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Scientologist William S Burroughs and the Weird Cult

SUMMARY ´ Scientologist William S Burroughs and the Weird Cult Scientology is largely overlooked in major texts about the life and work of William S Burroughs author of some of the most notorious literature of the 20th century Its importance in the creation of the Cut up Method and Burroughs’ view of language as a virus is undermined by the omission of details regarding his interest in the religion over the course of a decade – certainly the most creatively fertile period of his life Instead biographers and critics t. I bought this book because I read and enjoyed the author s first book the Dog Farm Let me start by saying this is totally different I enjoyed them both but honestly it s amazing that they came from the same author I am impressed by his versatilityI must admit I knew little about William Burroughs before reading this When I was younger I read the Naked Lunch but hated it I only picked this up because of its author and I was also a little interested in the cult of Scientology I half expected to not understand anything because it seems like such a specific area to write about but it really sucked me in from start to endThe book is formatted like a biography It starts with Burroughs as a young child and examines the damage that was done to him that ended up making him vulnerable to things like cults and a Mexican serum for eternal life Later the author looks at references to Scientology in some of Burroughs most famous books which I m sure will surprise some people Then it deals with his fall out from the cult and the big fights that ensued and tracks his interest until his deathAll in all this was a really wonderful book very well written and exhaustively researched

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SUMMARY ´ Scientologist William S Burroughs and the Weird Cult Elements of some of Burroughs’ most important works including The Soft Machine and The Wild Boys His fascination was genuine and his progress through the hierarchical structure of the Church signals a dedication that he would later downplay after being excommunicated in 1969Now for the first time his life and literature are reexamined in the light of newly uncovered information about Burroughs’ fascination with this ‘weird cult’ as he once described i. i m giving this book four stars because it s this independently published thing that manages to find and partially fill a hole in burroughs scholarship it s pretty well written though it comes across as judgemental and a bit of a downer there s plenty to be judgemental about with burroughs but sometimes the writer seems to wear it on his sleeve that s ok this book seems to me essential reading if you re gonna get deep into burroughs especially his cut up trilogy i read burroughs in a whole new light after this book but depending on how your brain works this book could ruin it for you too if you ve already read the autobiographies you might find the first fifty pages tiresome but those pages do help set up the rest of the book i could wish for textual analysis of burroughs but it s not really necessary and i guess out of the scope of this text

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SUMMARY ´ Scientologist William S Burroughs and the Weird Cult End to focus on his other obsessions in the realm of fringe science and on the period during the early 1970s when Burroughs left the religion and began a public crusade against itHowever Burroughs’ involvement with L Ron Hubbard’s organization was no fleeting interest; he was a fully fledged member and even obtained the rank of ‘clear’ – a prestigious achievement for a Scientologist Scientology ultimately inspired the plot the structure and various. Wills book is exhaustively researched and yet unbelievably accessible He starts off by running through Burroughs life up until his first encounter with the Church of Scientology in 1959 and then begins to explain both why Burroughs was suckered in by the cult and also how it influenced his books I was shocked to learn that his most famous works of literature were practically ripped straight from the mouth of L Ron Hubbard I highly recommend this book for fans of the Beat generation and also anyone with an interest in Scientology

  • Paperback
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  • Scientologist William S Burroughs and the Weird Cult
  • David S. Wills
  • English
  • 01 August 2019
  • 9780956952523