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The Stone Prince [free read online] ↠ Fiona Patton

  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 544
  • The Stone Prince
  • Fiona Patton
  • English
  • 15 July 2017
  • 9780886777357

Fiona Patton ↠ 5 review

review The Stone Prince ë PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Forces but he must also master the birthright power which could well prove his doo. The Stone Prince is the first book of a series by newcomer Fiona Patton She doesn t break new ground but does explore concepts like gender euality religious intolerance and homosexuality in a way that wasn t preachyThe world of The Stone Prince resembles Renaissance Europe and the country of Branion is a thinly disguised EnglandPrince Demnor of Branion wasn t the typical too perfect hero which makes him a fascinating character He s uite flawed and in some ways behaves like a spoiled brat Then again when one is descended from a family gifted with a flame like power that if not mastered would either drive one insane or burn them from the inside outDemnor s lover Kelahanus is a Companion a rather intriguing blend of lover spy and assassin His job outside of keeping the prince happy is also to insure that Demnor did his duty as heir and in doing so avoid civil war with the second most powerful family in BranionThe characters were deftly drawn and it was eye opening and refreshing to say the least that the female characters could be just as bloodthirsty and ruthless as the men Melisendra the Aristok of Branion and Demnor s mother could show Xena how to fight and win battles As a mother however she will not win any awards since she euates love with weaknessThe Stone Prince was an enjoyable read and a great beginning from a new talent Not to mention I love the cover

Download ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ↠ Fiona PattonThe Stone Prince

review The Stone Prince ë PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free As the eternally rebellious Heathlands plot a bold new campaign of war Crown Prince. he The Stone Prince by Fiona Patton is THE gay fantasy book really Not even Lynn Flewellyn s Nightrunner Series is so good and I have a soft spot for these books I mean Patton pushes all my buttons here Prince Demnor and his male Companion Kelahnus are so incredibly devoted to each other you can fairly feel their love from the pages and the fact that they hop together in bed whenever they have the chance although off screen is than sweet Prince uindara well she is actually a Princess but this is a gender neutral society where the women have male titles like Duke instead of Duchess and Prince instead of Princess and her younger lover Troy I really love stories where the female is older stronger and harder and the man is the gentle one in their relationship the Royal twins Marcellus and Atreus well they sleep together in one bed limbs entwined and they share a psychic link enough said This book is character driven than action driven There are not many battle scenes but when they are there then they are really intense There is a lot of hc especially between DemnorKelahnus and AtreusMarcellus And there are not many scenes with characters you don t really care about like the Heathland rebels The book focuses mainly on Demnor and the tension between him and his mother the Aristok and Demnor becoming the Aristok after his mother s deathA really great book More than highly recommended

characters The Stone Prince

review The Stone Prince ë PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Demnor must not only overcome traitors within the court and the ever growing rebel. STONE PRINCE is an entertaining high fantasy doorstopper of the classic 90s erajust be aware it s character driven than battle centric The action scenes are good I wish there had been because of that but the characters are eually interesting the slower pace didn t annoy me I remember ogling the bookstore s huge wall o fantasy paperbacks as a tweenteen these were often there Though the premise intrigued me the tacky covers turned me offbecause dude They re BAD But in my older age I have a soft spot for tacky cover art particularly fantasy or romance so Jody Lee s cartoony visuals are no nevermind for Older Sarah D I carried this everywhere sueezing in a few pages as I waited for pizza chauffeured my mom around christmas shopping etc so clearly it had me hooked The content is pretty simple ie fantastical royal succession drama with two magical religions duking it out in a medieval esue British Isles hatefest The difference is that royal titles are gender neutral the characters openly take same sex courtesans or sometimes opposite sex or sometimes one of each bisexuality is perfectly normal in Branion These courtesans are all graduates of the Companion Guild where they learn to perform bedroom duties as well as massage genteel conversation spying advisory roles manipulation of their royal charges In many ways it s a book universe ahead of its time I m pretty sure it would ve had a better reception had it been released after the rise of internet slashfic While there are similarities to the Kushiel series I wonder if Jaueline Carey enjoyed these books too Phedre s same sex proclivities are of a sideline plot Here the main focus is two male lovers While Demnor does come to feel affection a certain amount of desire for the wife he s forced to marry his primary love is a same sex Companion Nowadays that sort of story feels unremarkablebut in the mid 90s It was probably daring in mass market fantasy It should also be noted that the sex here is almost all fade to black with only general refs to arousal whatnot very different from KushielAnyhoo I enjoyed this esp the unspoken parallel between Demnor s familial relationship with his mother the ruling relationship with Heathland will definitely be picking up 2 Each book is self contained they work backwards through Branion s history so that s a neat twist We have the semi Catholic Essusiates who worship dragons saints the semi Protestant Triarchy who worship a Living Flame its human vessel who is not coincidentally the king or ueen of their country