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characters Mano vardas Marytė

Mano vardas Marytė

characters Mano vardas Marytė free read Mano vardas Marytė 106 free read ✓ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ñ Alvydas Šlepikas Karus kažkas pradeda kažkas tampa nugalėtojais tačiau našlės ir vaikai pralaimi visadaAntrasis pasaulinis. The second world war has almost ended Russian troops advance into East Prussia forcing the women and children from their homes The town is peopled by only women and children old men able body men off to fight Eve and her husband s sister with their children are forced out of their home made to live in a shed the only thing they were allowed to take a small metal stove They dont know whether their men are even alive The Russians are cruel shooting people at will forcing themselves on the women Children are not exempt They are freezing and starving Young boys take on the roles of providers sneaking perilously into Lithuania in an effort to find food They are called wolf children The young forced to see things no child should ever have to see growing up much too soonA very difficult book to read There is no shortage of cruelty brutality Nothing harder for a mother to watch her children starve say I m hungry and have nothing to feed them Watching them put themselves in dangerous situations just for a piece of bread Yet there are kindnesses found given in unexpected places Beauty noticed when beauty is not what surrounds youOne such incident provokes the following thoughts by a child who thinks they found a measure of safetyThe days passed by uickly and sweetly Like a drink sweetened with honey or sap from a tree which comes up from the very depths of the earth and flows along the branches until it rises towards the sun making buds burst blossoms bloom scents soak the air In those buds in their power you can feel the fruit its sourness and coolness lightly refreshing the palateThe prose is sometimes blunt elemental sometime elegant even beautiful Yet the story is a tragic one this book said to open the dialogue in Lithuania about what went on after the war The epilogue explains how this author came to write this book and what it accomplished by being publishedARC from library thing

free read ✓ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ñ Alvydas Šlepikas

characters Mano vardas Marytė free read Mano vardas Marytė 106 free read ✓ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ñ Alvydas Šlepikas Kartas pasibaigė jie tarp pralaimėjusių nes žuvusieji buvo jų tėvai o našlės jų motinosPasaulis plytėj. In the Shadow of Wolves Alvydas Slepikas s stunning debut and Winner of the Georg Dehio Book Prize 2018 is a fact meets fiction historical novel and I found my heart breaking time and time again whilst reading It tells the story of destitute German women and children and their fight for survival having been forcibly removed from their homes by resettling Red Army soldiers These children were sent by their mothers over the border into neighbouring Lithuania to scavenge and beg for food in the hope that they would be safe there this is where the name Wolfskinder or Wolf Children came from Based on real events that occurred in 1946 it is clear from the outset that Slepikas has researched this topic extensively making it authentic and compelling Make no mistake though this is a brutal stark and profoundly moving look at a neglected part of WWII and its aftermath a piece of history that deserves to be known The author has to be lauded for his vivid lyrical prose as it was so rich that I found tears rolling down my cheeks at some of the passages The cruelty these women and children were subjected to will break even the coldest of hearts It is by far the most affecting historical fiction novel I have ever read and with its rawness it takes the reader on an emotional rollercoaster ride It s certainly not for the faint hearted as the atrocities committed by the Soviets are reprehensible and reading about them in such detail was very emotional I felt my blood beginning to boil at times The atmosphere is so visceral that you feel everything for the characters An incredible novel it s amazing to think that this is a debut I cannot wait to see what Slepikas publishes in the future A rare talent and a book that deserves to be widely read Many thanks to Oneworld Publications for an ARC

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characters Mano vardas Marytė free read Mano vardas Marytė 106 free read ✓ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ñ Alvydas Šlepikas O piktas ir pavargęs O jie tik vaikai Tačiau vilko vaikaiŠi knyga apie meilę ir užuojautą Ir apie atmintį. 35 starsThank you oneworldpublications for gifting me a copy of In the Shadow of Wolves by Alvydas lepikas to review I knew absolutely nothing about the wolf children or Wolfskinder of World War II who were forced to leave behind ailing mothers and hungry younger siblings to beg for food from Lithuanian farmers across the border while their families were at risk of being displaced by resettling Red Army soldiersAfter a bit of a rocky start I soon got into the rhythm of the book which has an ethereal fairytale like uality to it despite the harrowing subject matter I thought this was uite effective as it s not uite narrated by the children but it certainly gives the impression it s from their perspective and fairytale vibe reminds you that they are just children in spite of the horrors they re facingI saw a review on Goodreads from someone who appeared to have read it in Lithuanian first and was praising the fact that Romas Kinka the translator had managed to retain lepikas s original stark style which is always reassuring to here The writing certainly did have a simple brutality to it which seems very fitting for the harsh wintery landscapes the after effects of war and a critical food shortage lepikas doesn t hold back from detailing the harsh realities of the time and seen through a child s eyes it seems even worse There are however moments of friendship and kindness for the very occasional liftWhat I don t understand is why this novel ended so abruptly and without readdressing some of the story threads from earlier on It was as if the author just forgot about them I realise that you can never have answers to all of your uestions especially during times of war and displacement where people disappeared regularly but it felt almost unfinishedI would still recommend it if you want to know about the Wolf Children though it is a heartbreaking tale

  • Hardcover
  • 184
  • Mano vardas Marytė
  • Alvydas Šlepikas
  • Lithuanian
  • 07 September 2018
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