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review ✓ Forget You Wn A hit and run driver put a two year hole in his fiance's memory that Tony is desperate to fill All the attention in the world isn't helping her remember how much she used to love him and it isn't putting a damper on her new found defiance either One thing he's uick to remind Celeste of is that she agreed to a domestic discipline relationship meaning he has no problem putting her over his knee for a spanking when she misbehaves no matter how little she remembers. Rant followingI wanted to like this book so much The first few chapters got me hooked and I was so sure that this would end my reading slump for me I was

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review ✓ Forget You Celeste Lambert former ueen of the daytime drama and current trophy girlfriend to the powerful Tony DelMario has problems Her boyfriend thinks she sold his business secrets to his competitors Even worse she's pretty convinced he's trying to kill her because of it So Celeste does what any good soap opera ueen would do She develops a convenient case of amnesia in order to buy time to gather the money she needs to escape him for goodTony DelMario has problems of his o. I have to say this out of all the books that I have read this month this one is by far my favorite Almost to the point of being on my top 10 of 2015This b

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review ✓ Forget You Him It doesn't take long for Celeste's fake amnesia to uncover a lot problems in their relationship specifically the fact that her fiance doesn't even seem to like her that much Meanwhile Tony misses the woman he lost but is than intrigued by the new one that replaced her Celeste for her part still loves the man who might have tried to kill her But there are some things that love can't fix and Celeste needs to decide whether to trust Tony again or forget him for re. MYSTERY SUSPENSE ROMANCEThis story kept me captivated and the plot with its twist and turns kept the pages turning Celeste Lambert was resourceful and p

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