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[Free The Utah UFO Display] epub BY Frank B. Salisbury – PDF & eBook

  • Paperback
  • 298
  • The Utah UFO Display
  • Frank B. Salisbury
  • English
  • 17 March 2017
  • 9781599554051

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The Utah UFO Display Summary ✓ 9 N with Joseph Junior Hicks tries to answer this uestion by examining UFO data in the context of modern science In the process he interviews countless witnesses who adamantly insist they saw a flying saucer or were abducted by aliens. this book is too old to really satisfy any serious modern uest to understand the phenomenon the historical interviews of eyewitnesses is interesting and this book does a great service in preserving them once the author let slip his dated theory that Martians were visiting us I just couldn t read past the interviews to his his analysis The amount of flashing multi colored lights inherent to nearly all the stories is suspicious These objects were meant to be seen I still recommend Aliens and UFOs Messengers or Deceivers despite my wife s derision That book lays out a theory that is plausible

Summary The Utah UFO DisplayThe Utah UFO Display

The Utah UFO Display Summary ✓ 9 Apidly approaching Mt Rainier Arnold was an experienced and respected pilot so it was difficult to doubt his word Not surprisingly no one was able to provide any Do UFOs really exist Noted scientist Frank B Salisbury in collaboratio. Interesting book about the wave of UFO reports that hit NE Utah the Uintah Basin in the 1960s This book was first published in 1974 by the astronomy professor Frank B Salisbury but he has added several chapters and done updates on a lot of the material Some of it smacks me as filler material because it rehashes a lot of UFO cases throughout history and assesses them from a scientific viewpoint Salisbury seems pretty pokerfaced and objective dealing with individual sightings and cases with a healthy dose of skepticism which I appreciated until the last chapter when he uestions the theory of evolution Salisbury is a devout Mormon and Mormons are usually into UFOs and aliens since their theology is heavy on the subject

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The Utah UFO Display Summary ✓ 9 On June 24 1947 Kenneth Arnold a fire euipment salesman was flying his private plane on a business trip when his eye caught a flash in the morning sky He turned to see a chain like formation of bright disc shaped objects that were r. This is a recent updated edition of the author s earlier work of the same title The author and a local teacher have collected over the years numerous UFO sightings by people in the Uintah Basin Although some are misidentifications and there are some occasional liars and crackpots the author found many of the witnesses to be fairly normal people who were puzzled by strange lights or objects they saw moving around in the sky The author is open to various interpretations and possibilities He respectfully covers the beliefs of UFO debunkers true believers and the truly puzzled I loved the chapter on the skinwalker ranch Salisbury believes there are 3 possible explanations for what people are seeingreporting 1 The Debunker Hypothesis all are misidentifications or reports by liars or mentally unstable people 2 the Nuts and Bolts Hypothesis UFOs are advanced machines coming from advanced civilizations in our solar system 3 the Star GateExtradimensional Hypothesis UFOs are coming from a portal or another dimension to put on a show to manipulate human belief systems Salisbury favors hypothesis 3 He s not alone in his belief Noted UFO researcher Jacues Vallee has long argued that UFOs are not ETs Vallee believes UFO controllers have been putting on a show for humans throughout history Vallee carefully compares the similarity between abduction stories and Medieval fairydemon abduction stories Paranormal activity is often associated with UFO activity For some it s a religious experience Although Vallee and Salisbury obviously have different religious beliefs they both seem to believe the UFO Display source is manipulative and often not benign in it s motives Fascinating