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[Jennifer LaBrecque] Summary Northern Encounter Pdf

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Northern Encounter Summary Á 109 Tremble with a single smoldering glance And oh what he can do when he actually touches her Still even though she feels at home in his arms she doesn't fit into his world And they can't stay in bed indefinitelyOr can the. Three and a half stars really A spicy little read but I didn t feel it stood up to some of the other Ms LaBrecue s books I ve read but it wasn t bad either Set mainly in Alaska

Summary Northern EncounterNorthern Encounter

Northern Encounter Summary Á 109 Native guide Clint Sisnuket is one of the hottest guys in Alaska But he's managed to keep a close watch over his battered heartuntil he meets Tessa Bellingham In the independent videographer Clint finds the sexual soul. It s been awhile since I read a Harleuin Blaze book From what I remember about Blaze s is that they are all about sexy situations I don t know if that has changed but NORTHERN ENCOUNTER did not feel like what I remember a Blaze book being In fact if I were to pick a HSIL line that I thought NORTHERN ENCOUNTER would fit in it would ve been something like Harleuin American with its hometown values community feel and small town setting As I began reading it so wasn t what I was expecting a short erotic read that it took me awhile to shift perspectivesOnce I was able to get over what I was expecting and just read the story I found myself enjoying NORTHERN ENCOUNTERI loved the setting a small town in Alaska Good Riddance seemed like a great town with diverse and interesting characters that I couldn t wait to know about I thought Clint and Tessa had interesting careers and were interesting people However when they were together I wished there were sparks between them The conflict keeping them apart Clint s fear of being with someone outside of the tribe and of someone not being able to commit to Alaska s rough life was realistic but a little heavy handed Clint made a lot of assumptions and I wish that the conflict could ve been genuine By this I mean I wished the conflict came from real situations based upon conversations between Clint and Tessa instead of stuff just inside Clint s head I also wish that some of the subplots revolving around another character in the book would ve been left out so that pages could ve been developed around Clint and Tessa s relationship especially given NORTHERN ENCOUNTER s word countThese issues while distracting did not stop me from enjoying the story The characters setting and writing were compelling and if I saw another book by this author I d definitely pick it up

Read & Download ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Þ Jennifer LaBrecque

Northern Encounter Summary Á 109 Mate he'd been dreaming ofToo bad she's got temporary fling written all over herTessa's in town to record native culturebut she can't seem to turn her camera lens away from Clint The strong silent sexy man can make her. A surprisingly cool book Not at all really romantic especially for a H Blaze book BUT I do like the strong characters Based in Alaska Clint is a wilderness guide and is prepared to guide his newest client a videographer TS Bellingham It turns out Mr Bellingham is a she A gorgeous one at that Sparks fly as they meet and passion heats up as their trek the Alaskan wilderness The challenge is that Clint is a Native and Tessa is not In the end their love conuers the prejudice

  • Paperback
  • 219
  • Northern Encounter
  • Jennifer LaBrecque
  • English
  • 09 October 2019
  • 9780373795796