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Embers Ash Cold Fury #3 Pdf or ebook BY T.M. Goeglein – DOC or Kindle eBook

summary Embers Ash Cold Fury #3

T.M. Goeglein Å 3 free read read ✓ eBook or Kindle ePUB Å T.M. Goeglein summary Embers Ash Cold Fury #3 The worst of her troubles is now killing her; she knows the cure but she can't sacrifice the deadly electricity until she's rescued her family But when she finally does rescue them it's not the happy reunion she pictured And the torment doesn't stop there no. 35 StarsThis book was much better than book 2 and 1 I thought after reading the ridiculousness of book 2 that there would be no redeeming the story but I was wrong Book 3 removed a lot of the fantasy stuff and had of a mafia feel to it This is how it should ve been throughout the entire series I still didn t like Doug in this book yes he wasn t as immature and annoying as in book 1 and 2 but he was still self centered at times and regardless I just wanted him to be edited out of the story altogether Some of the ending was predictable but still well done I would recommend reading book 1 and skipping book 2 and just go straight to book 3 because book 2 really does nothing good for the series I was also glad to see that there was next to no romance in this one a lot actions and a lot less cursing Overall a good end to a very shaky seriesContent no sexLanguage Not as much as book 1 and 2 at least so it seemed

read ✓ eBook or Kindle ePUB Å T.M. GoegleinEmbers Ash Cold Fury #3

T.M. Goeglein Å 3 free read read ✓ eBook or Kindle ePUB Å T.M. Goeglein summary Embers Ash Cold Fury #3 T even when she finally discovers Ultimate Power Only destroying the Outfit completely can end this terrible nightmare Old enemies return to seek vengeance double crosses abound and even mysteries are uncovered as we rocket toward an end no one saw coming. I have seen people on Twitter compare this novel trilogy to one of my favorite movies series the Jason Bourne movies I can see why as these novels read like movie scripts packed with the frenetic pacing and all the action of the Bourne series This trilogy is so much fun you feel you need to be reading with a tub of popcorn in your lapSara Jane Rispoli s family was kidnapped in the first novel She learns while looking for them that her father served aa counselor at large for the Chicago mob Sara a high school boxer and social outcast assumes this role in the mob as she searches for her missing family As the series progresses Sara becomes further intertwined in the business of the mob yet she is no closer to finding her familyEmber and Ash has Sara finally making progress unraveling the series of clues contained in her family s notebook of secrets While she is unraveling these clues she is also helping guide the Chicago outfit through an all out war with the Russian mob which is now operating in Chicago Matters become even complicated and urgent when she learns that her family s captures see limited value in keeping them aliveUsusally my interest flags with series It never did with these books I loved the characters in these novels Sara battled not just teenage insecurities but also the realization that her family as well as her own actions were often immoral How can she hold onto the better aspects of who she was before she became immersed in the grit and grime of mob life She learns it is hard to keep it together after she herself has killed another human being The supporting characters are uniue and colorful They are the type of people you want no where near you or your family yet you would sit fascinated hearing stories about all of their exploitsI loved the break neck pace of this series that never uit throughout the three books There are a series of shoot outs car chases and double crosses The action is smart though If there wasn t such great character development and a smart plot to guide the action you would have a Michael Bay movie No one wants that I never found the action to be silly or done just for the sake of filling the air with gunshots and explosionsMy favorite aspects of this series is that all of the action takes place in the real life locales of my hometown of Chicago In Embers and Ash Sara finds herself high atop the Willis Tower traversing the sewers and tiunnels below the Green Mill and The Riviera and even far out on the water intake cribs that sit in lake Michigan visible from the beachs of Chicago I also love that the novels include a lot of real life history of Chicago s outfit There is even a connection to the St Valentine s Day massacre that was ordered by Al Capone contained in this novel The uniue characters the pages full of action the setting of Chicago which is so lively it almost serves as an additional character as well loads of Chicago s notorious past made this one of my favorite series ever I can t recommend this trilogy enough It has something to hook almost any reader Once you are hooked you will want to see Sara Jane s tale through to the end Unfortunately it will leave you wishing for a fourth book not because the ending isn t satisfying but because it is that much fun

T.M. Goeglein Å 3 free read

T.M. Goeglein Å 3 free read read ✓ eBook or Kindle ePUB Å T.M. Goeglein summary Embers Ash Cold Fury #3 Sara Jane Rispoli is on the wrong side of the Russian mob but closer to finding her family than ever And she's willing to do whatever it takes to finally end this terrible journey even if the price is her own life The very cold fury that has seen her through. What I LovedFinalThis is the final book in the trilogy and what a ride this whole series has been Everything was summed up very well A fast paced kick ass book with something crazy happening on every page One thing after another kept on happening to Sara Jane the poor girl she is one character I would never want to trade places with Oh man what an ending Just when you think you have it all figured out something crazy happens and a new twist occursActionNever a dull moment or boring slow page in the whole entire book Every page is utilized to its fullest It is just jam packed with action information betrayal car chases fightsNo RomanceI do love reading a book where there is little to no romance it is a great break from the heavy romance readsCharactersSara Jane I loved her tough kick ass character from the very beginning and loved her till the very end She is one determined crazy girl to keep on doing what she needs to do to save her familyDoug The best side kick and best friend that anyone could ever have He is fun characterDidn t LoveIt was sad to read all the bad crap that keeps on happening to Sara Jane but it makes for an exciting bookRecommendationA must read trilogy for any male or female reader who loves fast paced action books and doesn t get sueamish

  • Hardcover
  • 336
  • Embers Ash Cold Fury #3
  • T.M. Goeglein
  • en
  • 13 March 2019
  • 9780399257223