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Petra's Ghost [ebook] ☆ C.S. O’Cinneide – tailand2.ru

  • ebook
  • 288
  • Petra's Ghost
  • C.S. O’Cinneide
  • en
  • 14 March 2018
  • 9781459744691
Petra's Ghost

C.S. O’Cinneide ç 8 Free read Free download Ó eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ç C.S. O’Cinneide Petra's Ghost Summary ´ 8 Lk them and his mind starts to unravel from the horror of things he cannot explain Unexpected twists and turns echo the path of the ancient trail they walk upon The lines start to blur between reality and madness between truth and the lies we tell ourselv. Growing up as a Lutheran my religious education was very no frills No saints No transubstantiation No relics No pilgrimages to see said relics But CS Cinneide s novel Petra s Ghost gives me a glimpse into what motivates a person to undergo physical hardship to travel miles to visit a holy site This novel shows us a variety of those motivations a grieving husband who is looking for the perfect place to put his wife s ashes a woman running away from her past a Dutchman who really wants to make it all the way this time and dilettantes who are not in the most pious mood and really just want to visit the wineries and clubs along the way Read the rest of my review at A Bookish Type I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley for review consideration

Free download Ó eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ç C.S. O’Cinneide

C.S. O’Cinneide ç 8 Free read Free download Ó eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ç C.S. O’Cinneide Petra's Ghost Summary ´ 8 A man's pilgrimage becomes something from his darkest nightmares when secrets arise and ghosts haunt his pathA woman has vanished on the Camino de Santiago the ancient five hundred mile pilgrimage that crosses northern Spain Daniel an Irish expat walks th. 45 stars We all have our ghosts Daniel Rob says The uestion is not if they exist it is what message do they bring This beautifully haunting debut by author CS O Cinneide had me immediately intrigued with its premise yet still surprised me with how deeply I ended up enjoying it as a whole I was lucky enough to receive an early copy via the publisher in exchange for an honest review Let me tell you it s one of the best ARCs I ve read this year We follow Daniel as he walks the Camino the famous pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostella carrying the ashes of his recently deceased wife Petra in order to scatter them at his final destination Along the way he meets Ginny a bubbly Californian girl making the same solo journey and the two of them decide to continue together Both find themselves haunted by the perhaps literal ghosts of their pasts along the way and we slowly find out that both of them carry than just the weight of their backpacks on their shoulders on this journey Petra s Ghost reads like a travel journal it reads like a psychological mystery thriller and like a gothic novel all at once At times it reminded me of The Salt Path by Raynor Winn which I loved mixed with Melmoth by Sarah Perry and something else that I can t uite place It was the Pilgrimage to a loved ones final resting place that originally drew me in as I feel like I can relate to it albeit on a smaller scale than the 800 km Camino I believe the author herself has walked the Camino before and she does a great job of conveying the atmosphere and personality of the trail The same can be said for the effect that the protagonists mood has on his experience of the trial Grief can put a weird almost surrealist and dark filter over things which was portrayed wonderfully with the hint of horrorthriller elements along the way Speaking of which it was the mystery that kept drawing me back to the book as soon as I put it down Often with stories like this I feel like either the mystery or the protagonists emotional background is tucked in as an afterthought In Petra s Ghost the two entwine perfectly with each other as well as with the previously established atmosphere Lastly it was the ending that delivered the final emotional punch to make this book memorable to me It was brave without being sensational and emotional without being dramatic A very fitting ending to this storyin my opinion I do have one piece of criticism probably aimed at the publisher so than the author There is a line in the synopsis of the final copy of the book that wasn t in the description of the ARC which gives a major clue to one of the final reveals To me this actually made it very predictable and spoiled the potential of surprise in the end If that line hadn t been in the synopsis it would have taken me longer to figure it out If you have the chance to read this book without reading the full synopsis in detail that might be something I d recommend doing All in all there were a few things that kept this from being a full five star to me mainly a few inconsistencies in pacing and some of the mystery elements being a little predictable That being said this is one of the stronger 2019 debuts I ve read so far and I feel it s both a book and an author to keep an eye on Many thanks to Dundurn Group for providing me with an early review copy

review Petra's Ghost

C.S. O’Cinneide ç 8 Free read Free download Ó eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ç C.S. O’Cinneide Petra's Ghost Summary ´ 8 E lonely trail carrying his wife Petra’s ashes along with the damning secret of how she really diedWhen he teams up to walk with sporty California girl Ginny she seems like the perfect antidote for his grieving heart But a nightmare figure begins to sta. Petra s Ghost is as you d expect from the title a ghost story However the the true beating heart of this entertaining tale of pilgrimage is the theme of redemption and its many often incomplete forms Admittedly I went into this book not having ever heard of the Camino de Santiago an ancient Spanish pilgrimage route CS O Cinneide draws here on her own experiences while walking the route in 2015 and I need to point out what a fantastic job she does bringing the route to life using real life locations and details that add realism to the story The main character an Irish ex pat named Daniel is a well drawn out figure of grief and guilt over the recent cancer death of his wife Petra Daniel has come to the Camino to spread Petra s ashes and to perhaps find something in the pilgrimage for himself Daniel soon meets Ginny a girl from California who immediately proclaims him as different and an older Dutchman who takes on the role of wise sage They re soon besieged by a mysterious entity that seems to follow them along the path The book from this point assumes the dual roles of horror and travelogue Daniel and Ginny visit many historical locations festivals and inns along the path interspersed with encounters and far off sightings of the entity Throughout the book I found myself comparing certain sections to MR James classic Oh Whistle and I ll Come to You My Lad I can give no higher praise as I consider that one of my favorite ghost storiesI d imagine Petra s Ghost will rank fairly highly on my year end book list Grief and guilt can be as terrifying as actual apparitions but as one character succinctly puts it Not all ghosts are out to harm you but they all carry messages I was given a copy of this book by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review My thanks to Dundurn