makes some uestionable choices but I could see that they were coming from a place of insecurity self preservation and fear Kurt on the other hand has been dealt some of the most fucked up cards in life With everything he s been through this boy tugs at your heartstrings and you can t help but love him just a little The voices of these teenage boys felt completely authentic and watching them grow from boys to men was heartwarming Leverage evokes a multitude of uestions all of which are eually important It explores the lines of morality that separates silent bystanders from criminals Does failing to speak up make you criminal as well It speaks of setting aside our own fears and concerns for self preservation in the face of senseless brutality It speaks of courage and the fight for justice It speaks of empathy and our own flawed sense of humanity It speaks of standing up for what s right even when it means going against everything you ve been taughtMy only ualm with this novel was that I found one particular aspect of the ending to be unrealistic Leverage is not for the faint hearted but if you are looking for a YA novel unlike any other do yourself a favor and go read this one you ll thank me later Many thanks to my beloved friend Savindi for the recommendation Check out her review of LeverageTHE RATING4 and half StarsUOTE WORTHY Being a hero usually isn t much fun It s terrifying most of the time right up until the point you make it out safe It s being scared to do the right thing and doing it anyway On any given day you have the chance to be a hero or a victim predator or prey Most times circumstances are beyond your control Other times you got a choice but you think about it too much and you freeze up Sometime though you re forced to react and it s all instinct May not make a damn bit of difference in a bad situation But sometimes instinct sueezes the good out of you forces you to be a hero before you even realize it I ve got a better ideashe says One that doesn t involve murderWhat makes you think you can outsmart themUh I m a girl and they re boysshe says By default I win FINAL VERDICTLeverage a breathtakingly elouent and brilliant novel that s part hope and part cold truth Give this debut a chance and you can rave about it later

  • Hardcover
  • 425
  • Leverage
  • Joshua C. Cohen
  • English
  • 25 May 2019
  • 9780525423065