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The Think and Grow Rich Workbook

The Think and Grow Rich Workbook review ¾ 103 Ave this beautifully designed and user friendly volume for use alongside the classicThe Think and Grow Rich Workbook includes More than fifty transformational exercises for every one of the thirteen steps Dozens of inspirational nuggets from the book each highlighted for further study Short and powerful uotes aimed to boost the Think and Grow Rich ex. Interesting book that is written by Napoleon Hill with theory of Dale Carnegie it is a first book ever written on success and achievement of wealth and is basis for all other published books later like secret 10x and etc Book basically talks about a very simple method that author Napoleon Hill got from Dale Carnegie one of wealthiest people in the world of his time Carnegie actually hired Hill to verify his formula of success by interviewing all successful people of his time to verify if his formula of success is correct Hill verified the formula and it is based on auto suggestion and affirmation that is basically programing your subconscious mind to steer you towards success I am very skeptical of this info thats why I gave it a low rating I just don t believe if i will sit on a couch and just day dream all day of having billions in my hand that this will result in me becoming a billionaire I truly believe that only hard work and dedication will result in riches and believe books like this secret and etc are misleading and makes you waist time instead of working towards attainment of you goal Sorry for being a nay sayer but this is just me If you on the other hand believe that you can day dream and this way attract your riches then you might find this book very helpful

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The Think and Grow Rich Workbook review ¾ 103 For the millions of people who have read and loved Think and Grow Rich here for the first time is a workbook and companion to the classic bestsellerWith its life changing thirteen step process Think and Grow Rich has been a blueprint for countless many on their road to riches Now for the first time readers and students of this powerful program will h. A fantastic read about some of the most interesting American historical figures of the 20th century and how they found success from the point of view of a very interesting figure in his own wrightOften takes the high level view of how to succeed and follows a matra approach that was very much fitting of the time Some of the ways the information is expressed now does not necessarily have the same affect at least in delivery but if some care is framing for reference the books is uite helpful Much of the information is timeless So much so that it is ripped off or uoted by others without credit because the book s ideas are so well knownIn my personal opinion much of the ideas provide foundation to robust human mode of operation much like Early Retirement extreme to be necessary but not sufficient to success And consistent operation of at least some of the recommendations will undoubtedly produce desirable outcomes

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The Think and Grow Rich Workbook review ¾ 103 Perience Journal sections to record answers thoughts next steps and wins Biographical sketches of some of history's wealthiest people A practical spiral bound binding designed to make using the workbook easy and helpful Lists ideas tips and much The Think and Grow Rich Workbook is the best guide for anyone who wants to turn their dreams into reality?. Good book Biggest takeaway Developing the thought of success first before anythingAfter you are able to develop a burning desire for whatever it is you want then you are able to move into the next step of having a definite plan to follow Lastly execute and surround yourself with like minded individuals that will continue to push you in the best ways possible