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Kindle ePUB [The Valhalla Prophecy Andy McDermott] egypt – eBook, Kindle eBook or Book Read

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review The Valhalla Prophecy Ð eBook or Kindle ePUB free read The Valhalla Prophecy Ely on the scene where they learn from the museum's Norse expert Tova Skilfinger that the runestone reveals the secret of how to reach Valhalla a great hall that according to myth houses a god killing poison known as eitr Using IHA resources on top of Tova's meticulous knowledge Nina is able to deduce the location of the runestone it's in Norway but at the bottom of an isolated lake As the team comes closer to excavating the artifact it becomes increasingly obvious to Nina that Eddie knows abo. A very predictable turn of eventsChase and Nina once again escape impossible conditions allies die bad guys are stopped and a whole lot of travel is done The only cool part is the flashback aspect though Pretty good concept And after six years of foiling destructive global threats one would think at the very least that Nina and Eddie would be going on missions with a whole lot security and firepower Well this was a disappointing read for me

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The Valhalla Prophecy

review The Valhalla Prophecy Ð eBook or Kindle ePUB free read The Valhalla Prophecy Ut the mission than he's letting on In fact his connection to it is buried deep within his past in the dense sweltering jungles of Vietnam and he knows that to find Valhalla is to unleash a grave danger upon the world This pulse pounding adventure will take Nina and Eddie to the vast reaches of the earth in a race against time as they strive to prevent rival forces from unleashing a wave of mass destruction that would threaten the fate of humanity foreverListening Length 15 hours and 54 minute. The Valhalla Prophecy is the most action packed and intense book so far in the series Nina and Eddie head to Stockholm after a Norse ruinstone is stolen from a museum It is believed that the ruinstone will lead to ValhallaWe see flashbacks to a mission Eddie had eight years ago in Vietnam Hoyt is once again leading the opposition against Nina and Eddie Eddie past comes back to haunt himThe ending of The Valhalla Prophecy is shocking I didn t see it coming

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review The Valhalla Prophecy Ð eBook or Kindle ePUB free read The Valhalla Prophecy Nina and Eddie have been thinking about taking a break to start a family The IHA has nothing major going on at the moment and Nina has been offered a large advance to write a book it might be the perfect time for a sabbatical But those dreams are uickly dashed when the new UN liaison calls an emergency meeting to announce that a Viking runestone has been stolen from a Swedish museum and that the heist was led by none other than a mole operating within the IHA itself Nina and Eddie are immediat. 3 Eddie Stars Is Nina hereNo I came out here all my own cause I like collecting pine conesNina and Eddie discovered Atlantis Excalibur HELL even freaking Eden thwarted evil plans and offed masterminds but now the IHA director and her self appointed bodyguardhusband will take on the most personal and dangerous assignmentValhalla and the myths of Vikings Familiar faces will return to haunt them and the race is once again on to save the world But this time Eddie and Nina will realise that they can t always escape unscathed This and where are Vikings there is snow and it s too damn coldI am having a great time with this series and the main reason is that I am an Indiana Jones myths and archaeology aficionado Sadly I can t say that this book was a good one for me The main emphasis was on the adventure part not the Vikings themselves while Nina was left out for most of the case and only in the end she plays a vital role in the story I couldn t feel the threat of the villains because nothing was really revealed about their motives and plans That said it was refreshing for once that Americans were the bad guys and Russians the good guysFor me the real star and saving grace of the book was Eddie ChaseThe Yorkshireman takes the lead and with humour and his trusted Wildey smashes his way through all obstacles We also have some glimpses of the past that shaped Eddie and by the end he is determined than ever to save what he cares aboutSo this is the book It needed some character development and historical background and a little less gunfire struggles and explosions And by the endMean way to end a book Really really mean I am definitely reading the next

  • Paperback
  • 560
  • The Valhalla Prophecy
  • Andy McDermott
  • English
  • 23 February 2017
  • 9780755380657