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Review Out of Darkness (Dark Planet Warriors, #4)

Out of Darkness (Dark Planet Warriors, #4)

Out of Darkness (Dark Planet Warriors, #4) Read & download É 0 Anna Carven ☆ 0 Read & download The Kordolians are loose on the asteroid mining station Fortuna Tau and first rank mechanic Jia Morgan has become caught up in the thick of things Under the careful watch of these steely eyed silver warriors Jia and her team have been tasked with repairing the hull of the Kordolians’ Alpha Class battle cruiser Silence The problem is their alien technology is far far beyond anything she’s seen before and whatever they try to weld to Silence’s black hull just won’t stick When Jia goes in search of a tool that might actually penetrate the warship’s impossibly strong Cal. Now for Abby s friend Jia s story I didn t find this one as intriguing as Abby s story but I liked it better than book 2Jia is an engineer and very self posessed Kalan is the bad ass Kordolian who falls for her It s not insta love and it was fun reading about his shift in the way he views her We pick up the story from just before Abby s accident at the start of book one but from the POVs of Kalan and Jia I loved both MCsJia joins forces with Kalan and the Kordolians left behind with him to take out the Xargek It doesn t help that some humans have decided to stir the pot So it all becomes a big SNAFU Good humans and bad humans and laid back KordoliansI enjoyed every minute of itSafety is good view spoilerno sexual history for Kalan but I don t think he was a virgin like the General Jia is a virgin Not sure why the author decided that She is young like 22 hide spoiler

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Out of Darkness (Dark Planet Warriors, #4) Read & download É 0 Anna Carven ☆ 0 Read & download Lidum exterior she find herself being aided by a most unlikely source The hard faced warrior who’s decided to accompany her walks on silent feet and carries a big big gun He’s eual parts scary and attractive in an otherworldly sort of way But although Jia finds this Kordolian fascinating she’s not even going to try and get close to him because well he’s a freaking Kordolian and Kordolians aren’t exactly known throughout the Nine Galaxies for being nice and warm and fuzzy Instead she’s going to do her job and fix their warship because that’s the only way these int. Best of the series so far Even if the reading order s wonky Bk 1457234568 once you know it and get to the books in the proper order the overarching storyline is much better for it The worldbuilding was good the action kept the narrative hopping and best of all the romance worked Jia and Kalan growing closer was fun to read they had an attraction but it didn t dive head first into ILUs and when it did happen there were actual conversations to allow the reader to understand it Yes it was a little repetitive at times and yes the action is still stronger than anything else but I liked it and I m looking forward to Book 5

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Out of Darkness (Dark Planet Warriors, #4) Read & download É 0 Anna Carven ☆ 0 Read & download Imidating warriors are ever going to leave Fortuna Tau Hopefully they won’t break anything or anyone on the way out Oh and there’s also the small matter of these flesh eating insect aliens called Xargek Apparently they bite Warning This book is a science fiction alien romance It contains swearing violence sensual sex scenes and silver aliens with fangs It's definitely recommended for readers aged 18 and over Out of Darkness is Book Four in the Dark Planet Warriors Series It will make sense if you've read the other books first although that's probably not absolutely essenti. Enjoyable highly recommendEnjoyed re visiting this world and characters Highly recommend for anyone who likes science fiction romance or romance with interesting charactersThe book takes a small step back in time to focus on those left behind on Fortuna Tau mining space station Non stop action from beginning to end as Jia deals with the Kordolians especially her Kordolian and the Xargek that the Kordolians are hunting and of course the human villainsHints are dropped about Kordolian details that are revealed thoroughly in other books in the seriesThis book can definitely be read alone Though when you re done you ll want to go and read the other books to find out what happened to the Kordolians and human that left the stationLooking forward to other books by this authorCross posted goodreads

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