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READ If the Red Slipper Fits

If the Red Slipper Fits

READ º If the Red Slipper Fits CEO Caleb Lewis is no Prince Charming but he does have Sarah's shoe He offers the intriguing Sarah an ultimatum in return for her precious shoe she'll assist h. I always find Shirley s books a great read


READ º If the Red Slipper Fits Im with a commercial proposition and this means getting up close and personalSarah learned long ago never to believe in fairy tales but if the red slipper fits. This was a cute story The heroine s trying to get promoted out of tabloid writing land to writing real stories about fashion Currently she writes gossip about people in fashionland but she got a pair of shoes to be brought out for spring by a big designer that she might just get to write about She takes them home as a good luck charm and her sister throws one out the window in a fit of temper When she gets down to street level the shoe is gone The hero picked it up He has recently taken over at the helm of his mother s clothing company and has been struggling to make it succeed Then this shoe drops out of the sky at his feet a secret spring production shoe from his main competitor He makes a deal with the heroine to give her the shoe back if she ll write a good story about him and his company instead of the gossipy junk she s been writing about him This is just a nice fun light entertaining read Sort of a palate cleanser Just what I needed when I read it

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READ º If the Red Slipper Fits Like Cinders gossip writer Sarah Griffin has lost a shoe But this is no glass slipper it's an exclusive designer stiletto that could cost Sarah her jobPlayboy. The heroine Sarah is a gossip columnist for a New York magazine but she is desperate to get a job with the publishers sister fashion magazine She gets offered the chance to write a report on an exclusive new shoe design by a popular designer Her sister throws one of the shoes out of the window in anger and Sarah is unable to find it Until she discovers Caleb the hero found it Caleb is CEO of fashion house LL designs his mother s company which he took over after his mother became seriously ill He has struggled with the floundering business and his grief over his mother to escape his dark thoughts he is often found in the hottest New York nightspots something which Sarah often writes aboutHe plans a revamp of LL designs collection and asks Sarah to write a report on this in exchange for the shoe Sarah agrees and as they spend time together they grow close and begin to fall in love but Sarah s job and Caleb s secrets could ruin everything First of all this was set in Manhattan and had a wonderful New York vibe to it so it already had my thumbs up The characters are wonderful Sarah being truly three dimensional she is neither over confident nor a martyr In this book Shirley Jump deals with a very difficult situation her character face with sensitivity and aplomb On a slightly negative note I couldn t stop thinking that Sarah s father is extremely similar to the character of Martin Crane Frasier s dad from the TV show Frasier named Martin ex cop had to move in with Sarah as he s unable to live alone comes complete with battered recliner shaving foam warmer It s a bit off putting But this is a heart warming and fun romance that felt like a true fairy taleRecommendedOriginally posted at

  • Paperback
  • 192
  • If the Red Slipper Fits
  • Shirley Jump
  • English
  • 14 June 2019
  • 9780373176908