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[PDF] The Burning Bush Santeria Habitat #2 BY Kenya Wright

The Burning Bush Santeria Habitat #2

Read õ The Burning Bush Santeria Habitat #2 Ç PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Kenya Wright ´ 2 Free download Free download The Burning Bush Santeria Habitat #2 Killer or Rivera goes public with his information Meanwhile Dante won't take his defeat without a fight He counterattacks and the Santeria habitat as well as Lanore’s and Zulu’s lives is changed foreve. Once again we are thrown into the amazing world of Santeria where supernatural beings or Sups live out their lives separated from the human population in the caged cities of the Habitat The story picks up with heroine Lenore in an adrenaline fueled soon to be disaster immediately pushing you to the edge of your seat Soon after this however comes the crux of the story initiated by Rivera the slimy Habbie cop from Fire Baptized I found that his proposal to Lenore was a bit obvious a way to get her onto the main plot line but that being said had it been done any subtler it would ve been time wasted that was better spent getting straight into the main story However this does seem to set up a convenient pattern that can easily be followed in subseuent books as Rivera continues to collect possible blackmail material Lenore is once again putting on her investigators hat this time seeking the murderer of two girls However at the same time she is dealing with many a distraction least of all the continuing steamy love triangle between herself Zulu and MeShack While it seemed in the last book she was very resistive to committing herself in any way to either of these men here she is instead putting her energies into making her relationships with both of them work fitting the pieces of her life together Of course that is all set to go to hell in a hand basket The thing that I really enjoy about this series is its authenticity Its obvious in the building of this world and the characters that Wright draws heavily on her own life experiences resulting in a very rich and relatable stable of personalities I also enjoy how as information is revealed about the nature of the Sups and how they came to be discovered that Wright has cemented this in our own reality intertwining real life events and people into the history The nature of the different breeds of Sups is also well thought out While seemingly drawing from many traditional sources each has a spin uniue to this series that is complete and fascinating The Mixbreeds or Mixies are especially intriguing constantly underestimated by the Purebloods and the Humans and yet offering a never ending list of possible combinations of powers I can t wait to discover new characters in this world but also to continue to learn about Lenore and Zulu s mix of powers particularly in regards to their Fairy heritage In The Burning Bush little choice tidbits are let slip but the full nature of their lineage is still shrouded in mystery I really enjoyed the new characters Zulu s half sister Cassie is a breath of fresh air opening Lenore s eyes to of the world around her than the terror and misery she has seen Angel seems very lost but once her true purpose in this world is revealed she is a perfect fit Graham Lenore s father is just plain scary and yet he could be the ally she needs no matter how much she doesn t want to need him All in all this book kept me riveted from start to finish The world is captivating in its realism and its characters completely genuine strictly adhering to who they are never compromising The story lines entwine seamlessly I never found myself lost or bogged down with new information it flowed easily and the end of every chapter left me desperate to keep reading Lenore is a beautifully envisioned heroine coming to terms with the many changes to her everyday life as well as the changes to the world around her I am thoroughly enjoying each new discovery on her journey and am already looking forward to revisting Santeria in the next installment Wildfire Gospel

Summary ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ Kenya Wright

Read õ The Burning Bush Santeria Habitat #2 Ç PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Kenya Wright ´ 2 Free download Free download The Burning Bush Santeria Habitat #2 After Dante Bottelli’s slaughter of Vamp owned Mixbreeds Lanore and Zulu execute a well planned attack that hits Dante where it hurts the most his pockets But their attack triggers a chain of unfortunate. 45 out of 5 loved it loved itCome read this review at it s my first review in a long time so come by and say hi or if you must here it is belowI ve been falling out of love with urban fantasy and paranormal books as of late I m not exactly sure when and how it happened but it did My problems since you askedThe monsters are not scary We have vampires werewolves demons shape shifters witches and every possible combo imaginable We have good vampires and bad vampires We have sexy shape shifters and scary shape shifters Shoot we even have horny demon doctors trying to save the world We have it all in all possible combinations but even with the infinite possibilities the monsters are not scary unless the author makes the monster scary The author shouldn t have to make the monster scary It should be scary because well it s a damn monster In my little imagination a vampire should be scary because he is a fricking vampire Not because he is a mean vampire A werewolf is scary because he is a monster with fur and long claws not because he was abused by a pup and raised by fairies I made that up by the way And as a rule a demon is bad It s my rule Demon bad No getting around it Go ahead and call the monster rights organization I don t care I don t care how delicious you look if you are a demon I m not going to jump your bones or your horn and I m certainly not going to let you play doctor on me Ok I didn t know I carried such deep seeded prejudices against monsters I m moving onThe monsters are props Monsters should not allow an author to get away with a bad plot Just because the love interest is 7ft5 with a forked penis and has blood that is an aphrodisiac doesn t mean you should excuse the author from writing a uality storylineThe monster s world is not logical Ok I know the monsters are not from this world so they don t have to follow our rules Thus a 180 pound man can fly and turn invisible or sparkle in some cases Or a werewolf manages to get no doggie hairs on the carpet and doesn t smell like wet dog when he comes in from the rain However if you create a monsters world it should be logical within that world And if you have a monster that defies gravity take some time to explain itSo now that I ve ranted about my problems with urban fantasy and paranormal books in general it is so absolutely wonderful when I find a book that makes me fall in love again with this genre The Burning Bush is that book The monsters are monsters They are animalistic they don t follow human tradition customs and they have their own rules They are brutal have no mercy powerful and frankly if you don t like them it s tough shitKenya Wright manages to not only win me over in making her monsters wellmonsters but she also throws in a story line that manages to combine mystery horror and even some major steamy romance with a side of conflict I m usually disappointed in the follow up book aka book 2 to a strong debut book But Wright s book 2 easily surpassed book 1 and left me with one hell of a shocking ending please oh please say it aint so

