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Epub [Draconian Measures m f romance] by J.C. Owens – eBook, Kindle and Epub Read

Draconian Measures

Draconian Measures Characters ó 2 J.C. Owens × 2 Read Review Draconian Measures To do with his Finnarian mate It seems the Finnarian prince Sadan is going to have his work cut out for him Fortunately he is just as stubborn and far persistent than said Draconian has ever had to deal withGraitaan is the last remaining Draconian and he ha. To the pursuit of happinessAlone the last of an imperial gift Graitaan serves a human king The years of military service bereft of his peers has isolated him With none of his kind left all he has is a promise made Sadan is arrogant and overbearing and when this Draconian warrior is assigned to his unit he finds great pleasure in tormenting Taking advantage of his superior position he pushes a gambit Totally bought into the concept of vastly different species finding commonality in sexual congress Loved Sadan s mouthiness and Graitaan s surliness Alas that was turned once they got whacked by some pixie dust Suddenly there s a bunch of doubting and introspection and way too much exposition through mental measuring I was also not fond of Graitaan s newfound wishy washy behavior Liked the story but was expecting action dialogue and less ruminating Favorite uote I dreaded meeting his father the king I could only imagine what an ass he had to be if his son was an indicator

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Draconian Measures Characters ó 2 J.C. Owens × 2 Read Review Draconian Measures The immortal Finnarians mate for life and once they find their mate nothing on earth can make them leave them But what about when that mate is not Finnarian at all but a stubborn fiery extremely irritable Draconian What if that Draconian wants nothing at all. One Talon Two Talons Three Talons CockI should have knownThe title is a pun that only makes sense to certain human beings on Earth not the world this story is set inBut the premise SurelyA dragon and a vampire walk into a barI mean doesn t that sound novel Doesn t that sound refreshingWell it was For a minuteAnd then it was the MM Standard foolishnessLike fucking with river water as lube Like elaborate displays of antipathy despite mutual attractionLike dragon flouncing Or whateverPlus purple prose and interminably slow pacing with silly alternating first person POVs as pointless as they were dramatically neuter BahI mean seriously SeriouslyNot even Edward Cullen and a Lizard Man can fuck without the preparation

J.C. Owens × 2 Read

Draconian Measures Characters ó 2 J.C. Owens × 2 Read Review Draconian Measures S attracted the eye of a Finnarian prince who claims that he is his bloodmate Sadan may want to be mated but Graitaan has developed a passionate hatred for his Finnarian commander prince or not Too bad Finnarians are persistent as the hells Especially this o. 45 starsI ll tell you right away that the little something I didn t like in this book was that Graitaan the Draconian sometimes reminded me too much of a feisty heroine than a fierce and fearsome heroI really like the world building and in this book I think it s even richer than in the previous books The story is a preuel for the other two books in the series Graitaan the last survivor of the Draconian company and Sadan the commander of the Finnarian army have been fighting together for 8 years in a war in the human realm Graitaan can hardly stand Sadan while Sadan feels that Graitaan is his destined mate The story is about a long seductionThe narration alternates between the point of views of both the male protagonists Graitaan is probably the interesting because he has a troubled past in a society where belonging to a clan is paramount to have social respect he is of unknown origins and he was given a chance by a childless couple His recollection of the past is very moving Since he barely survived his childhood Graitaan is smaller than the other Draconians Having known little love and a lot of despise he is a loner and he became so after losing his companions I liked that he was proud and almost careless he reminded me a lot of an adolescent with a rebellious and uncompromising streak but also loyal to his missionSadaan was less fleshed out probably because we only saw him in his pursuit of GraitaanIn the book we get to see a very young Vlar the protagonist of the first Gaven books and he was incredibly cute almost unrecognizable from the first time we meet him in the series He had the funniest pages of the storyThis book had much less angst than the Gaven books but it s characters are memorable in my opinion because they are much easier to approach and they are open and eual than GavenVlarI highly recommend this series especially this book but even if it could probably be read before the first two books in the series or even as a stand alone I would recommend to read them in order because the contrast between the adult and the child Vlar is priceless

  • ebook
  • 172
  • Draconian Measures
  • J.C. Owens
  • English
  • 05 February 2019
  • 9781611184082