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Simeon Mills {PDF ebook} The Obsoletes – eBook, Kindle ePUB and Epub Read

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The Obsoletes

read & download The Obsoletes The Obsoletes review ☆ 103 Origins are discovered by the inhabitants of their intolerant 1980s Michigan hometo. YOUR ONE SENTENCE SUMMARY A young robot boy is has to live a camouflaged life in a society that hates his kind all while taking care of his reckless brotherYOUR SIX SENTENCE SUMMARY The Obsoletes by Simeon Mills takes place in the the future in the past It s the 1980s1990s near Detroit Michigan and robots exist in the world The problem Real people humans have robophobia about the robots calling them toasters and otherwise destroying them via lynch when they re discovered The robots live their lives in their version of fear continually staying hidden from the public Darryl our protagonist is trying to play both role of Mom for his brother Kanga while navigating his own world of relationships interacting with others in socially acceptable patterns and staying hidden in plain sight while trying to survive This is difficult due to his brother s non acceptance of being a robot and going against everything they re taught to surviveYOU SHOULD READ THIS IF You are a teen or 20 something My kid picked it up for me at the library not knowing it was of a Young Adult novel It s suitable for everyone but it s aimed at readers under 30 dealing with Life s issues You d be well served to empathize with the angst and challenge of surviving with so many facets of social norms and expectations of Life This is a great read for anyone who is intimidated or uncertain about their future as they go through high school college or beyondYOU SHOULD AVOID IT IF You re looking for heavy Sci Fi There is some light discussion about robots there is the ocassional wire and motherboard but this story is about growing into the teenage years with the added responsibility and expectations of growing older How did I feel about it Glad you askedI liked it I didn t realize The Obsoletes was geared for a younger crowd until I was well into the story It was entertaining enough that I didn t want to put the book down There is some excellent character development the reality of the robots lives overshadows the few moments of disbelief and the writing is uick I laughed out loud a number of times and it s a funny book with moments of excellent observation parallel to our own lives Enjoy

read & download The Obsoletes

read & download The Obsoletes The Obsoletes review ☆ 103 A thought provoking coming of age novel about two human like teen robots navigating. I received this book in exchange for an honest review Thank you for the opportunity to go out of my comfort zone and into a world of robots living silently among humans This book takes place in 1980s and 90s America specifically Michigan where twin brothers Kanga and Darryl are living as adolescents Their parents become obsolete and they are on their own Kanga becomes the parent and takes a mission to care for his brother This is pretty much the entire story mixed with a LOT of basketball I felt it had a lot of metaphors and hidden meanings and really appreciated the book for that I gave the book 3 stars because it interested me and is not typically a book I would like The story will stay with me although I did find it a little boring Robots and basketball just aren t my thing I feel like this would be great for a high school class read or a student to do a project on as well as an entertaining read for a science fiction lover

free read Ü eBook or Kindle ePUB ð Simeon Mills

read & download The Obsoletes The Obsoletes review ☆ 103 High school basketball and potentially life threatening conseuences if their true. Interesting This is one of those books that made me wish the author went a lot further explaining their choices and digging deeply into the world they created In the book s world robots that can pass for humans live among us They are just another type of living creature they grow have families work and die when they are deemed obsolete It is an odd choice to have this take place in the 80s and 90s when the technology for such sophisticated machines didn t exist it doesn t exist now but is much closer to reality than it was back thenI wish time had passed and that we saw of the characters even seeing their entire lives or at least through into adulthood The story was also a little boring at times since we only had Darryl s point of view we never saw inside the minds and hearts of other characters Darryl didn t really talk to other people the book leans very heavily on his inner thoughts and observations of the world around him rather than allowing us to get to know the other characters through their own wordsFor a robot Darryl isn t very smart he makes strange assumptions about his brother and other characters that any reader can easily see are just plain wrong Why write about robots who are supposed to be advanced than people but have them experience the same difficulties as people That wasn t very interestingIt would have been nice too if the author had been a bit creative and stayed away from having the robots be hated by some people having to hide their true selves or be hunted down and killed Racism and prejudice exist yes we know that but again if you re going to go so far as to create a world where such sophisticated robots can exist why not take the leap and create a society that has evolved past hating someone just because they are an other That is a book I would enjoy reading

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  • 21 October 2019
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