Kenya Wright ´ 2 Free download

Read õ The Burning Bush Santeria Habitat #2 Ç PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Kenya Wright ´ 2 Free download Free download The Burning Bush Santeria Habitat #2 Events and allows Detective Rivera to blackmail LanoreRivera forces Lanore to investigate his case the Burning Bush Murders Someone's been tying girls to bushes and setting them on fire Lanore must find the. Ok so I finally finished reading and it was a really hard finish for me The book is very well written some redundancies and contraction issues the rebel patois isn t really a patois so perhaps didn t need to be included but none of that is really distracting The world building blows the mind it s so intricate I actually love that this seems to be an alternate evolution of human history where Freud is a Vampire and Sun Tzu is an earth witch The parallels between the treatment of the mixies and various indigenous peoples all over the world is pretty obvious while at the same time managing to be subtle not preachy and rather surprisingly well done few authors are able to tackle such a subject without being heavy handed The inclusion of Santeria as the religious backdrop for this particular habitat is interesting but could probably be fleshed out a bit for people that have no familiarity with the Voudon religions It s even better than the first because we get detail of the world the pacing is not as frenetic as the first book and there is a good deal of back story that helps to flesh out the characters On to the things I hated Love triangles I m sorry I think they re a played out lame plot device that belong solely in YA fiction but then people that can t make up their minds irritate me to no end so that might be the crux of my dislike although I don t believe that you can love two people at the same time I belive that you can care about two people a great deal but one is always going to edge out the other and I d say that s the person you really love as evidenced by the endingThe love triangle in this book is especially trying for a number of reasons The greatest being that I hated the character of MeShack He had absolutely no redeeming ualities I m sorry all the hotness in the world doesn t make up for the the fact that he s an unapologetic man whre and he s literally a hair s breadth away from being a rapist Lanore becomes difficult to like through her interactions with MeShack Her refusal to set boundaries creates a weird dichotomy where she s supposed to be this billy bada but constantly lets this dude fondle her then ten minutes later she s all over Zulu which kinda negates the cool and makes you just look like a clueless sket As many times as he s stormed into the room while she was either in the middle of sex with Zulu about to have sex with Zulu or just finished having sex with Zulu and she never says to him that that wasn t acceptable and in needed to end Also if you have to punctuate eveything with fireballs chances are no one is taking you seriously to begin withAnd speaking of Zulu why even bother to include him in the story as a love interest when with the way it s written it s obvious that he s NOT the endgame When she thinks that MeShack is dead she says nothing else matters because all of her just withered and died WaitWhat Isn t this the same chick that was telling Zulu not long ago that she loved him Maybe she was mistaken and meant that she liked him and loved MeShack and hey Zulu you re just a filler until MeShack is done with his season Yeah that must be it Not to mention she comes down hard on Zulu constantly for his shortcomings but MeShack only gets told to calm down Including Zulu was a colossal waste of time and frustrating to boot because you get to like and respect a character knowing that he s not gonna get what he wants and also have to watch him get crpped on Like seriously he never had a chanceI m not sure if I will be continuing on with this series because even though it s hinted at that he s dead it s also hinted at the he might not be and it seems as if MeShack is the endgame for Lanore and I m sorry but I can NOT be convinced that he is the better choiceAll in all it is really a very well written book though Kenya Wright got skills I just hate MeShackon a side note to the author if she reads this I m a Linguistic Anthropologist and my concentration is Creole languages and Patois so if you ever need help with thatOh and please don t hate this review

  • Paperback
  • 427
  • The Burning Bush Santeria Habitat #2
  • Kenya Wright
  • English
  • 13 October 2019
  • 9780985023041