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Forever Yours

FREE DOWNLOAD ☆ Forever Yours Ore dared to express Soon they're acting out those fantasies and discovering a consuming desire like none they've ever kno. Oh Christian melts me I love this kind of men Possessive but not insane Men who control themselves and don t act like a King Kong even though they are burning inside ahhhhI wish the story was longerI LOVE IT

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FREE DOWNLOAD ☆ Forever Yours Despite their love for each other lovemaking has become routine and predictable for the Duke and Duchess of Sutcliffe Desp. Tell me these fantasies you ve had of meChristian and Elizabeth have marital problems Christian s wife had been gone from him in one way or another for the past three years He thinks that their marriage is over but he wants his wife back There s a lot of resentment distance and emptiness between these two Elizabeth is unhappy and it hurt to admit the truth It s as if they re distant acuaintances passing one another from time to time They don t talk touch kiss any Somehow they ve become strangers to one another It is so essential that you tend your marriage A friend said to ElizabethBut a marriage is like a garden It needs to be tended year after year To be cultivated and fed And when the weeds begin to sprout as they always do they need to be plucked immediatelyMs Featherstone does a very fine job in portraying the married couple It s difficult to maintain a healthy happy and passionate relationship when you have to raise four children and you have to deal with a lot of other stuff in your lives Christian is rather frustrated and acts stupid when their erotic encounter is brusuely interrupted during a thunderstorm when the children are storming into their bedroom You annoyed me Christian although I have to admit that you redeemed yourself later Don t take anything for granted It s so essential to voice our desires and needs and a woman should accept the fact that she can be both mother and wife as well as a sexual creature with the same needs as her husbandAs the story unfolds Christian and Elizabeth discover what brought them together in the first place love and an incredible passion for each other Christian definitely found the magic and they seduced each other Again Ultimately he got his woman back I loved their erotic game the little naughty letters were wonderful I m a sucker for touching kissing and lots of intimacy and Forever Yours provided that and then some Wow this short read got me all hot and bothered I admire the author s voice She writes so beautifully Ms Featherstone s books are filled with sensuality and she packs so much emotions and feelings into her storiesOverall Forever Yours is an extremely well written highly sensual erotic and passionate novella If you re looking for a very good erotic short story then don t look further You have found it Highly recommended

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FREE DOWNLOAD ☆ Forever Yours Erate to save their marriage they begin exchanging passionate erotic missives detailing needs and fantasies they never bef. What did I think I think that this book was fan friggin tabulousTake out the character name Elizabeth insert Jodie and change the Christian to Wayne and the first 40% or so of this book would be my life Ok take out the mansion the 4 kids I only have 2 the butlet the nannies the servants horse and carriage etc etcand it would be a great reflection of my lifeI was actually in tears at one stage because this book hit so close to home I probably wouldn t recommend this book to people without kids because frankly most of them have no concept of what it is like But to anyone that has small children and that is also trying to have a sex life THIS IS A MUST READI loved how they reconcilled and hope that in the future when I get my Mansion butler nannies servants etc but no kidsI will have my happily ever afterThanks to my lovelly buddies who recommended this to meYou know who u are you sexy wenches

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