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PDF Between Their Worlds Noble Dead Saga Series 3 #1 Read

summary Between Their Worlds Noble Dead Saga Series 3 #1

Barb Hendee í 6 summary Between Their Worlds Noble Dead Saga Series 3 #1 free read ð 106 R orders To complete her task and protect the orbs Wynn must remain seuestered from her friendsBut she's essentially a prisoner One of the guild's superiors is just as eager for Wynn to translate the ancient texts but she knows the others will not permit her to share that knowledge knowledge Magiere and Leesil desperately need if they're going to stop the Ancient Enemy from unleashing war on the land. it was boring I forced myself to finish

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Between Their Worlds Noble Dead Saga Series 3 #1

Barb Hendee í 6 summary Between Their Worlds Noble Dead Saga Series 3 #1 free read ð 106 A uniue tale of vampires and half vampire undead hunters set against a dark fantasy world ruled by tyrants the Noble Dead saga continues to entrance readers with action packed adventures and an intriguing mythology Now national bestselling authors Barb and JC Hendee present the long awaited return of dhampir Magiere and half elf LeesilWynn Hygeort receives unexpected visitors at the guild of Sagecraf. This first installment to series 3 sees the return of Magiere Leesil and Chap as they return to the Guild of Sagecraft for their friend Wynn However things are not as they thought at the guild and they soon learn that Wynn has not been idly sitting at the guild waiting she has been very busy indeed The problem most people seem to have with this book is that it doesn t move the plot forward In a way this is true and in a way it is not The traditional sense of plot movement is not found in this book because it serves as a a bridge between their worlds Magiere and the other have been away during the time we spent with Wynn in the previous series and now they are all coming back together So this book is the catalyst to the forward progression in the following books and is definitely necessary or else people would be whining that the reunion was too simple and boring and things jumped forward too fast Now the book does contribute to forward progression in a way again not int he traditional sense As I said it is a book that serves as the meeting point of two story lines and was necessary to have Magiere Leesil and Chap learn what Wynn has discovered so that they CAN progress forward In a supporting role way this book does help with the forward momentum of the story I will admit it isn t the most exciting of the Noble Dead books But then again there were books in the original series I thought were weaker than the others especially in a long series they all can t be high intensity all the timethere is the occasional need for bridge books like this one In that regard this books serves its purpose well Lastly I think the bottom line for a lot of people is that the book didn t take the direction they wanted it to take Even I have to admit some disappointment on a few matters because they didn t go how I wanted them to Overall I think this book is without a doubt necessary to the saga I believe that the ultimate opinion of each reader will be based on how strong his or her preconceived ideas about what the book will entail are Obviously we will all have things we want to happen based on which characters we like best I like Wynn and Chane that we will or won t like Regardless of the things that happened that I hoped wouldn t this is still a book that deserves a read because it does in fact help knit the story lines together

Barb Hendee í 6 summary

Barb Hendee í 6 summary Between Their Worlds Noble Dead Saga Series 3 #1 free read ð 106 T Magiere and Leesil along with the elven wolf Chap have come for her but Wynn can't afford to leave She needs access to the texts within the guild's archives which may help her decipher the locations of the last two orbs sought by the Ancient EnemyThere are five orbs in total Magiere and Leesil have two of them in safekeeping Chane Andraso the vampire who loves Wynn has hidden the Orb of Earth on he. This one is a solid four stars Between Their Worlds is part of well written and exciting series titled The Nobel Dead By Barb and J C Hendee The world it takes place in is well designed with most of what you would expect from a fantasy series yet with twists on the troupes and character types Vampires do feed on the blood of humans or any creature but there are not crosses or holy water to harm them Wood doesn t do much either The best and perhaps only way to kill one is to chop off its head Yet there is a ritual to fix that so you burn the body They were created in an ancient war to destroy life humans elves dwarves etc There are other forms of the Noble Dead but they all feed on the life source of the living Dwarves are much the same even though there is a group who learn how to travel through stone and dirt as if they were not there Their honored dead are placed against stalagmites to allow the process that forms stalagmites to encase them in stone coffins over time Elves live in cities formed in forests and act like humans at times There is a lot details I don t have time to go into but they all make this a worthy read The fae here are spectral and can join up with puppies to form uniue beings The series is broken up into three sections dealing with different characters and purposes At this stage they trying to find five uniue weapons used in the same ancient war that created vampires and to hide them from the same being who declared war on the living The Being has decided to try once to kill everything that is alive and is on the move to find the weapons to gather its children who are still alive so it can fight again The series is dark yet the writing is excellent people die allies have strong negative emotions the past comes along to bite the characters at the worse times Actions scenes are described meticulously the authors get into the psychic of each of the characters so you know what they are thinking and why The plot flows along in a good order At times it is a touch confusing with all of the characters who disappear than come back books later and many of whom are in action at the same moment Yet they add suspense and substance to the plot The authors give the readers twists and uniue situations so the books do not get boring I also have a problem with all of the negative emotions on display Groups who should be joining forces hate each other or are too picky to become true allies Wynn one of the main Characters spends a good portion of her time scared or crying for a number of reasons yet she can be stubborn in a good way as well as brave and determined She gets the job done I still recommend this book it keeps me reading it even with what I feel are negatives You need to though read the ones before it You could very well be able to get what is happening and why and who the diverse characters are if you read this one as a stand alone but it would be enjoyable and easier to read if you start at the beginning

  • Hardcover
  • 436
  • Between Their Worlds Noble Dead Saga Series 3 #1
  • Barb Hendee
  • English
  • 19 June 2017
  • 9780451464354